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The PING s159 wedge has a compact look, elite spin, and controlled launch.  Six sole grinds offer something for every player.  PING’s online Wedge Fitting tool makes picking the right grind easy.


It was almost a decade ago that PING released their first Glide wedge, and they’ve been a leader in bringing forgiveness to the short game ever since [Glide 4.0 review HERE].  For 2024, they’re showing that they want to dominate the player’s wedge market, too.  With two new grinds and a classy Tour-approved look, the PING s159 wedge is one that loads of better players will be reaching for.


Compact.  More than anything else, the size of the PING s159 wedge is what stands out to me at address.  With so many wedges tilting toward game improvement and larger faces, the s159 provides a sharp, needed contrast for the low handicapper.  The shape is middle of the road without sharp, straight lines or comically round ones.  While I prefer a straight leading edge, I can’t find fault with the gentle rounding here.

Like its predecessor, the Glide Forged Pro [review HERE], the s159 wedge has a very clean look in the bag.  The only branding is a modestly sized “PING” in the center of the club.

The PING s159 wedge comes in two finishes: Hydropearl 2.0 Chrome and Midnight.  Both finishes are available in every loft/grind combination, so you don’t have to choose between your preferred look and the performance you need.

Finally, PING is leaning into personalized wedges with their Customizer Program on  They offer laser-etched graphics, stamping, and paint fill to make your wedges unique.

Sound & Feel

The 8620 carbon steel of the PING s159 wedge provides precise feedback through the hands.  It takes no effort to locate impact, though the character of the feel doesn’t change dramatically.  Pure shots are medium soft with mishits firming up just a touch.

Each strike produces a quiet, tight “snap” when using a premium golf ball.  Audio feedback is subtle.  You can hear the difference between perfect shots and mishits, but you’ll need to be paying attention.


When it comes to spin creation, the PING s159 wedges are elite.  On pitch shots, they’re on par with some of the best wedges I’ve tested.  On full shots, they’ve raised the bar by a couple hundred RPM.  If you’re looking to get every last revolution out of your short game, these wedges should be on your demo list.

That elite spin comes from two primary sources: Friction Face and the grooves.  PING adds a “face blast” of friction-adding material to each wedge to give it more grip on the ball.  Additionally, they place tightly spaced MicroMax grooves on the higher lofted wedges to get more spin on short shots.

The high spin pairs with strong, controlled launch angles.  From full shots to pitches, the PING s159 wedge launches an average of one degree higher than the lowest-launching wedges I’ve tested.  This combination of low launch and high spin is exactly what Tour players covet for consistent carry distance with stopping power.

Two small things that PING gets right are the stock shaft and grip.  PING’s stock 360 Dyla-wedge Lite grip is 3/4″ longer than traditional grips, which gives you the ability to choke down further.  As we discovered in Golf Myths Unplugged, this will produce more consistent smash factor and lower launch angles [learn more HERE].  There are numerous shaft options, but PING’s Z-Z115 shaft has a lower balance point for more club head feel, akin to the Dynamic Gold Spinner shafts.

PING s159 Grinds

The PING s159 wedge offers two new grinds, bringing the total to six with twenty five loft/grind combinations.  This puts PING among the leaders when it comes to giving players options, and they’re ahead of the pack when it comes to helping you find the right grind for your game.  The Find Your Grind online fitting tool [check it out HERE] is easy to use and gives you an in-depth explanation of the sole that will work best for you.

One of the new sole options for the PING s159 wedge is the B Grind.  Offered at 58 and 60 degrees, this is a wider, low bounce sole built for firm turf, shallow angles of attack, and neutral face delivery.  The B Grind has the same bounce number as the H Grind, but I could easily feel the extra “insurance” provided by the wider sole.  It was a great example of how the bounce number alone is not the whole story.

The other new option is the H Grind.  This is offered from 54 to 60 degrees and is suggested for steeper angles of attack and players who want to play with a variety of face angles.  I found that this sole did a great job keeping the leading edge low, regardless of how I positioned the club.

Returning to the PING s159 wedge line up are the S, W, T, and E Grinds.  The E Grind is a throwback to the Eye2 with its high toe.  PING calls it “the ultimate bunker club.” 

For players that are afraid of fat shots, the W Grind is amazing.  It has the most bounce and a wider sole, so it resists digging no matter how steep you are or how much forward shaft lean you have.  Every time I test PING’s W Grind, I remember how much fun this club is to hit.  Even on medium-firm turf, I can hit really nice pitch shots with this sole because there’s zero fear of being too steep.

The S Grind and T Grind are the two soles that PING’s WedgeFit recommends for me as a player with a fairly shallow angle of attack who likes to open the face.  The S Grind is the standard sole, offered in almost every loft.  Don’t let the “standard” moniker discourage you, this sole has enough heel and trailing edge relief to be quite versatile.  If I could only have one sole, it would definitely be the S Grind.

Finally, the T Grind is the “most versatile” according to PING.  It’s the thinnest sole with the lowest bounce, so you can easily open the face without raising the leading edge.  This sole is a little more prone to digging, but it’s hard to beat for shot making.


From elite spin to a multitude of sole options, there’s a lot to like about the PING s159 wedge.  This club looks great at address and in the bag, giving better players the confidence to attempt heroic rescue shots.  Work with your fitter or PING’s online tool to find your perfect grind and enjoy an improved short game.


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  1. Mark Kuyawa

    Wonderful review ! I still have Eye 2 SW and LW in the bag. But these might be a real new option !

    Thank you !!!

  2. Nice review…I just saw these at the pga store. Meh…they seem ok. I’m guessing Matt there is no way these replace your Edison 2.0!??! I certainly wouldn’t trade mine for these new pings! ;-)

    • Matt Saternus


      The PING s159 is at the top of the list of wedges I would game if I had to replace my Edisons…but I don’t.


  3. Jim Schneck

    Hi Matt,

    Apologize if I missed it but I did look. Are these forged or cast? Thanks!


    • Matt Saternus


      PING’s website doesn’t say anything about them being forged, so I would assume they’re cast.



  4. Hi Matt,

    I’ve noticed a few sources saying that the midnight finish spins less… I haven’t seen anything on the PING website. Are you able to confirm this?

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