PrimePutt Indoor Putting Mat Review

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The PrimePutt indoor putting mat is a high quality and heavy duty training aid meant for realistic practice.  The real holes and wide area allow for high level putting and chipping practice all year round.


PrimePutt is a newer company that was founded to solve the same problem that most of us golfers have: time.  When PrimePutt founder Steve Perri took up golf, he realized he needed to practice more, but didn’t have the time.  Thus, he sought to create the highest quality home putting mat to not only practice more but to hone his short game skills on a surface that would mimic the exact conditions he would see on the golf course.

Steve and his team sent PluggedInGolf the 3’x12′ putting mat to test.  I reviewed the oversized mat for a few weeks to see how beneficial this can be for someone like you.

Set Up & Ease of Use

When my new PrimePutt indoor putting mat arrived, it was only a matter of minutes before I was hitting putts right in my living room.  The mat easily flattened on the ground, and instructions were not needed.

Besides the mat, there are three white cups, a wooden back stop, and directions.  Each white cup slid underneath the mat in the precut holes almost like a rubber tee under a driving range mat.  The wooden back stop had two holes that helped align itself over two small pre-installed plastic nubs on the mat.  Then it was only a matter of figuring out how much slope was in my living room floors.

primeputt indoor putting mat


The main purpose of any putting mat is to be able to simulate putting green conditions so you can practice at home.   That is exactly what I found to be true after using the PrimePutt indoor putting mat for only a few days.  The three foot wide putting surface allows a user to stand on the mat which mimics a real green.  This is superior to a narrower mat that requires your feet to be on a separate surface.   PrimePutt also offers an additional standing mat so that never becomes an issue.

The PrimePutt indoor putting mat rolls like a true green and has consistent speed.  I enjoyed using the different distance markers as well as the actual holes.  Seeing the ball drop in an actual hole to three different locations was an effective practice technique that can and will improve anyone’s short game.

One lesser known feature I found with this type of putting mat is that it can double as a chipping area.  Typically, with a less durable or thinner mat, chipping would be impossible.  The PrimePutt mat holds to the floor quite well so you can hit wedge shots as long as you don’t skull the ball through your drywall.


The PrimePutt indoor putting mat is one of the most heavy duty putting mats I have ever owned or reviewed.  The mat is driving range mat thick and is definitely going to hold up for a long time.  The bottom is rubber lined which not only keeps the mat from moving but will prevent any fraying or breakdown from occurring long term.  PrimePutt stands by their product with a lifetime guarantee.


Ranging from $259 to $499, PrimePutt is above the price point of a typical indoor putting mat.  However, the high quality materials and unique details stand out as a vast step up from one of those cheaper alternatives.  The value is for the golfer looking for a better experience and to closely simulate turf conditions that you will experience on the course.  In addition to that, the wood back stop and actual cups are a lot more aesthetic in a golf room or basement than a traditional putting mat.

primeputt indoor putting mat


When evaluating putting mats to purchase, there are a range of options available.  The PrimePutt indoor putting mat stands out for its quality and the way it simulates on-course conditions.  It is worth the price and is among the best in the putting mat category.

Buy the PrimePutt Indoor Putting Mat HERE

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  1. Todd Richards

    I disagree with this review. I ordered a Prime Putt several months ago. It didn’t roll anything close to a real green. The ball literally took little bounces as opposed to actually rolling smoothly.

    It’s a nice looking product but functionally not very good, just like every other artificial putting green “turf” on the market.

    If you want a realistic roll, the carpeted mats like Big Moss and Wellputt are much better practice aids in my opinion.

  2. It looks kind of spongy like the ball would bounce as Todd commented. How does this compare to BirdieBall? #DoubleSecret

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