PING Glide Forged Pro Wedge Review

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The PING Glide Forged Pro wedge is built for the highly skilled player.  Very compact.  Excellent spin.  Limited grind options.


As cavity back wedges become more common, we’re seeing many OEMs offer two lines of wedges.  For PING, that means the Glide 3.0 [review HERE] for the players that want a little forgiveness and the new Glide Forged Pro for the highly skilled player.  What do you gain by giving up the consistency of the cavity back?  Let’s explore.


Players who liked the original Glide Forged wedge [review HERE] will appreciate that PING didn’t change much with the Glide Forged Pro.  This is a very compact wedge, as small as any wedge in recent memory.  While I like the size, the shape does not fit my personal preferences.  The leading edge is substantially rounded which makes the transition from the hosel look a bit unrefined.

In the bag, the Glide Forged Pro is super clean.  The eye-catching milling from the original is gone, replaced with a clean, smooth surface.  Branding is very minimal with a simple black paintfill.

Finally, PING is allowing golfers to customize their Glide Forged Pro wedges in a handful of ways.  Custom stamping is available on the toe, centered, or scattered across the wedge.  There are also thirteen colors of paint fill available.  Additionally, there are six laser-etched graphics available ranging from Mr. PING to a dart.


With “forged” in the name, most players are going to expect soft feel.  I think those players might be a bit disappointed.  To me, hitting a premium ball with this wedge has no defining characteristic.  Impact is very quiet, but it isn’t soft or hard.  It just is.  There’s no hit to it – the ball is just on the face, then it’s gone.  It’s almost bizarre how nondescript it is.  And I don’t mean any of this as a scathing criticism – I could easily put these in my bag.

As quiet as impact is, there is virtually no audio feedback on strike quality.  You can get a small sense of impact location through your hands, but you need to pay attention.


The PING Glide Forged Pro wedge looks very traditional, but it does have one new trick up its sleeve.  PING calls it “Friction Face” – a “face blast” designed to create, you guessed it, more friction on the club face.  The original Glide Forged was elite in spin creation, and Friction Face only cements the Glide Forged Pro as one of the highest spinning wedges you can buy.

You can also see in the picture above that PING has made the higher part of the wedge thicker to raise the CG.  Interestingly, this is not something they mention in their tech notes, but the higher spin, lower launch performance is noticeable.

With the Glide Forged Pro, PING is also giving golfers an additional grind choice.  The original had just one sole option, the new version has two.  At 60 and 58 degrees, golfers can choose between the T and S soles, the T offering more relief in the toe, heel, and leading edge.  I tested the S and found that, despite the leading edge looking a bit raised, it was extremely versatile.  Additionally, PING is offering a 59 degree version of this wedge with an “Eye2 Toe” design – higher toe, blended hosel, and a more traditional sole.

Finally, we get to the question of why a player would choose this over the Glide 3.0.  A lot of it comes down to appearance.  I think the Glide 3.0 is one of the best wedges available because of the forgiveness it offers at a traditional size.  However, for players that want a compact wedge and don’t need forgiveness, the Glide Forged Pro will be a fine choice.


Fans of the original Glide Forged wedge are going to love the PING Glide Forged Pro.  The elite spin creation remains, but there are more options for sole designs.  If you’re a golfer who appreciates a compact, Tour-style wedge, make sure to give this a swing.


PING Glide Forged Pro Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. Two hundred dollars for a wedge seems a bit much, especially with the wear and tear they get at times.

  2. Players who “don’t need forgiveness” – still yet to meet one!

  3. I saw it at a PGATSS – I did not care for the shape either. But then, I have Artisan Wedges and nothing beats a wedge and shaft fit to you.

  4. Mimi Belislr

    Could I have 58 degrees ,
    Ladies sand. Wedge graphite shat ? Thanks for the answer.

    • Matt Saternus


      Plugged In Golf doesn’t sell anything, so you would need to talk to your golf retailer to order one.



  5. Milton Taylor

    I bought these about 2 months ago 56s and 60s. This review is spot on, a bunch of spin, and definitely looks small at address. I actually had to get accustomed to the small look. I love the feel at impact also. Thanks for the review.

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