PING G400 Driver Review

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The PING G400 driver feels incredible and has tremendous forgiveness.  A no-brainer upgrade.  Going straight into my bag.


Over the last four years or so, only one thing has been able to replace a PING driver in my bag: a new PING driver.  G30 went in the bag immediately after testing and was replaced only when the G showed up.  The new G400 driver boasts a number of technological improvements, but will it maintain PING’s hold on the most important spot in my bag?


When I first saw the PING G400 driver, I was struck by how small it looks.  At 445cc it’s not much smaller than the USGA max, but the shaping really enhances the strong, compact look.

The G400 driver’s crown has a lot going on.  Nearest the ball, you’ll notice the biggest Turbulators yet.  From there, you see the Dragonfly technology which makes the crown ultra-thin (.43mm!) to save weight.  While this seems busy, the matte black finish makes it all secondary to your focus on the ball.

Sound & Feel

After my first swing with the G400 driver during my fitting, I turned back to Eric and said, “This thing sounds amazing!”  Eric just smiled because he’s been hearing that a lot.  I liked my G driver, but I love the sound of the G400.

The word I can’t get away from is solid.  It’s quiet without any metallic crack or tinny notes.  I actually wrote the word “persimmon” during my testing – it’s that solid.

When you mishit one, the sound doesn’t change too much, but you will get good feedback through your hands.


It’s been a while since I’ve had sustained confidence with the driver, but I feel like I’m turning the corner with the G400.  The forgiveness is simply incredible.  PING says that the G400 has the “deepest CG and highest MOI in golf.”  That seems right to me, because it’s unbelievable on mishits – the ball speed barely slips, and it stays in the fairway.  The best of us mishit the driver on occasion and most of us mishit it a lot.  Why not get as much forgiveness as possible?

PING also gave the aerodynamics of the G400 a major boost.  The improved shape reduces drag 15% during the downswing, meaning more club head speed.  To be as aerodynamic as the G400, the G30 would have to be shrunk down to under 300cc!

The engineering of the G400 driver doesn’t stop at the head.  PING has two stock shafts that are designed to optimize the G400 for different players.  The Alta CB 55 is a mid-trajectory shaft that’s counter balanced to offset the higher head weight.  It scores bonus points for changing color from copper to black when you set it down at address.  PING also offers the Tour 65 and Tour 75 shafts for players who want a heavier shaft and lower ball flight.  The Kuro Kage 60, HZRDUS Yellow 75, and Aldila X-Torsion are also available for an upcharge.

There are two other versions of the G400 driver.  For those needing lower spin, there’s the G400 LST (Low Spin Tec).  If you want help creating a draw, there’s the G400 SFT (Straight Flight Tec).  Reviews of these models will be coming out in the next few weeks.


After the first couple swings with the PING G400 driver, I knew it was going in the bag.  I love the look, I love the sound, and I hit it better than anything I’ve hit in a long time.  To me, there’s not a driver on the market that’s better than the PING G400.

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PING G400 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Dave Weber

    I was exicited to order until Ping wanted $347 for an upgrade to a Graphite Design BB6 shaft! Same shaft in TM is $200 upgrade charge.

    • Matt Saternus


      To play devil’s advocate: do you know that the BB6 is best for you in the G400 and that the stock options aren’t just as good or better?



  2. Jim Rosteck

    I have a G30 with an Accra shaft. Is the shaft setup the same where I could swap it into the G400? Do you think I would need to be refit?

    • Matt Saternus


      The adapter is the same, so you will be able to install it into a G400. My suggestion would be to hit the G400 with the Accra and see what the results are. If they’re not as good as they were with the G30, you can get fit for a new shaft (or keep the G30).



  3. Matt, don’t see much difference between the Ping and Epic performance in your reviews, whereas you don’t go into the Epic forgiveness, which is very forgiving, you seem to gush over the Ping. I’ve played both Ping and Callaway Drivers, and currently play the Epic. The Epic, at 460cc, looks smaller than its size. It’s obvious from the review that you are a Ping guy and I can’t blame you for that preference.

    • Matt Saternus


      The Epic is a great driver, and I said as much in my review.

      It’s important for me to emphasize again that the launch monitor data from different reviews should not be compared apples to apples. It’s meant as a way to put some data to the text of the performance review, nothing more.


      • Matt, appreciate it. I recognize you enjoyed the Epic. I started out playing Ping drivers – TiSi, Rapture V2 – and kept on demoing when new versions made their debut, but wanted more. Your review of the G400 has me looking for a Ping Demo Day. If it can outperform the Epic on the course (still tweeking shafts at 44.5 inches) and find more fairways, I don’t mind giving Ping my credit card.

    • As someone that has gamed both, I can safely say that the G400 is just as long and more forgiving than the epic. Dry ball numbers are one thing, but I hit more fairways than I’ve ever hit with this driver yesterday, and blatant misshits were 1-2 yards off of the fairway.

      All that, and the sound and feel are absolutely sublime.

      This club is the real deal.

  4. I just purchased a Ping G driver on discount thanks to the G400. I am a complete believer in the Ping G and after reading your review, I will certainly look at the G400. My confidence in the Ping driver is sky high. Ping really has figured out the forgiveness aspect and it is almost hard to believe they could have improved over the G. Bravo on the review.

  5. mike root

    Matt what shaft wool you use

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure yet. PING fit me for the Tour 65, which is very solid. I also like the Alta in X-flex, and I have a number of options from my G and G30. I know the G400 head is going into the bag, the final shaft decision is pending.



  6. David Balmer

    Great review.
    How does Ping address the issue of shortened drivers? Do they make factory adjustments or rely on the customer to cut the shaft and add weight. My preference is for 44″

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m sure PING could select a head or make adjustments to get the swing weight that you want at 44″.



      • I went and got the G400 but i wasnt sure about the shaft. The guy fitting me said keep the current shaft which was a tour X 65 grams and then he got a fairway wood shaft at 44 inches in the tour x 80 grams. I hit the ball much straighter with the short shaft. I did lose a little distance but more fairways equals lower scores and less lost balls. Shorter is better in my opinion!

    • John Smith

      Agree with you that the factory shafts are way too long (and I’m 6’4″).

      Ping will absolutely make you a driver that is correctly swingweighted at the length you want. Their customer service is second to none.

      What they will NOT do is send you a different weight for the bottom should you later choose to cut the shaft yourself. If you want something changed, the club has to make a round trip to Arizona.

      That said, there are third party weights available on eBay that are pretty much indistinguishable for OEM. I bought a set (and a factory pulled shaft) because I wanted to experiment with length. Worked out great.

      I would let the factory do it if you are sure on length/swingweight. If you need to experiment, the aftermarket weighting option is available to you.

  7. Interesting review.
    I have a Ping G25 3yrs old now and tried the G30 and this week tried the G yesterday at the driving range.
    To be frankly honest not much difference .
    The G25 has always been easier to hit.
    Pulled out an old Callaway Diablo as well and length wise and offline no difference.
    All reg stock shafts.
    Clay Ballard says that most reviews are rubbish and designed to sell new clubs.I agree.
    I have a consistent swing so I guess this helps.

  8. Darren Tan

    I just tried the G400 an hour ago and simply love it. The forgiveness is superb and if not for the cost, I would buy it immediately. Over in Singapore, the cost is much higher than USD 400. So I guess I’ll need to sell the old drivers first before getting this one.

  9. Get a chance to try G400 LS? Not that you personally need lower spin to achieve best results, but I tend to prefer lower spinning heads, which slightly more mid launching shafts. Do you think that would be a good combo here?

    • Matt Saternus


      I have hit the LS head and will have a full review up in a couple weeks.

      If you prefer a more “active” shaft, a low spinning head can be a good match.



  10. The sound is much improved, but without exception every single person I know who tested the G400 says that they get better ball speed and MUCH lower spin from the previous generation G driver – even using their own boutique shaft. A couple of reviewers are saying the same thing such as plugged-in golf.

    • Matt Saternus


      My review does not say that the G has better ball speed or lower spin. I’m surprised to hear that others are seeing that.




    Purchased the G400 driver the first day that they were available at Golf Galaxy. I’ve been playing the G30 with a Fujikura XLR8 Pro 51 gram shaft and was pleased with my accuracy and distance gains over the pass 2 years. Played 3 days while on vacation this week and hit the ball 15-20 yards further but more importantly, I hit more fairways. Despite having a smaller head, the G400 was just as forgiving on miss hits. Thought about replacing the Alta shaft with the Fujikura, but at least for now, I’m staying with the Alta shaft. Any idea when Ping’s G400 fairway woods and hybrids will be available?

    • Matt Saternus


      Glad you’re enjoying the G400!
      The fairways and hybrids will be in shops mid-August, and our reviews will be rolling out starting 8/14.



  12. I did hit the Ping G400 and LST off a Trackman and compared it to the Epic. While I can’t say the Ping is any longer than the Epic, the feel through the ball and forgiveness of the Ping is second to none. The Ping had less dispersion and less mishits, i.e.e it is a more consistent driver for me in today’s fitting. We went between the Alta Shafts and TPT Shafts. While my swingspeed, after an hour, was down to 92.5, I felt the 18 MPK was stable yet kicked. Deciding between the 17 and 18. The TPT shaft was reviewed here earlier. This was my first experience with the shaft and with the Ping you get consistency, great feel, and tighter dispersion. The difference between the G400 and LST was that the LST gave me a bit more launch but too little spin, and we spent the remainder of the lesson on launching the G400. Once we worked on launch, I was hitting it dead center for about 30 minutes. Great club – I see one in my bag in the near future. Just incredible feel through the ball.

  13. John Rogers

    Wow Matt, you must have a whole bag full of Drivers cause it seems every one you do an article about goes right into your bag.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest you read a little more carefully. There have certainly been a number of good drivers this year that have merited consideration, but I haven’t said anything is definitely in the bag except the G400, and prior to that, the G LS Tec.


  14. I just hit the ping g400 sft at golftown, I’m a 51y/o scratch golfer who can’t carry my driver more then 225 anymore, with low 90’s swing speed, when hitting the g400 w/ the Alta stiff shaft today I had several carries over 235, and a couple of 249 with a 99 mph club head speed. I was going to buy one this week but after reading the reviews I read that the Alta shaft comes in 2 lengths 45.25″ and 45.75″, I assume the one I was hitting was the 45.75″, they call the 45.25″ tour length, this is the one I would prefer, I could check back at golftown to see if they stock both and confirm which I was actually hitting. If I’m impatient and buy the 45.75″ could I just cut it down half inch and order a replacement heavier weight for the sole? I assume that’s all that ping does with shortened driver shafts to maintain the swing weight, I don’t see them stocking different weight heads. My question is should I special order the 45.25″ Alta shaft assuming golftown doesn’t have any in stock or just shorten it myself.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would recommend having Golftown measure the swing weight and length of the one you hit. If you find that it’s 45.75″ and you want the 45.25″, order the 45.25″ at the swing weight that you prefer.

      Great to hear about your distance gains, sounds like the G400 has you perfectly optimized!



  15. Matt – Had A Ping demo day fitting for the G400 driver. I was fitted with the Tour 65 shaft. Having played several rounds, I’m getting less distance than with my Ping G30 driver. Is there any technical reason why I can’t swap the G30 shaft into the G400? The adaptors appear to be the same.

  16. Just bought the g400 driver and the difference between my old m2 is huge twice the ball height and an xtra 15 yrds happy days

  17. Svend Andersen

    Which G400 model would be the Best dit for a lady golfer hcp 3 with a swingspeed around 90??

    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest the standard G400 unless the player fights a slice. If they do, the SFT model is a great choice.



  18. Xia Mouanouvu

    Hi Matt
    I have the ping G driver, but maybe want to get the new G400 too, but do you know that G driver and G400 use the same adaptor for the shafts ? because I want to use my G shaft to G400 driver.

  19. Thanks for the review Matt,
    I have purchased a g400 slightly used and it is a standard length Alta cb55 shaft. I usually play a driver that is 44″ long. I was about to cut it down to that size when I read that you said the shaft is counterbalanced to offset the heavier head. If I cut this down 1.5″ to what I normally play, will that ruin what Ping was trying to do with the head/shaft setup, or would it make the swing weight go up a bunch? I realize that best case scenario is to ‘go and get fit’ but I got a great deal on it so I picked it up and now am wondering if I should cut it down or not.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not sure exactly how heavy and where in the shaft the counter weighting is, so I can’t tell you exactly how the balance will change. I would guess that, regardless of counterweighting, cutting off 1.75″ is going to drop the swing weight substantially.



  20. Hi Matt,

    I’m getting ready to buy a G 400 but would like to know the difference between the G 400 and the G 400 LST. I get the LST is low spin but how does that equate to distance? For more distance do I want the ball on a higher, mid or lower trajectory? I won’t need the SFT as I don’t slice the ball. Right now, just getting back into golfing after an 11 year break, joint injuries, my swing speed is definitely slower, my take back is definitely shorter and my distance is definitely not as long, around 235. Which driver would be best? G 400, G 400 Max, G 400LST? When I filled fitting survey, it recommended the shaft be the Kuro Kage at 45.25, regular shaft at 10.5 loft. I’m 6′, wrist to floor length 34″, hand length 3.5″, right handed. Would the Tour 65 shaft at the same length make any difference? Heavier etc? I’m not close to a retailer to get fitted unfortunately, so I’m trying to determine which driver head and shaft would be best for me by doing “research”. Most the time when I hit my friends driver, I am inconsistent, meaning, I can hit it straight, pull, not hook it and push, not slice it. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated as once I buy this Ping driver at $400, I will be keeping it for a very long time. Right now since I just got back into golfing, my hncp is 20+ and I’m currently 59 yrs of age. Thanks Matt for any help you can provide me.

    Fore! Rob Wilson

    • Matt Saternus


      The recipe for more distance is high launch and low spin. The caveat is that low spin can be taken too far. You need spin to keep the ball in the air and produce carry distance.
      If you’re not hitting drives that balloon into the air and drop dead, my blind recommendation would be the G400 or G400 Max. I think most people will benefit more from the added forgiveness than from the lower spin, especially since the lower spin may actually hurt.



  21. Hi Matt, thanks for the info. I think I was leaning toward the G400 anyway and reading up on drivers with low spin technology. Now my question is should I order it with the shaft it comes with and the standard length of 45.75 or would a heavier shaft like the Tour 65 and a shorter length of 45.25 benefit me more?



    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way for me to give an educated suggestion on that other than to say PING does a great job engineering their basic stock shafts to work well for the majority of golfers.



  22. Hi Matt, I read your reviews on the G400 and the G400LST(great reviews). I hit both drivers well but my spin numbers/distance was a little better with the LST. But after reading your review I opted for the G400 over the LST. (forgiveness over distance). My question is I got the Alta in Xstiff but am thinking of purchasing the Ping Tour 65 seperately. Is that a good option or should I spend the money and buy a better aftermarket shaft.

    • Matt Saternus


      The PING Tour shafts are very good quality. If the Tour 65 fits your swing and improves you numbers, I would go for that.



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