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The New PING Putters are a fitter’s dream.  They offer what may be the most comprehensive and varied line of putters on the market from a single manufacturer.  Soft or firm, mallet or blade, there is something for everyone in this set. 


The definition of gamut is, “the complete range or scope of something.”  That’s the word that comes to mind when I saw the suite of options available in the New Ping Putters.  It’s not just that there are a lot of options, it’s that PING has nearly every option covered.  In the grouping, there are 11 different choices of the club head with designs for any type of putting stroke whether straight, slight, or strong arc.  

new ping putters address blade


Throughout the new assortment of putters, there is a shared color palette.  Each one features the same scheme of black, silver, and accents of white.  Overall, the designs are sleek, sophisticated, and contemporary.  Additionally, their color scheme offers a potential performance benefit.  Black is a slimming color, so, behind the ball, the head seems to shrink.  By comparison, that allows the golf ball to look larger and allows the golfer to focus more on the line of the putt.  

new ping putters address

Color scheme is where the similarities end.  There is a smorgasbord of shapes, sizes, and alignment aids on these putters.  Traditionalists will find their simple blade or more compact mallet in the Anser or DSC7.  Those who are looking for as big a putter as possible will be thrilled with the Tomcat 14.  Those who prefer a fang would like the Prime Tyne 4.  While nobody will love them all, I can see almost everyone loving at least one. 

The other visual aspect of these putters is the headcovers.  PING’s decision to use magnets feels premium.  Moreover, the soft interior lining with the plush outer covering was a nice touch.  Little attention to detail like that shows that PING cares about each aspect of its products.

Feel & Sound

Just like the looks of these putters, the feel ranges from one end of the spectrum of putters to the other.  Both firm and soft-feeling putters are available in this new lineup with the firmest-feeling putters utilizing shallow-milled 304 stainless steel.  Although not a particularly unique feeling putter, it does feel exactly as you’d expect from milled stainless steel.  It produces a thin “clap” that sounds softer than it feels. 

On the other side of the coin is the PEBAX insert that’s found on three of the eleven models.  That insert is decidedly soft.  While not as soft as Callaway’s OG White Hot [review HERE], this is undoubtedly one of the softest feeling inserts on the market.  It contrasts the almost dense feel of the steel models by feeling nearly hollow, producing a “pock” that sounds much firmer than it feels in hand.  While I appreciated the unique feel of this putter, I think the milled steel will have a broader appeal. 

The feel on these various putters isn’t exclusively related to a face insert or lack thereof.  Feel is also impacted by several other factors like shaft material, grips, and head weight.  Three of the models come with graphite shafts while the others have steel.  On the graphite model I tried, it made the putter feel distinctly heavier.   While most grips will feature the standard smooth-but-firm PING man, I thought the smushy soft feel of the Winn armlock grip to be excellent.  


While these putters may be highly varied in feel and looks, the one constant across all the putters is excellent performance.  They rolled true and, utilizing a putter that complimented my style of stroke arc, I absolutely made more putts than usual.  

The trick is to find the putter that suits your style.  That’s why all the writers at Plugged In Golf will always urge each of our readers to get fitted to find what will perform best for them.  But what normally can be a daunting task has been made easy in this grouping. The 11 models feature multiple heads and neck types to accentuate your specific stroke so the putter is working with you, instead of against you.  There are multiple mallets, mid-mallets, and blades with options for those with straight, slight, and strong arcs.   

new ping putters sole

As someone with a slight arc, I found the Anser 2D to be a fabulous fit.  In fact, the first putt of my first round was a downhill double-breaker I made from 16 feet.  It has an incredibly stable feeling and gave me a sense of confidence to run putts at the hole.

new ping putters grip

I also appreciated the inclusion of an armlock putter, as they are becoming increasingly popular with amateurs and tour players alike.  PING was even thinking about accessibility with one of its models, the Tyne G, being able to pick the ball up from the ground for those with back or mobility issues. 

new ping putters headcover


Whether you’re a picky seasoned vet or an indiscriminate newbie, you will find something to love in the new PING putters.  The sheer amount of choices means at least one of these 11 options should resonate with anyone.  Be sure to get fitted, and one of these will undoubtedly suit your game.  


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  1. Drew! Nice review. I am looking forward to eventually getting my hands on an anser 2d and trying it out on the links this year.

    Ultimate showdown

    Ping anser 2d
    Odyssey tri hot 5k doublewide

    Who wins?

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