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LA Golf Shafts Ozik Black Tie Shaft Review

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The LA Golf Shafts Ozik Black Tie shaft provides plenty of tip stability for more aggressive swingers.  Very low spin.


If you’ve been around golf equipment for a while, you may be looking at the title of this review and thinking that I made a mistake.  That’s not a typo; that’s the industry changing.

LA Golf Shafts is a new company that has announced their arrival with a bang.  They bought Matrix and hired one of the most legendary shaft designers, John Oldenburg (check out my podcast with him HERE).

There are plans for a lot of interesting new products in the works, but they’ve started by re-introducing three of Matrix’s most successful shafts, the Ozik Tie series.  In this review, I’ll discuss the low launching Black Tie.


The Ozik Black Tie shaft is still all black, but the graphics have changed.  Near the grip you’ll find the red LAGP logo.

Most eye catching is the white “OZIK” branding across the middle with the weight and flex designation below.  The “Black Tie” label is on the underside and nearly invisible for a distraction-free, logo-down installation.


The LAGP Ozik Black Tie manages to feel very smooth while having minimal kick.  There’s a small “flick” of action in the handle, but that’s it.  You won’t feel much going on in the mid or tip sections, which is exactly the point.  This shaft is all about delivering a stable feel, which it does in spades.


There wasn’t much suspense for me in testing the Ozik Black Tie.  This is the shaft I was fit for during a recent visit to True Spec, so I knew that it was going to perform.  Nonetheless, the numbers were impressive.

With my gamer PING G400 Max, I had to try to push the spin over 2,000 RPM.  Unless I hit a massive push-cut, the spin was consistently around 1700 RPM.  This is where I give my standard caveat that I’m a low spin player, and the Black Tie isn’t going to magically erase a thousand RPM for high spin players.

Even better – especially for me – was the accuracy.  A stable feel is what I prefer; it allows me to feel like I can swing freely.  Most of the drives I hit started within two degrees of my target line and barely curved.  When I’m finding fairways like that, with this kind of distance, it takes all the stress out of my game.


LAGP has faithfully reproduced a classic with the Ozik Black Tie.  For the aggressive swingers who need a stable feel, this shaft won’t disappoint.  Check it out at your local LAGP fitter or view the custom graphic options on the LAGP website.

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  1. So happy to see this review!! When I went to True Spec this is the shaft I got fitted for in the TS3…Absolutely love it!! Keeps the ball on a straight flight and doesn’t move much at all. Total spin killer and gave me 27 total extra yards

  2. From a technology/materials standpoint, what are the differences between this shaft and the original black tie?

  3. On most shaft and driver reviews you are at 105 mph swing speed. Is the 107 due to some training you have been doing or the shaft?

  4. Can someone confirm that this isn’t just a repaint of the original Black Tie with a new price tag?

    • Matt Saternus


      One major difference, per LAGP, is that these shafts are all being made in the US to tighter tolerances than under previous ownership. I believe the specs of the shaft remain the same.



  5. Wonder if this one is going to have breakage issues like some of their other offerings.

    • Matt Saternus


      Breakage issues from LAGP or Matrix/Ozik? I would be surprised if LAGP is having breakage issues as they are putting a big emphasis on tight tolerances with all the shafts being made in the US.



  6. Matt,
    can you share the flex and weight and other specs of the Ozik Black Tie shaft you test for the shown results?
    Thanks for sharing in advance.

  7. Can this shaft still be found? I don’t see it on their site.

  8. I have a matrix black tie S in my driver and it just cannot be beaten. I have the low launch/spin version and its mint

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