Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green Shaft Review

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The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green shaft, AKA “The Hulk,” is designed to handle the fastest, most aggressive swings.  Produces low, penetrating drives.  Very accurate.


The second generation of Project X’s HZRDUS line, HZRDUS Smoke, has raised the bar for dropping spin.  The HZRDUS Smoke Black (review HERE), has proven to be a favorite among strong, aggressive players seeking more control.

With the release of the HZRDUS Smoke Green, Project X is taking that to even higher levels.  Billed as the stiffest HZRDUS yet, “The Hulk” promises to keep up with the fastest swings.

Check out the latest version, the HZRDUS Smoke Green RDX, HERE


Until now, every shaft in the HZRDUS line has been pretty tame in terms of looks.  If you like that, the HZRDUS Smoke Green is available in a traditional Smoke Grey.

For those seeking more flash, check out the Gamma PVD finish seen in these pictures.  As cool as it looks on your screen, I guarantee it’s better in person.  The majority of the shaft is a shiny green, but near the tip you get blues, purples, and even a hint of orange.

The branding on the HZRDUS Smoke Green is in line with the rest of the family, but with bolder colors.  I love the bright green that “HZRDUS” and “Smoke” are written in.  The hazmat placard near the butt gives the shaft’s specs.  This model is also one of Project X’s Small Batch family, so that branding is there too, in an iridescent silver.


Just a few swings with the HZRDUS Smoke Green had me turning to my thesaurus to look for synonyms for “stable.”  Solid, steady, secure, strong, stout, sturdy, substantial, and, my favorite, immovable, all apply equally well to The Hulk.  This is a shaft that is simply not impressed with your puny swing.

If you think that sounds like the HZRDUS Black (review HERE), you’re not wrong, but The Hulk takes it up a notch.  I could not get this shaft to bend or kick noticeably no matter how aggressively I swung.  What makes The Hulk appealing is that, as strong as it is, it doesn’t feel harsh.

Paradoxically, this uber-stiff shaft had me swinging within myself because I knew that even my most violent efforts couldn’t make this beast kick.  I felt very connected to the club head and knew that I would get whatever result my swing deserved.


Having tested most of the HZRDUS shafts, I had a pretty clear idea what to expect from the HZRDUS Smoke Green.  I anticipated low spin, low launch, and excellent accuracy.  The Hulk delivered on all counts.

What stood out right away was the low trajectory.  I’ve been driving the ball well lately and getting back to my higher launching ways.  The Hulk knocked several degrees off my launch angle and flattened the trajectory.  If you play in heavy wind or on fast fairways, this is absolutely the shaft you want in your driver.  I was able to adjust my swing to launch some drives higher, but this shaft’s default is low bullets.

Due to the low spin, the HZRDUS Smoke Green likes to hit straight shots.  There were some pushes and the occasional pull, but my drives curved very little.  With considerable effort, I could hit cuts, but I could not get this shaft to draw.

HZRDUS Smoke Green is available in 60 and 70 gram weight classes.  In both weights, you can get 6.0, 6.5, and 6.5TX flexes.  Those numbers equate roughly to stiff, X, and Tour X.


The HZRDUS Smoke Green does exactly what Project X claims: it handles the fastest, most aggressive swings and allows golfers to hit low launching, low spinning shots.  No matter how angry you are when you swing, The Hulk can keep your drives in the fairway.

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  1. Corbyn Gallagher

    Price point?

    • Matt Saternus


    • Hi Matt,i am currently using mitsubishi diamana kai’li 60x5ct flex X.. and i am thinking to change to hzrdus pvd 6.0 61 gram.

      What will be the comparison between these 2 shaft? Will the feel and outcome be similar between diamana kaili flex x and hzrdus green pvd 6.0?


  2. Looks like we have pretty similar driver swing characteristics. Which flex were you using?

  3. Mike Gonnerman

    What is the best shaft you have played

    • Matt Saternus


      The Fuji Speeder Evolution IV is very good FOR ME as is the Ozik Black Tie. There are a lot of great shafts, it’s just a matter of finding what fits you.



  4. with a 107 swing speed you got 280yds? I read your review of smoke black and the numbers don’t seem as good. Am I missing something here. Or does it simply just cost $200 more for the Green to hit longer shots? In short hit both same flex same way; Results in…?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure what the confusion is: I hit the Smoke Green better than the Smoke Black. That’s it. Some of it is fit, some of it may be how I was swinging when I tested it. As we say all the time, the launch monitor data from one review is NOT an apples to apples comparison with launch monitor data from a different review, especially if they are months apart.


    • The reason for 280 was the 1400ish spin rate. He got 40 yards of roll. The carry was 240. Recommended for his SS is spin around 2000-2400 and launch of 12-14*. A top fitter would not recommend that shaft for him because both the launch and spin characteristics aren’t ideal. His numbers are extremely logical based on Trackman data.

  5. How does this shaft compare to the hzrdus t1100? Same as hzrdus black compared to smoke black?

    • Matt Saternus


      Generally, yes. In both cases, I feel like the new version is just as stable but not as harsh feeling.



  6. How would you compare this to the Diamana D+? I’ve the 70g version of both and wondering how they compare before I install an adaptor on this Hulk. Thank you for your time!

    • Matt Saternus


      In terms of feel, you’re looking at two different ends of the spectrum. Diamanas are always very smooth, the Hulk is a piece of rebar.



    • Hey Matt,

      Quick question. I currently game a handcrafted HZRDUS black 6.5 62g shaft. I’m in love but I feel like my tempo can be a little aggressive at times. The Black does the job but it’s worn a bit and I’ve been looking at other options. How does the original HC black (not the smoke black) compare to this Smoke Green?

      Thanks for the insight!

      • Matt Saternus


        With the caveat that this is from memory not direct head-to-head testing, I’d say the Green is stouter but actually feels a bit better than the original Black. The original Black could be a touch harsh.


  7. Hi Matt

    Do you think 6.0 smoke green will feel more stiff than flex x kaili?


  8. Matt,
    how did you like the smoke green vs the ck pro orange?

  9. Stephen Warhurst

    Do you rate matrix black tie?

  10. Currently have the Fujikura XF3 stiff 60 gram. Hit it rather well in the New Sim2Max How do feel the Hazardous Green would compare to that shaft .

  11. Tim Heymann

    Hi Matt, is the difference between the PVD and the smoke grey only the colour or are there some other differences? 300USD only for the color?

  12. Hunter Teasley

    thinking of putting this shaft on a sim 2 with a 10.5 loft to keep my drives out of the high kansas wind but also to not be hitting bullets either, would this shaft be a good fit? Something more like the smoke black?

    • Matt Saternus


      My recommendation is always to get fit. No one can make a credible recommendation over the internet.



  13. Hi Matt,

    Great review! I play the 70tx in driver and LOVE it. Was hoping you might be able to suggest some similar hybrid shafts to consider?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you want something extremely stout, there’s a HZRDUS Black hybrid shaft you might consider.



  14. Just got this in the Rogue ST triple black diamond. Straight Bullets only. Mid hits may creep into low 2000 rpms

  15. What head were you using? What was the head weight? That makes a huge difference.

  16. I coᥙldn’t refrain from commenting. Weⅼl written!

  17. I’m just wondering what is the bend point of this shaft? Because am currently using the smoke black Rrx

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