Oakley Crossrange PRIZM Golf Sunglasses Review

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Oakley Crossrange PRIZM Golf sunglasses feature golf specific lenses with great optics.  The lifestyle frames are versatile, but may be better suited for casual use than all-day playing performance.


If you ask the average golfer to name a sunglasses brand, Oakley would be the most popular response.  Oakley achieves this by saturating what we see on television.  Pro golfers are walking billboards and with so many of them wearing Oakley sunglasses (or at least having them on their hats), you might conclude Oakley is compensating all of them.  The truth is only a handful are endorsed athletes, and a couple are ones you recognize with only one name:  Bubba, Hideki, and Zach.  Does the pro image meet expectations?  Let’s take a look at Oakley’s Crossrange PRIZM Golf sunglasses.


For my on course evaluations, I set up the Crossrange frames with the sport nose pads and temples (more on those in the next section).   The added gription kept the sunglasses securely in place when the sweat started flowing.  When you first slip on the sunglasses, the world is cast into a distinctive pinkish/purplish hue.  That’s not all bad, because the PRIZM Golf lenses provide a crystal clear view that definitely enhances contrast and depth perception.  Blades of grass are distinctive, and the shapes and contours of the golf course are visually heightened.

Unfortunately, too much light was getting to my eyes and they felt fatigued at the end of each round.  It could be attributable to the lens design, but I suspect the shape and size of the frame was allowing too much light in from the bottom and sides for me.

Style & Fit

The Crossrange is a rectangular lifestyle frame with generous width and depth.  As noted above and shown in the pictures, the temples and nosepads can be swapped to switch from a lifestyle look to a  sporty one.  Changing the temples is simple and intuitive.  Swapping the nosepads takes looking at the instructions and trusting that you’re not going to break them.

The fit is the same with both sets of temples, with the only difference being the grey rubber.  The lifestyle nosepad has a slightly lower profile.  Either setup provides a casual, fashion friendly look perfect for low impact sports or a day kicking around town.


Did the Oakley Crossrange PRIZM Golf sunglasses live up to my expectations?  Not completely.  The crossover versatility between lifestyle and sport is nice, but golf performance fell a bit short for a premium brand.  But I wouldn’t rule out success for the Crossrange in the golf market to quickly.  If Bubba, with his almost 2 million Twitter followers, likes them, keep the factory lights on.

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  1. Tommy O'Connell

    I found the Crossrange PRIZM to be the perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. I already own the Flak Jacket with PRIZM lenses, but wasn’t sold on the styling of the frames. The Crossrange gave me more of a modern, casual look that I was aiming for, that fit extremely comfortable yet secure. The performance was also fantastic, as with all PRIZM lenses, but I found that the field of coverage with the Crossrange was better than the Flak Jackets (ie: if my head moves in my backswing, I sometimes see out of the bottom of the lens with the Flak Jacket. Not the case with the Crossrange).

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