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A great concept if space is at a premium, but you’ll want to check the fit of the folding Popticals Popgun sunglasses before purchasing.



Popticals wants you to “Pack Small.  Live Big.”  Their pop-out sunglasses are designed for active, outdoor enthusiasts who seek portability and quality lenses.  Golfers are one of their target markets knowing most of us like to jam our bags full of accessories, or better yet, hang them on the outside of the bag.  An interesting concept with an intriguing package, but is it innovative or just a clever gadget?  Only one way to find out – testing.



The first thing I checked about the Popticals Popgun was the mechanics.  Unfolding was intuitive and simple, and you can see the sequence in the picture carousel at the bottom.  The temple hinges have a true “pop” when they snap in place.  Unfolded completely, the frames have a solid feel, with a small amount of play where the two halves come together.  Folding takes a little extra thought, but after the first time, it’s a breeze.  Knowing this is the trickiest part, Popticals put a small diagram inside the case.

The standard gray lenses offer good optical clarity, but I found the contrast a bit flat for the visual demands of golf.  The tint is suitable for bright sunlight and blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays.


Style & Fit

Overall, the Popgun has a sporty wraparound style.  Branding is subtle with just the Popticals logo, which I must say is pretty cool.  The temples provide a firm, comfortable fit just behind the ears.

Unfortunately, the sunglasses sit too low at my nose and lack any adjustability in the nose pad.  As a result, the top of the frame is distractingly noticeable in my view.  I had a few other people with average sized faces try on the frames, and they all made the same comment.


Compactness is great, but the fit was compromised with the Popticals Popgun.  I like the concept for when you are limited on space, but the frames just don’t fit well enough for me to ever utilize them.  If portability isn’t an issue, at $169, there are better offerings for golf sunglasses.

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