PING G410 SFT Fairway Wood Review

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Designed to launch high with a draw bias, the PING G410 SFT fairway wood delivers distance with forgiveness. Great shaft options and eight position adjustability.


PING offers three distinct fairway wood models in the G410 family:  the standard G410, the G410 LST and the G410 SFT reviewed here.  The PING G410 SFT fairway wood is designed for golfers whose tendencies are to miss right (if right handed).  Can Straight Flight Technology, SFT, really help eliminate slices?  The one word answer is yes, but there’s more to the story – read on.


The standard G410 and SFT models may look similar with their classic PING matte black finish and thick turbulators, but the shapes are quite distinct.  The G410 SFT fairway, above right, has a much larger presence and a rounded shape.  The shallow profile sets the club low to the ground at address – poised to rocket a ball off the fairway.

On the sole of the G410 SFT, a keen eye will note that the silver weight pod and branding has been rotated towards the heel compared to the standard model.  Even the casual observer will note the “SFT” on the sole.  I’m a fan of the red color and varied finishes found throughout the G410 family.

Sound & Feel

The G410 SFT fairway has a pleasing sound that falls somewhere between metallic and wood like.  Identical to the standard G410 fairway to my ears, the SFT had a medium volume ‘crack’ that was consistent across the large C300 maraging steel face (maraging is a process that produces a super strong and tough alloy).

To my hands, the club felt solid except on major mishits.  Overall, feedback is subtle, but there’s no doubt when you flush one.  If you’re a golfer seeking a lot of feedback, check out the PING G410 LST fairway.


First off, the PING G410 SFT launches the ball effortlessly with wonderful height.  The 3 wood is 16° in its stock position – a degree and a half more than the standard model.  I typically hit a straight ball, and for me the G410 SFT fairway wood produced trajectories that started straight and moved left.  Aligning a little right in my setup, I was able to shift to hitting a controlled high draw that finished on my desired target line.

To make the G410 SFT draw biased (OEMs’ way of saying ‘anti-slice’), PING designers combined a lighter swing weight with heel-centric tungsten weight pod positioning.  Square up the club face, eliminate the slice.  The deep and low weight pod and large head gave the fairway wood loads of forgiveness.

Another interesting fact I learned about the high tech forged face is that it’s actually extremely thin – engineered to flex to maximize ball speed.  In my testing, ball speed was good and spin was right in line with the club’s intended characteristics.

I tested the PING G410 SFT with a PING Alta CB 65 Red shaft that seemed perfectly engineered for the club. In addition to three PING shaft choices, the G410 SFT fairway wood is also available with the Project X EvenFlow Black and Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange.


The PING G410 SFT is a great choice for golfers who struggle with a slice or those wanting to add a repeatable draw.  Whether you’re just trying to keep it in the short grass or needing the ball to hold the green on a par 5, the forgiveness and high trajectory of the G410 SFT are sure to help your game.

PING G410 SFT Fairway Wood Price and Specs

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  1. Is the physical head size of a 3 wood and 5 wood SFT identical or is the loft the only difference?

  2. I have a natural fade to my driver and fairway woods. I was fitted for the Ping 410 driver and have eliminated the fade. Would the 410 SFT have the same effect?

    • Matt Meeker

      Was it an SFT driver Ray? Generically speaking, yes, the SFT should help with an unwanted fade. Who ever fit you for the driver would be the best person to advise on the fairway. As always, hitting the SFT fairway yourself would tell you a lot. Let us know how it all works out.

      – Meeks

  3. George Leventis Collias

    I recently had the privilege of range time testing the Ping 410 SFT Fairway Woods in 3/5/7–I began with the 7 wood and at once enjoyed about 20 shots–the height, distance and dispersion were excellent–Going to the 5 wood I hit another 20 balls with the same results and to be honest I may have missed 4 out of the 20 balls I hit and received the same results–the range balls we have at our club are Taylormade and Titleist and they are new so I could not have been more pleased–I am going to purchase the Fairway Woods to go along with my 410 irons–Although, I have not played in 4 and 1/2 years I do get in about 6 days of range time a week and about 200 balls each day–I also hit the 410 driver and was thrilled with the sound,distance and ball flight and will purchase one of these–I am aware that our members think I am unusual but then again range time is a real joy–

  4. Matt
    How easy is the Ping G410 sft 3 wood with senior s flex Alta CB 65 shaft to hit off the fairway for a 70 yr old 16 handicapper? I don’t trust the in store launch monitor results.

    • I can’t speak for that particular shaft, but in general I found the Ping fairway woods great for hitting off grass.

      – Meeks

  5. Wat adapter for the 19 degree model it’s bigger than my 16

  6. Anonymous

    I’m a big fan of the G410 SFT fairway wood. It’s a great club for those who like to hit a lot of shots off the tee.

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