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The Perfect Practice Roll-A-Putt makes indoor putting accessible to those with limited space.  An 8-foot green that rolls and unrolls in a few seconds.


The Perfect Practice Putting Mat [review HERE] has been one of the most successful training aids of the last couple years.  Unfortunately, it’s not a great option for those with limited space because it’s time consuming to set up.  For those golfers, Perfect Practice has developed the new Roll-A-Putt.  This putting green is designed to give you a quality practice experience then roll out of sight in seconds.

Set Up & Ease of Use

When you unbox the Roll-A-Putt, you’ll find the green neatly rolled up inside a drawstring bag.  After removing it from the bag, unrolling the green in intuitive – just pull the Velcro closure apart and stretch the green.  The ball return needs to be unclipped from the side, but then it unrolls just as easily.  You can set up the Roll-A-Putt in well under a minute.

Putting the Roll-A-Putt away is just as easy.  I found it fastest to roll up the ball return first, then the green.  You’ll know both have been tightly rolled up because the Velcro or plastic closures won’t line up otherwise.  Even my first time putting away the Roll-A-Putt took less than a minute.


The Perfect Practice Roll-A-Putt provides golfers with an 8-foot putting surface that ramps up to a 3″ hole.  It’s essentially the right half of the Perfect Practice mat with its extensive alignment markings and smaller cup.

When I first unrolled the Roll-A-Putt, I was concerned about the quality of the putting surface.  It’s not as heavy as rubber-backed greens like the PuttOut Putting Mat (review HERE), so it doesn’t appear to lay as flat.  However, even without any flattening efforts, the ball rolled perfectly.  This is a quick green, noticeably speedier than most putting mats I’ve tested.

perfect practice roll-a-putt hole

The signature feature of the Perfect Practice mat – the ball returnworks perfectly on the Roll-A-Putt, too.  Whether you make the putt or overshoot the hole, the ball rolls smoothly down the channel.

Finally, it’s worth emphasizing that there is a significant slope at the cup.  This adds some effective distance to your putt, and is a good trainer for players who tend to leave their putts short.

perfect practice roll-a-putt green


Two things give the Perfect Practice Roll-A-Putt a longevity boost over the competition.  First is the smaller cup.  Even at short distances, making putts in a hole that’s 2/3 normal size is testing.  Second is the ball return.  Being able to stand in one spot and putt is a lot more enjoyable than walking after the ball every few seconds.

The ease of set up and break down is also a big plus.  I’m a big proponent of leaving your putting mat set up, but that’s not realistic for some people.  If you need to keep your putting mat out of the way, the Roll-A-Putt can’t be beat.

perfect practice roll-a-putt box


The Perfect Practice Roll-A-Putt regularly retails for $119.

The Roll-A-Putt is priced competitively with other mats, but this is really in a league of its own.  If you don’t have the space to leave your putting mat set up permanently, this is the best way to go.

perfect practice roll-a-putt


If a lack of space has been keeping you from getting a putting green, the Perfect Practice Roll-A-Putt is ideal for you.  This smooth, fast mat sets up and breaks down in seconds and provides a challenging putting experience.

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Matt Saternus


  1. I want to purchase the Roll-A-Putt but the the discount code PLUGGEDIN20 provided to save 20% is not working. Please let me know what the new 20% discount code is so I can finalize my cart. Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      I just sent an email to find out about this. I’ll let you know when I hear back.



      UPDATE: I was just informed that this promotion was only for the month of December. The code has been removed. I’m sorry for the confusion.

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