PING G410 Fairway Wood Review

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Built to produce a powerful, penetrating trajectory, the PING G410 fairway wood delivers distance and accuracy.  Great shaft options and eight position adjustability.


Seeing the new PING G410 lineup at the 2019 PGA Show I was intrigued – a mix of familiar features and new technologies.  When Matt S. subsequently concluded the new PING G410 Plus driver was notably better than his beloved G400 Max I knew the G410 series was more than just marketing hype.  Looking to put a new 3 wood in my own bag, I jumped at the opportunity to test the G410 fairway wood.


The crown is quintessential Ping with its matte black finish and thick turbulators.  I love the way the club looks low to the ground at address – poised to rocket it off the fairway.  The sole of the PING G410 fairway is full of branding yet achieves more personality than the previous generation with its red color and varied finishes.  The silver weight pod sits at the far back edge.

Sound & Feel

With a medium volume ‘crack’, ball strikes create a sound that falls between metallic and wood-like.  The large C300 maraging steel face (maraging is a process that produces a super strong alloy) provided a solid feel that was consistent except on major mishits.  Feedback is subtle, but there’s no doubt when you flush one.


Contrary to my assumption of what the solid feel meant, it turns out that the PING G410’s high tech forged face is actually extremely thin – engineered to flex to maximize ball speed.  In my testing, ball speeds were extremely impressive. 

With the stock PING Alta CB 65 Red, I produced a penetrating ball flight with nice roll-out.  In addition to three PING shaft choices, the G410 is also available with the Project X EvenFlow Black and Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange in the G410 fairway.

Also noteworthy in my testing was the tight dispersion.  It’s nice to feel confident that the club will deliver the ball on the intended line – even when your swing is a bit off.  Growing more comfortable with the G410 fairway, I started really going after the ball and achieved an easy extra 10 yards.  Working the ball for a slight draw or a little fade seemed effortless, leading me to conclude the PING G410 is built for performance.


PING, like most companies, offers a variety of irons to suit players of different abilities, yet with their woods you get to play the same clubs as the pros on TV – and I find that pretty cool.  The PING G410 fairway wood is a strong performer worthy of consideration by any golfer looking for distance and precision.

PING G410 Fairway Wood Price and Specs

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  1. Matt what is your normal driver club head speed. Thanks for the review nice to see for us golfers with a little slower club head speed.

  2. Robert Teale

    I have the G 410 driver 5 wood and hybrid. Both the driver and hybrid have a solid feel and the ball really goes well. I can’t say the same for the 5 wood as it seems to be very light and very “TINNEY” when hit. My 5 wood swing speed is 84 to 86 MPH and my carry distances is 190 to 195. The hybrid carry distance is 200 to 205 yards and has that very solid feel. My driver speed is 92 to 96 MPH and carry distance is 220 to 225.
    I have had a number of better golfer than me hit my 5 wood and they have the same comments and distance results.
    Is any one experiencing the above. Look forward to your comments.

  3. Thanks for this. I have a callaway xr 16 3 and 5 wood and 4 and 5 hybrid. Looking to up grade Hit a 410 hybrid today ref shaft and nailed it. Not hit 410 fairways but hoping the 3 wood is just as good and may go for 3 wood. 3 hybrid and 5 hybrid

  4. To Robert…Are you playing the same shaft in the 5 wood as the hybrid…better fitting makes a big difference.
    if the shaft is too stiff launch will be difficult and you will lose a lot of yardage
    Some people have more trouble hitting off the ground with the longer shaft of a wood than hybrid… play with the settings to dial it in…
    Better Angle of attack with a shorter hybrid shaft can make a big difference.
    Lastly take it to ping and check the head and shaft to make sure they are both not damaged.
    Ping would not put a club on the market that does what you described.

  5. To Robert
    There is a weight plug in the wood that can be dialed in…maybe you need a heavier weight to make it feel heavier or a heavier shaft.
    Check you launch angles on both clubs at the fitters and degree of loft you have on each…there are ideal launch angles which maybe you are hitting with the hybrid and not the wood causing it to lose distance. Dial in the shaft weight and the shaft tip stiffness for the right launch for you…Fitting is so important

  6. Will Ping make a 13 degree fairway wood, love my stretch. Getting beat up a bit. Would like to here from you if they will be available. Thank you, Love my Pings

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