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It seems like in this day and age there are a close to a million different options for golfers looking to practice putting away from the golf course, whether it’s a simple putting cup in the bedroom or an elaborate putting green built in the yard.  The fact of the matter is people want to practice their putting, but choosing the best option isn’t always easy.  Enter Provoto putting systems.  Provoto provides some interesting at-home options that primarily focus on improving golfers’ putting strokes and make percentage within 8 to 10 feet.

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Background on Provoto

Through lengthy conversation with Wayne Sanders at Provoto, it became clear that Provoto aims to meet the needs of the golfer that wants to focus on improving their putting in the comfort of their own home.  Knowing that space can be a precious commodity in homes, Provoto’s goal was to create a smaller footprint putting system that had a variety of options to increase the ability to practice.  The adjustable putting system and small footprint make for a versatile and useful practice option that can easily serve as a semi-permanent fixture in its designated room.


Platform versus Mat

Putting mats have become a popular choice for golfers because they are easy to setup and take down and, most importantly, are quite affordable.  Of course, finding a mat with realistic green speeds, multiple shot options, and holes deep enough for a ball to fall into can be more difficult.  For these reasons you will sometimes see the golf-obsessed go the route of installing a putting platform in their home office or basement, but this can quickly become an expensive time suck, never mind the commitment to a permanent fixture made up of 2×4’s, plywood, and astroturf.


Provoto’s systems are a nice platform option without the negative baggage.  First, and maybe most importantly, the Provoto systems have adjustability to make sure you can level the platform on any surface.  You can also adjust the platform to create breaks in the putt.  Provoto also uses furniture-quality hardwood that not only makes for a higher quality product, it makes for a better looking piece of equipment that is not an eyesore in the room.  Should you decide you don’t want to leave the Provoto system up permanently, there’s a hinge in the middle to fold it up to move or store.  The Provoto platforms not only provide enough depth for the ball to fall all the way in the hole, but they also have a Robo Cup auto-return mechanism to pop the ball back to you, and if you miss the hole, there are channels that run down the sides to return the ball back to you as well.

The Putt Line Zone (PLZ)

The Putt Line Zone (PLZ) is the actual putting area of the Provoto systems which they have gone to great lengths to make sure is both high quality and practical.


Adjustable putting surface

As much as we all like to make sure we get proper repetition with a straight putt, a single straight shot gets boring.  Provoto  makes adjusting the height and slope easy with just a few quick turns of the knobs located down the sides.  Provoto makes dialing your putting surface in even easier by providing both a small bubble level and a laser level for proper aim alignment.

Composite Putting Surface

One of the most difficult parts to get right in a putting system is the speed.  Let’s face it, not everyone wants to practice rolling the ball down the shag closely simulating their local goat track, but others don’t need to practice with lightning speeds like Augusta either.  The challenge Provoto faced was that they needed to have a putting surface that was smooth, consistent, and a good speed while also maintaining the high class looks that people would want in their homes as a semi-permanent piece of furnishing.  After lots of feedback, Provoto chose to make their “default” surface material a billiards fabric.  This gives the ball a very smooth and consistent roll and is aesthetically pleasing.


Multiple Hole Options – Accuracy

With only 8 to 10 feet of length, distance options are somewhat limited, which is expected for an in-home putting solution.  To compensate, Provoto provides multiple hole size options to help dial in precision for aiming.  The 3-inch and 2-inch hole options, especially when paired with a breaking shot, require dead-on aim and a precise stroke to successfully sink your putt.


Making the Choice

If you’re anything like me, you’ve read a bunch of articles, reviews, and posts to decide which practice putting green is the best option for you.  Of course, there are a bunch of different factors that weigh into making that decision, the largest one typically being cost, the second being overall quality.  No matter how good it is, if it’s expensive, people won’t buy it.  It seems like there are a lot of cheap options out there with ok quality, or super high quality options out there that cost thousands of dollars and are way out of peoples’ budgets.

What’s nice about the Provoto systems is that there are quite a few options and they seem to fit the middle ground of the golfer looking for good quality and spending smartly.  Don’t get me wrong, you can spend a couple of thousand dollars on a Provoto system like the Olympian VIP Series, which is truly made to be a permanent piece of furniture for the golf nut with all the bells and whistles and high-end finish, and it is worth it if you’re the right fit.  According to Wayne Sanders, the main demographic for systems like the Olympian has been pros at clubs looking to put something in their high-end pro shop, but people not looking to take that big of a plunge can get a solid system with a lot of bells and whistles for less than $600.  The key is figuring out exactly what you’re looking for, what you’re willing to spend, and determining what the best combination is for you and your practice needs.

Special Offer

After reading about what Provoto has to offer, you may feel their solution is exactly what you’re looking for in your house, office, or pro shop.  If that’s the case, Provoto is graciously offering our readers a 30% discount on their products.  At checkout on, enter “Plugged” to receive your discount.

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