Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Iron Review

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The Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi looks and feels like a Mizuno but with souped-up ball speed.  Easy to launch it high.  Feels like an extension of your iron set, always under control.


The Mizuno Pro family of irons has been one of the best in the company’s storied history.  They’ve capped that off with the Pro Fli-Hi, a long iron replacement that still looks and feels like a Mizuno.  If you need a little extra speed at the top of your bag but don’t want to sacrifice control, this might be for you.


The Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi stands out from the other Pro irons with its stunning black ion plated finish.  The focus stays on the finish with the sparse branding across the back of the club.  A running bird logo is left without paintfill, leaving more attention for the white, script “Mizuno Pro” logo.  Mizuno took minimalism to the point of pushing the Fli-Hi branding to the hosel.

At address, the Pro Fli-Hi is a bit larger than the Pro 225 [review HERE].  It has a longer blade length, slightly more offset, and a wider sole.  Mizuno uses a contrast in finishes – the grooved section of the face is a dark silver – to make the club appear smaller.  Overall, it strikes a nice balance with a look that will appeal to better players without being intimidating.

Sound & Feel

The majority of Mizuno’s irons get their feel from the company’s grain flow forging process.  The Pro Fli-Hi, however, is a multi-material, hollow body iron, so Mizuno employed Harmonic Impact Technology to engineer the impact sound.

I would rate their efforts successful because I never once thought of the Pro Fli-Hi as anything other than a Mizuno iron.  The feel at impact isn’t as buttery as the Pro 221 irons [review HERE], but it’s very traditional, not springy or thin.  This feel is paired with a stout “click.”  Feedback through the hands is good- mishits feel noticeably firmer.


Utility irons and driving irons are becoming so prevalent that, as with hybrids, we’re seeing different types emerge.  The Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi is remaining true to the category’s original intent as a straightforward, 1:1 replacement for hard-to-hit long irons.  Everything about the Pro Fli-Hi makes me think it’s an extension of my iron set, with two key exceptions.

First, the ball speed is higher.  Mizuno used a steel typically reserved for fairway woods – MAS1C – in the face of the Pro Fli-Hi.  The result is more speed than you’d typically see from an iron.  That’s further boosted by Mizuno’s choice to utilize a hybrid shaft, which is lighter than your typical iron shaft.

The other notable difference from a traditional long iron is the easy, high launch.  As a low launch player, I was thrilled to see the Fli-Hi living up to its name.  This club does need to be hit fairly well, but all good swings produce high shots with strong carry distances.

In every other respect, the Pro Fli-Hi feels like a normal iron.  Players who want to control trajectory or shape shots won’t be limited by blending the Fli-Hi in with their 221 or 223 set [Pro 223 review HERE].  In all my testing, I never had an unexpected result from the Fli-Hi.  The other side of that coin is that you do need to earn your good shots with this club, but that’s not an issue for the target player.

If you want more forgiveness, check out the JPX923 Fli-Hi Hybrid HERE


The Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi iron is a perfect complement to a set of Mizuno Pro irons.  While the look makes it stand out, the performance blends in well.  Its enhanced ball speed and easier, higher launch will take the sting out those long approach shots.

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