2021 PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor Review

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The updated PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor has improved accuracy and a larger, brighter display.  Not a must-have upgrade for those with the original, but the changes are meaningful.

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We are officially in the era of the personal launch monitor.  Thanks to the unstoppable march of improving technology and falling prices, most golfers can now afford to have some kind of launch monitor of their own.  The PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor has been a favorite for a couple years, especially among those training for swing speed, so I was eager to check out the updated 2021 version.

You can find the review of the original PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor HERE.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Very little has changed about the set up or ease of use with the new version of the PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor.  As with the original, you’ll install the batteries, set it down a few feet behind your hitting area, and turn it on.  The “Carry/Total” button has been removed (this function is performed by pushing the “Mode” button), but the other buttons remain unchanged.

One of the most important upgrades with the new model is a larger display.  Once you know which numbers appear where on the screen, it’s easy to read without leaving your hitting position.  The new display shows club head speed at the top, ball speed next to smash factor in the middle, and carry or total distance at the bottom.


The new version of the PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor claims to have an improved launch algorithm, better ability with high lofted wedges, and a faster, dual radar system.  My experience with the new version was very similar to the original, which is to say that I found it very impressive.  Ball speed and club speed were consistently close to my Foresight GC2, which costs over fifty times more.  The new unit did not miss a single shot in my testing, which is a notable improvement over the original.

While the distance algorithm has improved, there is a still a measure of guesswork going on.  I found that, as with the original, the new PRGR was accurate on well-struck shots but less so on mishits or unusual shots.  If you’re trying to work out the exact carry distance on your stinger, you’ll need a more expensive launch monitor.

As with the original, the PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor works indoors and outdoors.  This makes it a great tool for the player who hits into a net, because they can get feedback on strike quality.  It also measures club head speed without hitting a ball.  This makes it a natural partner for SuperSpeed training [review HERE].  Adding the knowledge of exactly how fast each swing is makes your speed training more meaningful, effective, and it adds motivation.  Imagine lifting weights without knowing how many pounds were on the bar or running sprints without a stop watch.  That’s what you’re doing if you’re training speed without a launch monitor.

Finally, the PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor works for other sports.  There are modes for measuring pitching speed, bat speed, and a multi-sport mode that’s suggested for soccer.  For the golfer who is, or is the parent of, a multi-sport athlete, that adds to the value of the PRGR Black.


Because of how quickly and easily it sets up, this is a device that the serious player is going to fire up every time they’re training for speed or hitting balls into a net.  That plus the portability gives this device excellent longevity.


The PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor retails for $229.  This puts it $60 below its most direct competitor, the Swing Caddie SC200 PLUS [full review HERE].  While there are some things I prefer about the SC200 Plus – primarily the larger display – $60 is a substantial difference at this price point.  If you don’t mind the smaller display, are on a tight budget, or prefer the smaller device, the PRGR is a great choice.

If you buy the PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor HERE use Code PGSUMMER21 to save 10%


The new PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor makes noticeable, meaningful improvements to one of the most popular personal launch monitors in golf.  While it’s not a necessary upgrade for those who have the original, these improvements are great for those who haven’t yet taken the plunge into owning a launch monitor.

Buy the New PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor HERE

Use Code PGSUMMER21 to save 10%

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  1. I just ordered the combo to include the superspeed golf sticks and this new PRGR unit a few weeks ago.
    One thing I am having a problem is for the unit to accurately pick up my true clubhead speed when a ball is not involved.
    It seems like it’s consistently showing about 10-15mph lower than when an actual ball is being struck.
    Even though the consistency is still helpful, I just feel a more accurate reading would bode better for my speed training protocol.
    I returned one unit already and they shipped me a replacement, and still the same issue. Wondering if others are experiencing the same thing.
    (I’ve tried adjusting the placement- but no luck)

    • Ryan Robillard

      Hi YAB, sorry to hear you are having issues with the PRGR. Have you spoken with someone at SuperSpeed Golf about troubleshooting? The unit is generally very reliable. Here is a link I’ve used for set up. https://vimeo.com/542833820
      You can also contact them by email at info@superspeedgolf.com

      • I spoke with them and tried all the recommended adjustments. It was determined that a unit swap was needed. I have since received the new unit – yet same issue persist. I suppose a lower reading of CHS is better than no reading at all when training.

  2. I’ve owned the new Black unit for about 3 weeks now. Use it for speed training. While it works fine on a flat surface, I have a yard with thick bladed grass. I went to the Visio site (UK) and purchased their low-lying tripod. ($15+15 shipping) for use on grass. It would be fine by itself on fairway bermuda but I do not have fwy grass at the house. Works great with the tripod. I get accurate readings. I was hitting balls next to someone at the range who brought a Black with him – he liked it. Seems popular. I’d take that 10% discount and run with it.

  3. Can you tell me where you place the PRGR to get the most accurate/reliable measure? I have been using mine and placing it at about the shaft length of a hybrid directly behind the ball. I understand that you can put it slightly ahead/behind the ball about a club’s distance above the ball to avoid being hit at impact . Ideas, which one works for you?

  4. I have learned here some good reviews, thanks a lot for this type of good solution

  5. Matt,
    I need an outdoor/net launch monitor to dial in distances and do not care about simulation or advanced stats. If distance accuracy is my sole focus, would you be comfortable with the PRGR over the Rapsodo/Mevo/R10?

    Thanks a lot,

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