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Same old great story from PING.  Great looking club with reliable performance.

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The name PING is virtually synonymous with high quality woods and the new i25 fairway wood is no exception.  In this review, we’ll tell you why the i25 should be near the top of your list for your next fairway wood if you’re looking to bag a straightforward, performance machine.

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PING has gone about as far as they’re likely to go in updating their graphics in this era of Nascar-looking woods.  However, when you look at the crown of the new i25 fairway wood, you see more of a cool 60’s Ford Mustang Fastback with racing stripes than an overdone, tacky Nascar whipping around Daytona International Speedway.  There are two modest racing stripes running across the matte black crown that just scream cool as well as serving as an alignment aid (they are the exact same width of a golf ball).  The black face leads into a black polished sole with minimal branding, but enough to make sure you know who made the club.  The head is a nice traditional shape with a compact footprint and a medium-height face.

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Sound & Feel

With the PING i25 fairway wood, you will have one of the most boring sound and feel experiences around…but that’s a good thing.  The sound could be considered the industry standard and I think any serious golfer would be more than ok with it.  A shot on the sweet spot is rewarded with one of the most satisfying “thwacks” you’ll ever hear.  This used to be more common in golf clubs, but with the evolution of club technology, this seems to be lost.  Not in the PING i25 fairway woods.

When it comes to feel, you’re going to want to make sure you’re hitting the sweet spot if you want to be rewarded.  It’s not one of the most forgiving feeling faces, but it is certainly one of the best in regards to responsiveness, and it will help the educated golfer make sure their swing is dialed in.

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The PING i25 fairway wood has an adjustable head that gives you the ability to adjust the standard loft by .5º in either direction.  This works as designed and was just enough to get the trajectory finely tuned for what I was looking for out of our 15º 3 wood.  Sticking with tradition, Ping kept it simple and avoided making the process confusing by giving you too many options.  Just put a good swing on the ball and trust the club.

The low center of gravity gave me pretty strong ball speed and certainly kept my spin reduced, giving me about 35 yards of roll out on average.  The numbers were pretty hard to argue with in the i25.

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Simple, cool, reliable, and elite are a few words to perfectly describe the PING i25 fairway wood.  The impression that I left with more than anything out of this review was that I need to pay more attention to PING clubs and keep them in mind because they really are at the top of the game.  I’ve hit plenty of different fairway woods in my day, both good and bad, but when I setup to a shot with the Ping i25 fairway woods, I think to myself “man, this is what a golf club is supposed to feel like.”  Go back and read our other PING reviews.  You’ll notice a common theme throughout every one of them…PING means business.

Price & Specs

The PING i25 fairway wood retails for $249.99.

It’s available in lofts of 14º, 15º, and 18º.

There are three stock shafts available, the PWER 55 (Regular, Stiff), the PWR 65 (Regular, Stiff, Tour Stiff, Tour X-Stiff), and the PWR 75 (Stiff, Tour Stiff, Tour X-Stiff).

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