Nike Air Zoom 90 IT Golf Shoe Review


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The Nike Air Zoom 90 IT golf shoe is a killer new option for sneakerheads and also for the serious golfer looking for good comfort and performance.



My first exposure to the Nike Air Zoom 90 IT golf shoe was a text message from a good friend of mine telling me to turn on the TV and check out these ridiculous new Nikes Rory was wearing.  I turned on the TV to see him wearing an all white version of the Air Zoom 90 IT shoe and said to myself “No, those aren’t ridiculous at all.  Those are perfect.”  After responding to my friend with an assertive, corrective text message, I began counting down the days until I could own a pair.



Though the Nike Air Zoom 90 IT looks a lot like the famous Air Max 90, it’s really quite different beyond just the golf specific sole.  The Air Zoom 90 IT uses Nike’s renowned Zoom Air cushioning system in the forefoot to give you a nice pillowy, responsive cushioning.  So far I’ve only used the Air Zoom 90 IT in normal summer conditions, so I can’t speak to how well the waterproofing works, but I did notice that shoe is a little on the toasty side.  If this is the sacrifice I have to pay for support and waterproofing, I’m good with it.  The inner liner is a single piece which gives the shoe a supportive and snug fit.  This makes the shoe perform better while playing.

Overall, I found the Air Zoom 90 IT to be extremely comfortable and a great “street to course” shoe that I could be comfortable wearing all day.



If you’re a sucker for 90’s era Nike running shoes like I am, then the Nike Air Zoom 90 IT is going to fit the bill for you.  The current golf style trends seem to be gravitating toward a more street casual look and the Air Zoom 90 IT falls comfortably into that group without seeming like an out-of-place retro throwback.  As always, for the players not into the bright and bold looks, Nike has made white/black and black/white versions.  For Air Max 90 “Infrared” freaks like me, you can even find a familiar looking option to make all of your wildest dreams come true.  I’m not a big Nike golf shoe guy these days, but from looks alone right now, I think these could be my favorite golf shoe.



The line between spiked and spikeless golf shoes is starting to get somewhat blurry.  True, the sole of the Nike Air Zoom 90 IT is not fitted with tradition golf spikes, but the “Integrated Traction” (IT) provides almost spike-like traction and a good feel of the ground beneath your feet.  As I mentioned before, the Air Zoom 90 IT has a single-piece inner lining that gives the shoe a more snug fit, and this also gives your foot more support so you don’t slip or lose balance.



The big news as of writing this review is that Nike has announced that they are leaving the club, ball, and bag game to focus on innovating and advancing their apparel and shoe business.  Whether or not Nike succeeds in doing this remains to be seen, but I love the Nike Air Zoom 90 IT golf shoe and if the quick adoption from Nike pro’s like Rory is any indication, Nike is going to be just fine.

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  1. How did you find them through the swing? I have a pair of regular Air Max 90’s and the only thing I worry about these is rolling onto my front foot in follow through.

    Are these a little shorter than the regular Air Max 90’s?

    • As far as through the swing, that’s what “has a single-piece inner lining that gives the shoe a more snug fit, and this also gives your foot more support so you don’t slip or lose balance” is referring to in the Performance section. They’re fine. I’m not going to tell you it’s the same feeling as if you were wearing the Puma TitanTour Ignite high tops, but they are good.

      I’m not sure what you mean by shorter, but I will say the shoe is more of a purpose-built cut than an AM90.

  2. Barbara Richards

    From where can these Nike Air Zoom 90 IT Golf shoes be purchased in Auckland ??????

  3. Any updates on the shoe with regard to how it does in wet conditions?

    • Can’t tell you I have a great data set as I usually don’t wear them in wet conditions for other reasons. When I have worn them though, no real issues to note.

  4. Just to add on wet conditions… The shoe passed 10/10 test!!! Extremely wet conditions and the socks remained dry.
    OK, there is a downside, even after machine washing there are still mud marks that could not be washed out.

  5. I have a pair and love the look and performance. The only drawback I can note is that they absolutely dig into the back of my ankles. I have the white/grey/red pair and after my very first outing the back of the shoe, which is white was blood stained red. I love these shoes so much that I’ve continued to use them in hopes that they will soften up or something. I play a minimum of three rounds a week and have had them for nearly three months, at this point I’ve destroyed the back of my ankles. I ordered a new pair of shoes today, not the 90 IT Air Max unfortunately.

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