Popticals Popstar Golf Sunglasses Review

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The NYDEF Golf lenses from Popticals provide great clarity and contrast for enhanced vision on the course.  The Popstar frames are sleek and fold up small, but fit may be an issue for some golfers.


Popticals was a fairly new company with limited lens options when I reviewed their Popgun sunglasses last year.  New for 2017 is a NYDEF Golf lens designed to “bring visual precision to every golfer.”  The folks at Popticals wanted to pair the new lens with the Popstar frame to provide me with a better fit this go around.  Built upon the same foldable concept, I was eager to see if this combo worked better for me.


The Popstar frame is easy to unfold and locks together solidly.  Thin and lightweight, the temples are sturdy, and have an elastomeric strip to assist in securing the sunglasses in place.  Folding is fairly straightforward, just remember to spoon the lenses, then fold the temples.

The Popticals NYDEF Golf lenses come in violet or purple, and my Popstars came with the darker purple tint.  Both are non-polarized “on purpose” as Popticals states, to enhance depth of field.  The colorization provided sharp contrast even in similar green colors.  Looking at white objects such as clouds, the purple tint wasn’t overwhelming and white golf balls really popped against an enhanced blue sky.  I found the lens clarity outstanding.

Style & Fit

The Popstar is a sporty, wrap around frame with a minimalist attitude.  With the NYDEF Golf lens package, your color choices are matte black.

As with the Popgun model, the sunglasses just don’t sit on my nose in a comfortable position for my eyes, and there’s no adjustability.  I don’t mean that they’re visually uncomfortable for my eyes; the sunglasses just sit physically – noticeably – too close to them along the top.  They’re not unwearable by any means, but the fit just doesn’t work for me.


I commend Popticals for their new golf specific NYDEF Golf lenses – they’re really good.  Compactness for storage definitely has merit, especially for lightweight bags with limited pockets.  Unfortunately, because of the fit, the Popstar sunglasses won’t be gaining any course time with me.

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