OGIO Cirrus Golf Bag Review

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The Cirrus may be the lightest stand bag in the OGIO lineup, but it’s full of storage options and innovative features.


When Callaway announced their acquisition of OGIO International in January for $75.5 million in cash, the news may not have made your radar, but it speaks volumes about the OGIO brand and the quality of their products.  If future OGIO products are as innovative as the Cirrus stand bag, it will certainly prove to be money well spent.


The OGIO Cirrus is a stand bag with a 7-way top; which I tested is the Steeple Gray colorway.  All four color choices are darker tones with subtle graphics on the side pockets.  I appreciate the bag not being a billboard for the brand, and if you opt for embroidery on the detachable ball pocket panel, that becomes the focus.


Although lightweight at 3.2 lbs., overall the Cirrus feels sturdy.   Whether walking with the bag on your shoulders or resting it on the ground with the legs extended, the bag has a solid feel.  The fabric weave is very tight and showed no wear after several weeks of use.  Workmanship looks great.

Design & Performance

The best design aspect of the OGIO Cirrus is the Fit Disc strap system.  Both discs you see rotate independently and the straps slide through freely.  This creates a self-adjusting strap system that allows you to achieve optimal balance whether carrying the bag on one shoulder or two.  The Cirrus has buckles for adjusting the straps also.

Another new feature is a split level internal pocket in the fleece lined, weather resistant valuables pocket.  Instead of everything dropping to the bottom of the pocket, I was able to keep my cell phone more handy and away from other objects like keys.  I also appreciate the Velcro umbrella strap in lieu of the typical lanyard string.

I do have two small complaints.  Although it’s one that can be adapted for, the insulated water bottle holster doesn’t work with a tall water bottle.  I love my 24 ounce Polar water bottle, but it jabbed into my hip when carrying the Cirrus.  I had a few instances of club shafts wandering into other compartments with the full length divider sleeves being open on the sides.  Second, the lift handle was too wide and flat for my hands, rendering it uncomfortable.


Overall, the OGIO Cirrus is a solid lightweight stand bag at what I consider a fair price of $200.  With its innovative strap system, smooth functioning legs, and weighing in at only 3.2 lbs., the Cirrus is worthy of consideration if you carry frequently.   The Cirrus is true OGIO (Our Gear Is Organized).

Buy the 2017 OGIO Cirrus Stand Bag HERE

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  1. Don Matunis

    Thank you for the review Matt,

    My question to you ,How did the bag perform in a golf cart. Were the stand legs and bottom of the bag suited for golf cart conditions including ,securing the bag to the golf cart.

    • Matt Meeker

      Great question Don. The bottom of the bag is very flat and solid, and sits nicely on the golf cart. The legs stay in place and don’t try and pop out as you are getting the bag situated. The valuables pocket is located well below where the strap comes around and is easy to access. The only zipper pull that gets covered is the large side pocket.


      Matt M

  2. Nice review. I have always been a fan of Ogio golf bags until recently when I switched to SM. The reason was that the material used on the Ogio bags was too flimsy and thin and ended up tearing in several bags that I owned, including inside the club slots. I switched to the SM bag as their materials are far more durable, and thicker in feeling (Pings are also). I’m hoping Ogio is now using a more durable material compared to the other manufacturers as they are clearly the leader in innovation and hope they continue to evolve. However I’m sticking with my durable SM bag for now.

  3. your OGIO Cirrus Golf Bag Review post is very good and more necessary, i have got more idea, thanks a lot for this best idea

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