OBAN Kiyoshi Tour Limited Blue Shaft Review

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The OBAN Kiyoshi Tour Limited utilizes the highest-grade materials and design to deliver maximum consistency and low spin without sacrificing feel.


Though the original Kiyoshi line up – Black, Purple, and White – covers the needs of the vast majority of golfers, but that doesn’t mean that OBAN wants to rest on its laurels and stop innovating.  The latest version, the OBAN Kiyoshi Tour Limited uses the latest advances in materials and construction to create a very consistent shaft that slots in between the high-launching Kiyoshi Purple and the mid-launching Kiyoshi White.

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Of the three Kiyoshi shafts in the “standard” line up, the Kiyoshi Tour Limited feels most similar to the Kiyoshi White.  In fact, for many players, I think the feeling will be nearly identical.

If you have the chance to hit them back to back, I think that you’ll feel that the Tour Limited is a bit more stable (less torque) but also a little smoother.  The action in the Tour Limited doesn’t feel like a load and kick as much as a smooth wave of energy transferring down the shaft, similar to cracking a whip.

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The OBAN Kiyoshi Tour Limited breaks from the rest of the Kiyoshi line by dispensing with the samurai mask graphics near the butt end of the shaft.  What’s left is a fairly plan shaft in a stunning shade of blue with zero distractions near the ball.

Kiyoshi Blue LM Data

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In our testing, we found that the OBAN Kiyoshi Tour Limited performed exactly as advertised: the launch and spin were very similar to the White with the spin coming in just a touch higher.  What was interesting is that the ball speed and distance improved markedly.  The Kiyoshi Limited produced approximately 3 MPH more ball speed and 7 more yards of distance.  Additionally, it was nearly twice as accurate as the Kiyoshi White (5.8 yards from the center line vs. 10.3).

As always, we need to stress that fitting is critical.  According to the fitters at Club Champion, our results with the Tour Limited were actually a bit atypical.  They reported that the Tour Limited is often much lower spinning than the Kiyoshi White.  Again, you cannot find the perfect shaft by looking at a spec sheet.

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Where many shaft manufacturers would be happy to rest on the laurels of a successful shaft line, OBAN continues to push forward with the Kiyoshi Tour Limited.  In our testing, we found clear performance benefits – more distance and better accuracy – to the use of better materials and newer designs.  If you’re interested in seeing these kinds of gains for yourself, visit an official OBAN fitter like Club Champion.

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  1. Great write-up.
    I’m wondering how this shaft compares to the 125 MSi Rogue?
    I currently have the Rogue 125 in a Ping G30 and its a bomber.
    I’m looking to move to TMade R15. Which shaft you think would work best given that the CG on the R15 is forward?

    • Matt Saternus

      They’re similar in that they are very smooth, but very stable.
      I have no way to make a credible guess about what shaft you’d like in the R15, but I would wonder why you’d want to make that switch. The G30 is so good.



  2. Agreed the G30 is good, wanted to simply test out a new combo given that I’ve just picked up a R15 from a buddy for peanuts…

  3. Matt,
    Was this 04 or 05 flex producing those numbers with a SS of 107? I’m 108-111 with my GoGo5 and looking at this to experiment.

  4. Hey Matt- I am coming from a Matrix Red Tie, which I’ve gotten solid numbers with most of the time. Obviously I need to test, but in your opinion, would either the Kiyoshi White or this Tour Limited provide any benefit over the Red Tie (lower spin, greater ball speed, etc.), and which one would feel most similar? I am happy with the Red Tie, but you know us golfers always want to tinker. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      Great questions. I suspect that the White would feel most similar to the Red Tie with the Tour Limited feeling similar but more stable/tighter. All these shafts fall in the same range, so I can’t say that one would definitely provide a huge benefit. However, if you like the Red Tie, I think a trip to an OBAN fitter to demo the White and Tour Limited would be a trip worth taking.



  5. Hi I have just purchased M1 460 Tour head with a New Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited 50g, Stiff 04 torque 3.9, shaft playing length 46 inch … Super shaft best Oban I have had. I am 63 year old and still getting 250 metres with new setup.
    I upgraded from R1 Driver with Oban Kiyoshi White, 65g, 04 Stiff, 3.1 Torque as I am getting older and Oban White was getting a bit harder to get out there.

  6. Colin Brown

    Matt- I really enjoy and take a lot from your shaft reviews. I noticed the club & ball speeds look to be quite a bit higher with this Oban (107/156), compared to your more recent reviews of the Fuji Speeder Evo (100/150) & Evo II (102/152).
    Can you attribute this increase to the shaft performance or swing changes since this review? Thx!

    • Matt Saternus


      That 107 with the Oban was an outlier, I was clearly feeling my oats that day. In general, the numbers should not be used to compare one shaft to another in an apples-to-apples way, way too many variables.



  7. I’m currently playing an Oban Kiyoshi HB 65 05 flex in my M2 driver, and an Oban Kiyoshi Purple 04 flex in my Bombtech 3+ 13.5

    I really like the line. I’m very happy with the feel & performance of both shafts.

    How would you say the Tour Limited compares with the 2 Oban shafts I currently have?

    I recently put a Titleist 816 H2 19 degree hybrid in my bag, and I’m thinking about upgrading the shaft to an Oban.

    Your thoughts…?


    • Matt Saternus


      My thoughts any time you’re looking at a big $$ shaft upgrade is that you should be fit to make sure it works like you want it to.

      I haven’t tested the Kiyoshi HB, so I can’t speak to how that compares to the Tour Limited.



  8. I agree completely.

  9. I just purchased a 10.5 Calloway Rogue with a Even flow Project x shaft in a 6.0 stiff 65 G. I usually hit a low ball thus the higher degree head. Stilling working On the feel. My friend is using the Orban Purple which I like. My question is how does the Purple compare with the Oban Tour Limited, Gold or White in the same specs. My swing speed is 98-102 on the average. Do you believe my results (distance, speed or launch ) would vary much between the shafts I’ve mentioned.

  10. How does the launch/spin compare to oban purple?

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