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Easy to setup and tear down.  Small, not meant for full swings.


There’s only so much time in a day at the actual golf course, so obsessed golfers are always looking for ways to keep practicing at home.  Practice nets are not a new thing in the golf industry, but they are notoriously difficult for at home use.  It seems they are either too big, not big enough, too expensive, or just flat out junk.  Long story short, finding a good home practice net that is easy to setup, durable, and doesn’t break the bank is difficult to do.

ProAdvanced Sports aims to fill a portion of this void with their latest offering, the ProApproach net.

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Ease of Use/Setup

ProAdvanced Sports advertises that the ProApproach Net “pops up and folds up instantly for easy storage.”  While I don’t think this is meant literally, it’s pretty close.  The bag that the net is stored in has instructions with pictures that are relatively easy to follow for this process.  Once you are comfortable with the process, it is truly easy to set the net up and take it back down.  It takes about 15 to 30 seconds.

Also included are two stakes to anchor the net in the grass when outdoors. They are easy to attach and just stick into the ground.

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At the end of the day, this net is effective in that you get to have a golf club in your hand and you are feeling a ball off the face of the club.  Unfortunately, there’s not much room to get a ton of practice out of it.  Included is a “curtain” with target holes to practice accuracy for chips and pitches, but that’s about all you can work on with this net.  I understand that this net is intended for approach shot practice, but it’s hard to really feel like you are getting valuable short game practice with this net.

The ProApproach Net is good if you have a large office or basement and just need a quick distraction and want to pop a few golf balls with small quarter swings.  In terms of taking full swings, I did it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.  Even with small chips and pitches, it’s risky business in terms of making sure you don’t miss the 5 foot tall by 3 foot wide net.

The automatic ball return is one of the primary features of this net.  It works well enough, but you stand so close to the net that this feature does not really have a major convenience or benefit, in my opinion.  The ball return works much better on a solid, firm surface (wood floor, concrete, etc…) than it does on grass.

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The ProAdvanced ProApproach Net will last for a long time if only used for the simple chips and pitches. If you’re looking for a net to rip 6 irons at, you will wear this thing out in no time.  That’s not what it was made for.

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At $79.99, the value of the ProApproach Net really depends on the user.  For me, I need something I can take full swings into.  With my schedule, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to get over to the driving range, so I would like to be able to get some full swings in at home.  Since the ProApproach Net isn’t built for that, it’s not a great value for me.  For players who just want a way to work on their short game or who have limited indoor space, the ProApproach makes more sense.

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Final Thoughts

The ProApproach is definitely an easy setup and tear down, but it’s limited in the kind of shots you can hit into it.  For me, I would prefer to spend the extra $70 and take a look at ProAdvanced’s ProReturn net so I can safely take full swings in the backyard.

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