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The New Level 480-TC irons have the look of a compact blade while the soft feel and forgiveness perform for a wide range of golfers.


Although founded almost six years ago and having multiple tour pros playing their irons, New Level continues to fly under the radar.  A direct-to-consumer brand, New Level is producing beautifully crafted forged irons that can compete with any of the large manufacturers at a fraction of the cost.  They’re offering two new irons for 2024, and I got to review the 480-TC irons to see who should be gaming these this season.  Find the New Level 480-MC irons review HERE


If you’re looking for a traditional clean look at address with a thin top line, you’ll find it in the New Level 480-TC irons.  The compact head has a rounded toe and linear leading edge that almost looks like a blade at setup.

In the bag, each iron clearly stands out with a removable weight screw in the middle of its cavity.  I wasn’t sure about this at first, but the more I played them, the more I thought the weight delivers a cool, unique feature that isn’t seen on many other irons.  Aside from the weight, the branding is minimal with the “NL” logo and “480-TC” etched in in the back of each iron.  The “less is more” approach rings true here as these will be the envy of anyone’s bag.

In comparing the 480-TC irons to similar irons in this category, these have very minimal offset.  At less than 2mm, this is more in line with a blade than a players iron.  These are perfect for those who want the look of a blade but need just a little extra help.

Sound & Feel

The New Level 480-TC irons have a feel that matches its beautifully crafted design.  Each strike melts into the face and delivers a low “snap” at impact for anything near the sweet spot.  I was impressed how often I found this feeling.  Only strikes that were well away from center elicited an obviously different “clack.”  You’ll know exactly when you mishit a ball with this sound in addition to some increase in vibration through the grip and hands.

These sit right between a blade and a more forgiving cavity back iron.  I found that perfect feeling of the sweet spot much more often than a blade while also not having that bouncy feel of a game improvement iron.  This best suits the better player who wants more feedback but isn’t quite ready for a blade.


The New Level 480-TC irons are a phenomenal set.  They are traditionally lofted beginning with a 46 degree pitching wedge.  Each iron has the look and feel of a blade but more forgiving performance.  There is also a decent amount of spin for both control and workability.

The forging process that New Level uses produces some of the softest feeling irons available which also creates consistency.  While forged irons like the 480-TC won’t win in a ball speed contest, they may produce the smallest dispersion pattern.  This was apparent in my testing as my launch monitor data showed a consistent dispersion pattern with plenty of control.

The biggest technological feature in the New Level 480-TC irons is the weight port.  This is used to help dial in swing weight but also allows club fitters to bring more mass behind the point of impact.

As shown in the photos above, the sole is wider than what is typical for a players iron which allowed the club to get through the turf easily.  I had no problem making solid contact even on less than perfect swings.  Even the longer irons had enough forgiveness to generate distance with stopping power to hold a green when I needed it.  These could easily go into my bag today and I wouldn’t miss a step compared to my current Mizuno MP-20 MMC irons.

These are made for a mid to low handicap player.  While you don’t need to be the best ball striker to play a forged iron like this, you will need a decent amount of club head speed to experience the full benefits of the New Level 480-TC irons.

At $149 per club, these are going to be significantly less than similar irons in this category.  New Level also offers a large array of no up-charge shafts which also delivers even more value.


New Level continues to fly under the radar, though offerings like this seek to change that.  Their 480-TC irons have the look and design of a blade while the feel is ultra soft.  Add in the performance which allows for both consistent control and forgiveness, and you have a compact players iron that will impress a variety of golfers in 2024.

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New Level 480-TC Irons Price & Specs

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  1. Are you guy going to be reviewing the Vice clubs that just dropped?

  2. Related to your comment about needing to generate a certain amount of speed to get the full benefit of these irons, what kind of average 7 iron speed/distance is needed to make these clubs perform properly?

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