Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Fairway Wood Review

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Totally different feel and head shape between two models.  Good looks at address.  Surprising performance.

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After a successful launch of the signature red Covert wood line, Nike Golf has made some fine tweaks to improve an already favored line of woods.  The fairway wood is already a difficult and intimidating club in the amateur golfer’s bag and Nike has made some new changes in the Covert 2.0 fairway woods to make them more appealing, but beware, you want to make sure you hit both the standard and Tour version of the Covert 2.0 fairway wood to make sure you end up playing the right club for you.

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The Nike Covert was already one of the most noticeable clubs on the course with its bright red crown with big white swoosh and large cavity in the rear of the sole.  The Covert 2.0 series continues this tradition and makes sure your 3 wood will not be missed on the course with its bright red metallic paint beaming in the sunlight.  Trust me, even if this look isn’t for you, it’s definitely one of the sharpest looking clubs in the field.

From address, the Tour model has more of a pear shape and a deeper face whereas the standard Covert has a shallower face and a larger round footprint.  The Tour model has a bold white cavity on a black sole and the standard model has a black cavity on a silver sole.

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Sound & Feel

The Nike Covert 2.0 Tour and standard model continue their differences in the sound and feel departments.  In fact, these two fairway woods couldn’t have felt more different to me.

First, the standard Covert 2.0 fairway wood sounds pretty consistent across the face; there was not much of a noticeable tonal difference on mishits.  When hitting the Tour model, shots off the sweet spot sounded like you were hitting a totally different golf club as compared to mishits.  When striking the sweet spot, both models sound great and have an explosive character to them that any golfer would find desirable.

When it comes to the actual feel, the Covert 2.0 Tour definitely let you know when you missed the center, but is nice and pure when you find the sweet spot.  With the standard model, it felt significantly more forgiving on mishits and had a nice bursting feel off the center.

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This is the section of the review I’ve been waiting for.  When I knew I was going to be testing both of the new Covert 2.0’s, I was excited because of how hyped the previous generation was and how much people were swearing by them.  I expected that I would hit the standard version alright, and then, as usual, get along the best with the Tour model.  Well, after hitting a significant amount of balls with both clubs, I was totally blown away with what I found: I hit the regular model significantly better than the Tour model.

Had I gone to the store looking to pick up a new Nike Covert 2.0 fairway wood, based on my general game and swing speed, I would have grabbed the best looking Tour model and walked right up to the register, then proceeded to struggle to hit my new 3 wood well.  Since I spent time on a monitor, I found that the standard model was a much better fit for me and my game so I would be able to make an educated decision and put the correct club into play.

In terms of general performance, both clubs maintain mid-launch flights and the regular model is a little easier to get in the air.  Both clubs utilize a new technology called fly-brace that ties the sole of the club to the crown and creates more stability at impact by stiffening the rear of the club and transferring the energy back to the face.

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Some may think “I already have the old Covert and there aren’t enough differences in the 2.0 for me to take the plunge.”  Though a lot of traits from the originals carry over, the upgraded performance and consistency make the new Nike Covert 2.0 fairway woods definitely worth the upgrade and something that any Covert fan is going to want to put in the bag.  If you’re tired of the fairway woods you’ve been hitting for the past five years, it’s time for you to really consider taking a look at these new Nike woods and embrace the swoosh.

Price & Specs

The Covert 2.0 fairway wood is available in lofts of 15° and 19°.  The Tour model is adjustable from 13° to 17° in the 3W and 17° to 21° in the 5W.

The Covert 2.0 fairway wood retails for $199, and the Tour version is $249.

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  1. hckymeyer

    Did you have any issues with hitting off the deck with either club? I’ve sometimes found deeper faced woods harder to without a tee

  2. I personally struggled a lot with the Tour model off the deck. I suppose that’s to be expected if the fairway wood isn’t a “fit” for you. On the other hand, I didn’t have any problems with the standard model.

    As far as proper fitting, take a look at what Henley won with in his bag yesterday. Further supports my point:)

    I should note, these numbers are all off the deck.

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