PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor Review

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The PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor is an important tool for those working to add club head speed.  Strong accuracy when measuring speed.  Affordable.


When most golfers think of a launch monitor, they think about a Trackman with a five-figure price tag.  That’s out of reach for most golfers, but the PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor is not.  At $199, this pocket-sized piece of tech provides accurate feedback on strike quality and swing speed so you can get faster and improve your game.

Find a review of the updated 2021 model HERE

Set Up & Ease of Use

Using the PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor couldn’t be much easier.  Install the batteries, set it down a few feet behind your hitting area, and turn it on.  There are five buttons which allow you to cycle through modes and select clubs, but none of that is absolutely necessary to the functioning of the device.

The display is easy to read and tilts toward the player.  Only three numbers are displayed – club speed, ball speed, and distance – so it’s easy to know exactly what happened at a glance.


The first big question for any launch monitor at this price is, “How accurate is it?”  When it comes to club speed and ball speed, the PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor is very accurate.  I ran it head-to-head against a Foresight GC2 and it was consistently +/- 1 MPH on both club and ball speed.  Additionally, I experienced very few missed shots, which is impressive.

When it comes to measuring distance, the PRGR Black, like all other launch monitors in this price range, is guessing.  Because it doesn’t measure launch angle or spin rate, the PRGR Black guesses the distance based on the club that you’ve selected.  These guesses are going to be reasonably accurate for many players, but those who are outside the fat part of the bell curve – high/low launchers or spinners – won’t want to rely on these yardages.

The PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor is a valuable tool for two reasons.  First, by accurately measuring smash factor, it provides feedback on the quality of your ball striking.  This is crucial, especially when hitting shots into a net.

The other key feature of the PRGR Black is that it can measure club head speed without hitting a ball.  This makes it a natural partner for SuperSpeed training [review HERE].  Adding the knowledge of exactly how fast each swing is makes your speed training more meaningful, effective, and it adds motivation.  Imagine lifting weights without knowing how many pounds were on the bar or running sprints without a stop watch.  That’s what you’re doing if you’re training speed without a launch monitor.


The PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor is a device that you’ll be using every time that you’re training for speed or hitting balls into a net.  For the serious player, that should give this device excellent longevity.


The PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor retails for $199 through the Super Speed website HERE.  If you’re trying to build up your club head speed, this is a tool that is absolutely worth having.  It’s also a great piece to own if you hit balls indoors.  Unless you want to get into the $500 class, this is the best launch monitor you can buy.

If you play baseball or softball, you can get additional value out of its ability to measure pitch and bat speed.

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If you want to get the most out of your speed training, the PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor is a great piece of equipment.  It adds critical feedback and motivation to each speed training session, and it’s a huge addition if you’re hitting balls into a net.

Buy PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor HERE

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  1. Clark Bending

    #GetFit2021 full bag fitting! YES!!

    • On “guessing” for the distance number: Does the monitor have “pre-figured” carry distances for each club that are determined by ball speed and quality of strike? I tend to add some serious bad side spin on slightly poor struck shots will this equate to less carry distance to rely that when hitting into a net? Thanks #GetFit2021

      • Matt Saternus


        My guess is that for each club there’s some kind of multiplier that, together with the ball speed, predicts a distance.



  2. Been looking into this unit. Great write up!

  3. #GetFit2021

  4. Russell+Avery

    #GetFit2021. Seems reasonable for the price. Might give it a try.

  5. Kevin Gerrard

    Good info- keep up the good work!

  6. Jonathan Compton

    I’ve used this monitor for several months and it’s great. Very accurate and easy to use.

  7. #GetFit2021

  8. #GetFit2021

  9. looks interesting #get fit 2021

  10. Randy Waddell

    It sounds like a great piece of equipment at a very reasonable price. I’d love to be fitted for new clubs #GetFit2021!!!

  11. Jim W Rosteck

    Does it work outdoors also or just indoors ❓

    • Matt Saternus


      It works anywhere.


      • #getfit2021 Matt I did a golf survey a couple weeks ago that asked me to select my fave golf websites, PluggedInGolf wasn’t pre-listed as option but I wrote you in 😁. Thanks for the great reviews!

    • I just received mine and tried using it indoors without hitting a ball to measure swing speed. Tried it inline behind me as suggested and also face on in front. The numbers it was spitting out was way off. I recently had a session on a GC Quad and my speed is around 117 mph with driver. This thing was saying I’m in the high 80 mph range 30mph out! Needless to say I’m returning it.

  12. Sounds like a definite add to my wishlist #GetFit2021

  13. #GetFit2021 Looks like an interesting product to try that won’t break the bank.

  14. Cameron Clark

    Should I get fit before begining speed training or after. #getfit2021

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest checking out Par4Success and doing their assessment before you start overspeed training. The assessment will tell you whether your body is ready for more speed immediately or if you have strength or mobility deficits that need to be addressed first.



  15. #GetFit2021 – Love the work Matt!

  16. Chad Barrett


  17. Stan Dusinski


  18. james jaworski

    Looks like something to try out.

  19. I have no experience with launch monitors but would this work as well on the driving range? Even if hitting off a mat?

  20. Armando Zubiate


  21. Curt Flournoy


  22. #GetFit2021

  23. Armando Zubiate


  24. Finally something at a reasonable price… Great review. Do you think it would also pick up a tennis ball? Specifically interested in serve speed.

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s an interesting question. I would guess it could, but I think the problem might be the PRGR’s limited “range of vision”. But I’m open to being completely wrong about that.


  25. The Old Billy Baroo

    Been using this device since last May for Superspeed training. Like you said, great for clubhead speed or ball speed. Kinda suspect on the distance numbers. #GetFit2021

  26. #Getfit2021. Great review.

  27. #GetFit2021

  28. Matt, finally a great device us seniors can afford! Thank you sir! #GetFit21

  29. #GetFit2021

  30. David Beyerle

    #GetFit2021 more in my price range Thanks!

  31. Very exciting that this is available to the more average player like myself. Two questions though, is there anything in the lower price range that does track spin rates? And do you think that technology is coming soon? Thanks! #GetFit2021

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sure things will continue to get cheaper over time. Right now, Flight Scope Mevo is the only unit that I know of under $1000 that tracks spin.



  32. This would give me some good information on my poor ball striking. Thanks for the review.#GetFit2021

  33. Jared D Wallace

    Do you know how any devices in the the similar price range that measure spin? distance doesn’t make much of a difference if it is on the wrong fairway

  34. Hi Matt, I have the PRGR launch monitor and it a really cool device for the price. I use it every time I go to the range. Every thing you mentioned is correct. Very easy to use. Just have to remember to switch between clubs on the display. #GetFit2021

  35. #GetFit2021

  36. Purchased one of these this past Fall and can confirm your findings. I used it outdoors at a TrackMan Range to check accuracy. Ball speed #’s were very consistent (within 1 or 2mph) compared with the TrackMan Range. Works great indoors as well. Happy with the purchase.

  37. Good writ-up. Have been curious about personal launch monitors and their performance

  38. Mike DelGais

    Looks like a great tool at a great price. Thank you for the review and the discount code. I will definitely look into adding this to my preseason training here in the northeast.

  39. #GETFIT2021

  40. #GETFIT2021

  41. Michael Lubarsky

    I am a proud owner of both the PRGR launch monitor and Super Speed training sticks. Have only used them indoors so far, but am impressed with the simplicity of use. #GetFit2021

  42. #getfit2021

  43. thanks for the news and the discount. Looks promising


  44. Gregory Weir

    Love this! When I’m looking for consistency and not robotics, I am +/- 25 yards with every club because I can’t dial in the speed. This gives me just enough feedback to perfection. #GetFit2021

  45. Daniel Cohen

    I have one, and it’s very good. I’ve found that it tends to measure a bit faster than the swing speed numbers I get on Trackman. Probably 2-5 mph faster. My ego would love to believe that I’m swinging as fast as it says, but I’m pretty sure the PRGR numbers are a little higher! However, they are consistently higher and don’t jump around. And it’s not by much. So if you want to know if that last swing was really faster than the one before, it works great for the money.

    • Matt Saternus


      That’s an interesting finding. My suspicion with Trackman has always been that it reports a little slow on the club head but overestimates smash factor, but that’s just a guess. As you say, as long as it’s consistent, it’s useful.



  46. Walter Zahler

    #GetFit2021 Sounds like a valuable tool that won’t break the bank. I greatly appreciate the reviews that I receive from Plugged in Golf each week!

  47. Very interesting read, I just might have to invest in it.

  48. Loved seeing this review, as I’ve been poking around getting a more affordable launch monitor. Will be picking this one up and using your code. Thanks Matt!


  49. Great Review! Not a bad little unit, especially for home practice #GetFit2021

  50. Neat. I might get to add to my backyard set up. #GetFit2021

  51. Roger Thenhaus

    Thanks for the info. Just picked a PRGR Black up.
    Also thanks for opportunity new club champion store just opened up in Iowa.

  52. John Mullett

    Got this recently to go with my Speedstick set – haven’t used it yet, but glad to hear the accuracy/reliability reaffirmed. Thanks! #GetFit2021

  53. Timothy Jordan

    GetFit2021 Yes

  54. #GetFit2021 First site I visit when reviewing clubs to test

  55. How is it compared to Rapsodo?

  56. #GetFit2021

  57. Does it actually measure “Ball Speed” as well?


    Does work anymore.

  59. Matt- Great review. I recently purchase one and received the 2021 model (HS-130a) that has a four data display and a wider screen. Supposedly, the radar has been improved for better feedback on high lofted clubs. Looking forward to speed training with it.

  60. hello I have a quick question about the club indicator.
    W is for woods, do you use W1 for driver?
    is “UT” for utility iron or hybrid club?

    thank you,

  61. Thanks, Matt for the review. Missed the boat on your code – it is no longer effective.

  62. Just ordered and the link Matt provided yielded pretty decent bundle discount.
    Thank you for sharing the review Matt!

  63. It has been very helpful for swing speed and my training program. However, when hitting balls, my carry and total distance for my high irons…9 iron etc…has a differential consistently of over 30 yards. Is this normal? Is it me? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      30 yards is a bit unusual but most of these less expensive launch monitors struggle with the high and low ends of the bag.


  64. Jeff Mitchell

    Wife just bought me prgr for father’s day. Very excited to try. Am confused. All distance numbers are short by 2 clubs or so. Consistent thru the bag. Help??

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re setting it up per the manufacturers instructions and getting bad results, I would contact the maker to get a replacement.


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