LAGP Tour AXS BLU Shaft Review

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The LAGP Tour AXS BLU shaft feels smooth but has good stability.  Low launch and spin.  Excellent consistency and accuracy for the player that prefers the feel of a stout shaft.


When LAGP took over Matrix Shafts in 2018, their first offerings continued many of Matrix’s most popular, including the Tie series.  For 2020, LAGP is putting their own stamp on things.  Replacing the Tie series is the new Tour AXS line.  With three models – BLU, RED, and WHT – they aim to cover the majority of golfers.  I tested the Tour AXS BLU to see what this line could offer the golfer seeking a low, penetrating ball flight.


If you’re wondering why I chose a picture of a blank white shaft, look closer.  On each of the LAGP Tour AXS shafts, the model name, in this case “BLU,” is written in white-on-white on the “logo down” side.  The white-on-white is a clever choice that allows for more branding without creating distractions at address.

Overall, LA Golf Shafts did a great job with the aesthetics of the Tour AXS line.  The shade of blue that they chose really pops, and the graphics look incredibly sharp on the white background.  Incorporating the “rain” graphics inside the word “TOUR” is a great nod to the shaft’s heritage.


It’s important to note here, as I will again in the Performance section, that LA Golf Shafts is not using the standard color-to-characteristics pairings we see in most shafts.  In the Tour AXS line, WHT is the high launching model, RED is mid launching model, and the low launching shaft is BLU.

In my testing, I found that the Tour AXS BLU was smooth with a very mild kick.  To me, the kick felt like it was located right in the middle of the shaft.  My speed is down a bit post-injury, and I felt like I wasn’t anywhere near the limits of the BLU’s stability.  Even shots that were hit well toward the toe felt stable.


Quick reminder: in the LA Golf Shafts Tour AXS line, BLU is the low launch, low spin model.

One of the things that LAGP promotes in this new line is that there’s more differentiation between the models than there was in the Tie Series.  That means the BLU is lower launching and the WHT is higher.  In my testing, the differences were very clear on the launch monitor.  On the course, the gap between the BLU and RED was clear but not night-and-day.  Do keep in mind, I’m a fairly low spin player, and higher spin players may see even bigger discrepancies.

What I liked most about the Tour AXS BLU was the consistency and accuracy.  Swing after swing, I knew exactly what it would feel like, and I knew I wouldn’t get a surprising result when I looked up.  The ball flew slightly lower than normal on a very strong trajectory.  Whether I was swinging well or not, my drives flew without much curve.

The LA Golf Shafts Tour AXS BLU comes in two weight classes: 60 and 70 grams (uncut weights are actually about 10 grams heavier, ranging from 72 to 82).  In both 60 and 70, LAGP offers stiff and X flexes.


The LA Golf Shafts Tour AXS BLU is a worthy contender in the crowded low launch/low spin shaft arena.  Kudos to LAGP for adding more variety to this rebranded series.  I have no doubt that Tour AXS will become a staple just like its predecessor the Tie Series.

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Matt Saternus


  1. I’m curious about the roll out distances on launch monitors. I see similar roll out as you when I go to the store and hit drivers in the bay, but on course I frequently see my ball within a few feet of where it lands. Sometimes I even spin back out of my pitch mark in the fairway. I know my spin is fine as I was fitted for my current gamer. Do launch monitors assume everyone plays golf on cement fairways? I play most of my golf in and around Monterey, CA.

    • Matt Saternus


      You can change the settings, but most launch monitors seem to default to very firm and fast conditions.


  2. I’m over 120 MPH and the BLU 70X still feels EXTREMELY stable, if even on the boardy side. I’m coming out of a Grafalloy blue X, if that says anything about what I like in a shaft. You simply can’t overpower this shaft, it’s stable and it doesn’t seem to matter how hard you go after it.

  3. How would you compare Accra and LA Golf
    , both high end products? I’m getting a new set built and fit for Miura TC-201s. Today I hit LA axS blue 105s. I was getting awesome launch and great feel from them. Being these are so boutique I wanted to ask a question prior to ordering. I hit the TC-201s and didn’t pull the trigger a while back and was set on Accra icwt 95s. I can’t find anyone that can compare the difference and this has been with two separate fitters because neither had both shaft options. Being after market, I’m ordering the club heads from Miura direct and then shafts separately. Any insight you have on if these two shafts are similar? Or feedback on one over the other?

  4. Just got fitted for this with a tsi2 10* head, hit it great but wondering if there is a comparable shaft at a different price point

    • Matt Saternus

      I have a policy not to second guess other people’s fittings. Did you express your concern about price with the fitter?


      • I did, however the response was more or less look at the numbers

        • Matt Saternus

          By “Look at the numbers” was he saying that the AXS BLU was so much better than everything else that you should buy it and not consider anything else? Or was he telling you to compare the specs of the BLU and buy something similar?

          If the former, I don’t think that’s the best response, but I won’t second guess it.
          If the latter, please send your fitter this link:



          • He was saying not to consider anything else. The numbers were there, however I was turned down from trying the Tensei AV Raw White (Which is a stock shaft offering). I was hoping to see similar numbers with that shaft as I had read good reviews

  5. Matt Saternus

    (Replying to W from July 18, 9:33 AM)

    If that’s the case, I’ll say again that I don’t love that as a response from a fitter, but I won’t second guess it either. If you want to test the AV Raw White it should be easy enough to do so at any store, since it’s a stock offering.



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