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The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a high quality indoor putting surface with an automatic ball return.  Regular and miniature holes allow you to scale difficulty up or down.

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Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here, at least in Chicago.  With sunny days in the rearview, I’m turning my attention to new ways to keep my game sharp in the off season.  One of the easiest things to do indoors is putt, and the Perfect Practice Putting Mat aims to make that more enjoyable and more effective.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

After unboxing the Perfect Practice Putting Mat, I was faced with the pieces you see above.  The putting surface comes attached to the ramp, it just needs to be unrolled.  The backstop slides easily into the top of the ramp, and the ball return pieces connect via magnets.  Assembly should take no more than two minutes.

I want to give special attention to the magnets.  Most mats would have the ball return pieces lay next to each other without actually connecting.  This is fine if you don’t want the ball return to actually work.  Thanks to the magnets, the pieces of the ball return actually stay together.  Kudos to the designer.

In terms of ease of use, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is self explanatory: roll the ball into the hole.  Make or miss, the ball comes back to you.


The Perfect Practice has two holes: one regulation size, one that’s about half size.  The mat extends to a maximum length of over eight feet.  There are lines leading to both holes so that aim and alignment are never in question.  Being able to dial up the difficulty with the smaller hole is a very strong feature.

The signature feature, the ball return, works very well.  I particularly like that you can adjust the length of the ball return to match the length of putt you’re working on.  It’s also worth noting that, thanks to the ramp, the golf ball comes back to you whether you make the putt or not.

Getting into the details, the putting surface of the Perfect Practice is moderately thick.  It’s better than average, but not as thick or heavy as the PuttOut Putting Mat (review HERE).  When I first unrolled it, I was a bit concerned about wrinkles and bumps.  I am pleased to report that after about thirty minutes under some heavy literature, it rolled very true.  I was also pleased by how smoothly the ball rolled onto the ramp.

Finally, the putting surface has a thick edge that keeps the ball on the mat.  This comes into play mainly when you miss a putt and it rolls back down the ramp.  The Perfect Practice Putting Mat has been very well designed to keep you in one place, focused on making putts.


Having two holes and an excellent ball return gives the Perfect Practice Putting Mat a strong boost in longevity.  The higher level of difficulty will keep golfers more engaged, and the ball return makes it more fun and easier to use.

The real question is whether or not you can leave the Perfect Practice set up permanently.  Because the mat is a bit thinner and the ball return takes a moment to set up, the longevity of this trainer takes a big hit if you have to set it up every time you want to use it.


The Perfect Practice Putting Mat retails for $130 (support Plugged In Golf, buy it HERE).  With many flat putting mats costing $70-$100, the question is, “How much are the two holes and the ball return worth?”  The Perfect Practice is well made, and I have no problem recommending it.


If you have the space to commit to a putting trainer, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a great choice.  The ball return makes it easy to put in the time perfecting your stroke.  After a few months of draining eight-footers on the mini hole, the regulation size cup will look massive when you get back to the course.

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Matt Saternus


  1. I got a generic version of the exact same trainer as a present. Mine has two different textures of carpet on each side, for each hole (but otherwise the same thing).

    FYI, simple “hack” … In order to both keep it set up and make it easier to move if necessary – I took a large piece of plywood and some double-sided tape and mounted the mat and ramp onto the ply. Works great!

  2. Jacky Johny

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  3. Its been over 30 days and no putting mat. Scam in my book

  4. Just got mine in an I love it !! But it’s very loud when the balls drop

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