Rapsodo MLM Mobile Launch Monitor Review

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The Rapsodo MLM Mobile Launch Monitor combines video capture with basic launch monitor functions.  Very easy to use.  Data accuracy is on par with more expensive units.

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Younger readers may not believe this, but in my lifetime, there were car phones that cost a fortune and were literally bolted to your automobile.  Now iPhones – immensely more useful and powerful – are relatively cheap and commonplace.

Where launch monitors used to be as rare as unicorns, they are now becoming a tool that any serious golfer can afford.  The latest step in that march of progress is the Rapsodo MLM Mobile Launch Monitor.  We tested it to see how it stacks up to the current crop of consumer-level monitors and the professional-grade units.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is a very small device (essentially a 1.5″ thick smart phone) that uses your smartphone’s screen as a display.  Before you can uses the MLM, you need to give it a full charge and download the Rapsodo Golf app to your phone.  You’ll also need to calibrate the phone’s camera before your first session.  I did not find the calibration process intuitive – it took me several minutes – but it’s a one-time thing.

I found that my phone connected with the MLM faster than any device I’ve ever used.  The moment I pushed the “Connect” button, the device was ready to use.  This is far from the norm and a major plus.

The MLM app is responsive and easy to use.  Once you set it down in Play mode, it captures shots automatically and displays the data on your phone’s screen.  Overall, using the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is intuitive and fun.


Like its competitors, the Mobile Launch Monitor measures ball speed, club speed, launch angle, smash factor, and distance.  I set up the MLM head to head with my Foresight GC2 and was very impressed with the accuracy of the MLM.  The Mobile Launch Monitor typically reported the exact same ball speed as the GC2 and was never more than 1 MPH off.  Carry distances were within 2-3 yards throughout the bag.  The MLM was typically about 1 degree higher on launch angle, but that was very consistent, too.

It is worth noting that the MLM does not measure is spin.  This is typical for launch monitors at this price – only FlightScope’s Mevo (review HERE) measures spin at $500 or less.

One extra thing that the MLM measures is launch direction.  This is obviously an important factor, but many similarly priced units can’t do it.  While there were a few shots that didn’t read correctly, I was generally pleased with the accuracy of the MLM on both start direction and curve.

The MLM also incorporates video.  It automatically captures a down-the-line view of each swing and can replay it instantly with shot tracer.  For those seeking an easier way to film their swings, the MLM is a solid choice.

Finally, each shot that you hit with the Mobile Launch Monitor is stored in the app for later review.  You can look at each shot – with video – as well as averages of your performance with each club.


Because it leverages the computing power in your phone, the Rapsodo MLM is very small.  This means it can live in your golf bag, which is a major longevity plus for me.  Another huge advantage is that it takes only seconds to set it up.

What really elevates the MLM in terms of longevity is the quality of the app.  During live play, you can see stats, stats plus video, or a GPS view of each shot.  There are also multiple ways to play: range mode, closest to the pin, and long drive.  Finally, being able to easily review previous sessions can be a major driver of improvement.

The Rapsodo MLM gets higher marks for longevity than any other personal launch monitor.


The Rapsodo MLM retails for (UPDATED) $299 (please consider supporting Plugged In Golf by buying it HERE).  This is the exact same price as the FlightScope Mevo and the Swing Caddie SC300.  In my opinion, the ease of use, accuracy, and strong features makes the MLM the class of this category.

The premium membership allows you to record unlimited swings with video and shot tracer in the app.  Without the premium membership, the app will only store your last 100 swings.


The Rapsodo MLM Mobile Launch Monitor has taken a commanding lead in the personal launch monitor market.  This device is accurate, easy to use, and fun.  If you’re looking to improve your game, the MLM is a tool that is definitely worth considering.

Buy the Rapsodo MLM HERE

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  1. Rodd Macklin

    Great review
    What does premium member get you?

    • Matt Saternus


      Thanks, and great question.

      With the standard (free) membership, the video and shot tracer of your last 100 shots is saved. With Premium, ALL your shots are saved.



  2. Michael Haley


    Nice review as usual. Does the rapsodo record the down video or is that from the phone/app? Just an FYI the SC300 does give spin numbers on its app, just not on the device display. I have the SC300 and like it, however, if this will auto record video that is a big win along with the right/left calculation.
    Side note- I tried the flightscope mevo and honestly didn’t like it. It was very inconsistent at capturing data. The mevo has a very limited return policy btw. It’s not on their site that I could find and was informed it was 7 calendar days, then they changed it to 14 days but charge a 15% restocking fee.

  3. Matt, well done. Any thoughts on indoor use and accuracy? Are there space requirements that would be an issue if used indoors.

  4. I have this – nice review and agree with everything. The one problem I’m finding is an Apple issue, and that is my phone overheats and shuts off when I’m using this in direct sun (it doesn’t have to be hot out). I haven’t found a solution to it.

    • Trent Finklea

      I just bought the device. I love everything about it, my issue is like yours, my iPhone(8]. My phone doesn’t overheat, it’s cool where I live but, my battery will go to 15% from 100% in 20 minutes at the range

      Have you had any problems with battery life?

  5. Hi, Rapsodo says the unit can’t be used indoors as it needs 30 yards uninterrupted flight…has anyone tried using it in a field hitting into a net after the ball flies the required 30 yards? If yes then it could be a big plus to use a net in a small open field.

  6. Doug Kindlon

    Matt, how useful are these type products when using range balls that are not the quality of the golf balls used on the course?

    • Matt Saternus


      Since most of these lower priced units don’t report spin, I find the range ball issue to be pretty small. Is the ball speed going to be as high and consistent as with a Pro V? Maybe not, but these units still give you a pretty solid idea of what’s going on with your swing.



  7. Mike Heaton

    Hi Matt,
    Good review – thanks. Do you know if the device can connect to different users easily, therefore allowing it to be used quickly by different family members independently with their phones (assuming each has the app).

    • Matt Saternus


      Good question. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be able to pair with multiple devices, but I haven’t tested that firsthand.



  8. Bruce W Bartlett

    Has there been an Android platform developed yet?

  9. Good morning. what are the differences between the free versión of the MLM compare to the premium versión. what else to I get with the premium version thank you

  10. John Wilson Thomas

    How much longer for an Android version, plenty of people make apps for use with different OS.

  11. Hi. When they launched this last september they said that within a month or two it would be upgraded so that it could be used indoors with very short shot distance. Are they actually doing that, and if so will it be a download upgrade to existing model or only available on a newer model.

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t have any insider knowledge but here are my two thoughts/guesses:
      1) Companies tend to be overly optimistic about the timing of new features/products. I’m sure they’re working on it as it will make the MLM more competitive, but I imagine it’s a tough problem and they won’t want to show a solution until it’s really good.
      2) I would guess that it will just be an upgrade to the original device. If it requires a whole new device, I think existing users would be very mad, and rightfully so.



  12. Juha Kahilainen

    Rapsodo support yesterday: ”We are currently in the final stages of beta testing indoor/net mode and will have that available to phones (iphone 8 or newer) or (ipad pro 2nd gen must support 1080p@60fps) very soon.”

    Matt, after it launches it would be great if you could test it and share your thoughts!

  13. Susan J Truex

    Hi. Great review.
    Any idea if this can be used in an indoor driving range hitting to outside? Your traditional range?

  14. Matt-

    Great review. Have you tried the Garmin G80 and if so how would you compare? Similar price it seems but Garmin Can be used as a course GPS..

  15. Jon Flaherty

    I have the Rhapsodo and have used it both indoors and outdoors. I like the device and it is perfect for the driving range. One of the coolest features is seeing all your shots overlaid on the range with where they landed and the club used. I didn’t realize I slice my driver but actually hook my PW shots. It’s great for data analysis.

    So far the indoor net setting is not very accurate – I’m consistently losing 30 yards in my irons, and I don’t hit them very far to begin with :) Not useless and still better than nothing but unless they figure out an update I wouldn’t count on accurate distances indoors.

    It’s also missing a few key features that would make it really great:
    1) Ability to share an entire session, including all stats, graphs, and videos, with someone else (e.g. a friend or coach) to analyze. Right now you can only access the great app on your own phone. The only way to share anything is to export one video at a time and send that via SMS, e-mail or social media.
    2) Ability to markup the video with lines like swing plane etc. I export to SwingProfile for this but it’s a pain and not easy as you are reviewing your shots.
    3) Seeing your data on the web (e.g. on your computer browser) – this could easily tie to 1).
    4) Ability to change users in the app if you are hitting with a friend. This one isn’t huge because they can download the app and use their own phone.

  16. Jeff Hemphill

    I bought the rapsodo And a new iPad, as I use android phone, after reading your review. I already had a mevo but as it did not show ball flight I was excited about the rapsodo.

    Hi Matt, I was excited about the video because I cannot see the ball flight, I have glaucoma. Starting with the first use it picked up most short irons but when trying woods or driver it missed 98% of the shot. Rapsodo said it was the clouds, then they said I had balls in view on the ground, then they said I didn’t have the ball on the line in the picture, then there was a tree in view, etc. with no resolution. The indicator light always goes from green to blue but no data or video is displayed.

    The last time I tried it the sun was behind me and the sky had a few clouds. Again the wedge shots were ok but when I went to 5 iron it didn’t pick up any and because of the sun and sky I actually saw most of the shots.

    I contacted rapsodo thru the app at the range that day letting them know it wasn’t working and that a nearly blind guy could see shots but their unit didn’t pick any of them up but I received no reply to that request for help.

    I just would like to state that I would not recommend the rapsodo. The mevo picked up every shot, I don’t understand why the rapsodo will no.

    Any help you might be able to provide if any would be greatly appreciated.

    Jeff Hemphill

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. I never had any issues with the Rapsodo, so unfortunately I can’t offer any technical help. Regardless, to hear that Rapsodo is not meeting expectations with customer service is very disappointing.


  17. Great review, short and to the point. I am in between ESB1, Mevo and Rapsodo. The all are around 475-550. But I see that Rapsodo measures launch direction butESB1 has Spin with dots. I love the GPS feature of the Rapsodo But my biggest concern are that you have to have internet access for GPS and have to turn around to see stats. I wish you could mirror your phone screen on an iPad and place it in front in an Tripod. Also rapsodo needs 8 feet distance vs The other ones that need only 4. 8 feet is too much far back in a normal range people may hit it. Battery drain is also a draw back and since the charging port of every phone is on the bottom, it’s impossible to keep it changing with an external battery while in use. I don’t know. Love the rapsodo pin placement to practice distance based shots like wedges, and the ball landing feature, but those draw backs are keeping me thinking.

  18. Hi. Has anyone had a chance to use the net mode yet? My question is, will it display the shots the same way as an outdoor session. Will I know if my shots are slicing?

  19. Can it be used at night on a lit range? That is when I normally hit balls and saw a review elsewhere saying it cannot be used at night.

    Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      Good question. I don’t know for sure, but I use it in a poorly lit garage with very minimal ball flight. I’d be surprised if it works there but not a lit range.


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