Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat Review

Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat

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The Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat has a noticeably better putting surface than its predecessor.  Ball return and ramp remain the key features.  A second, smaller hole raises the difficulty and enhances longevity.

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Thanks in part to its association with LIV golfer Dustin Johnson, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat [review HERE] has become one of the more successful training aids in recent years.  And like anything successful, it has earned a sequel.  So what separates the Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat from the original?  Let’s find out.

Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat disassembled

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat comes out the of the box largely assembled.  The putting surface and ramp are already put together, you just need to unroll the green to its full length.

Next, slide the wooden backboard into its slot behind the holes to keep overly aggressive putts from running away.  Finally, connect as much of the ball return track as you want to use.  Each piece is roughly 18″ and has magnets on either end.  There’s a special end piece for the return that stops the ball.  You can go from in box to fully assembled in about a minute.

Using the Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat couldn’t be simpler: roll the ball up the ramp to the hole.  


The difference between the new V5 Putting Mat and the V4 is the putting surface.  According to Perfect Practice, the new mat has their Advanced Lay-Flat Technology and Crystral Velvet TrueRoll Material.  That means the new mat claims to be heavier and roll smoother than the original.

Having used both mat, I can say that both of these things are absolutely true.  When I took the V5 Putting Mat out of the box, my very first thought was, “Wow, this is much heavier than it looks.”  That translates to the mat laying flat immediately and fighting wrinkles and lumps more effectively.

Perfect Practice states that the V5 rolls at “10-14 on a Stimpmeter,” which is a huge range.  I can’t speak to the exact speed, but I can report that this is one of the fastest mats I’ve ever tested.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  On the plus side, a smooth roll is beautiful to watch and provides good feedback.  However, it’s so smooth that it magnifies small tilts in your floor.  If you want to use the small target hole, you need to find a perfectly flat section of floor to use.

Zooming out, the new Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat is a strong practice tool because of the ball return and the two holes.  The ball return allows you to be more efficient with your practice time, getting in more putts per minute.  Having two holes – plus a lot of length – gives you the ability to dial in the difficulty to match your game.  If you’re consistently holing out on the small hole at full length, you should be taking your flat stick on Tour!

Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat holes


The longevity equation is one thing that hasn’t changed with the new version of the Perfect Practice Putting Mat.  I really like the ball return because it saves you walking back and forth between putts.  I like the two holes even more because the small one is nearly impossible to master from longer range.

As before, the question is whether or not you can leave the Perfect Practice set up permanently.  This trainer does set up and break down easily, but you’re only going to use it regularly if you can walk up and start putting immediately.

If you need a more portable, easily stored version of this trainer, consider the Perfect Practice Roll a Putt [review HERE].

Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat box back


The Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat comes in three sizes – Compact (8 feet), Standard (9.5 feet), and XL (15 feet).  They retail for $149, $179, and $199, respectively.  You can save 10% with the code PLUGGEDING10 when you shop HERE.

Comparing the V5 Putting Mat to other mats of similar size, you’re paying a very reasonable premium for the ramp, second hole, and ball return.  If these are features you find useful, this is a strong value.

Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat ball return


The new V5 Putting Mat is a meaningful improvement from Perfect Practice.  It has a putting surface which is noticeably smoother and flatter, right out of the box.  If you’re looking for a way to stay in the game over the colder months, this is an option worth considering.

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  1. Any chance that track can be put on the other side for a lefty? Would it be a big pain the way it is now?

    • Matt Saternus


      You can’t switch the track because the ramp only spits the ball out on the right side. I think if I were lefty, I would just stop the ball return short of where I wanted to putt from rather than having it across from me.



  2. Todd Williams

    My dream man cave set up includes this baby.. but gotta get a man cave first.

  3. Barry Haggerty

    I am new to golf and wondering about the rise at the holes. How does that affect your hitting the ball too hard. On the green I am putting on a level surface. Won’t it affect how hard you are hitting. Is it only for learning to put straight?
    Thanks Barry

    • Matt Saternus


      To your second question, yes, this mat only simulates straight putts.
      To the first, putting a six foot putt into this hole with the ramp will not be the same as putting a flat six foot putt. This trainer isn’t about working on your speed control as much as it is teaching you to putt the ball straight and have a consistent stroke.



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