Mizuno JPX923 Fli-Hi Hybrid Review

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The Mizuno JPX923 Fli-Hi hybrid is one of the best iron-replacement hybrids available.  Predictable distances and high, soft-landing ball flight.


Mizuno has long been known as one of the premier iron makers in golf.  Over the last several years, they’ve expanded into other parts of the bag, including iron replacements.  This fall, alongside the JPX923 Hot Metal irons [review HERE], Mizuno released the JPX923 Fli-Hi hybrid.  Having recently tested the Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi [review HERE], I was eager to see what this hybrid offered golfers.

Mizuno JPX923 Fli-Hi Hybrid address


The Mizuno JPX923 Fli-Hi hybrid balances its larger footprint with a clean, matte black crown.  It’s roughly average from heel-to-toe but rather large from front-to-back.  This gives the symmetrical head a slightly triangular appearance.  The face is average in height, and I like the way that Mizuno painted the score lines to frame the ball.  Overall, I think Mizuno did a tremendous job making a larger club very attractive at address.

In the bag, the JPX923 Fli-Hi hybrid has a much busier look.  Though the sole is entirely black, white, and silver, there’s a lot for your eye to take it.  The running bird logo, outlined in white, grabs my attention first before it moves to the “JPX” and “Fli-Hi” branding.  Less obvious, but very cool-looking, is the Wave Technology near the leading edge.

Mizuno JPX923 Fli-Hi Hybrid face

Sound & Feel

When I see a larger hybrid, I expect a louder impact sound.  The Mizuno JPX923 Fli-Hi hybrid surprised me with a sound that’s no more than average in volume.  On center, the sound is a crisp, low-pitched, metallic “snap.”  This matches the feel of pure strikes – very zippy off the face.

You’ll need to pay attention to both your hands and ears to get great feedback from the Fli-Hi.  Mishits lose their crisp “snap,” turning into something a bit duller.  My hands were able to feel the impact location, but it required some focus.  This club wants to boost your ego by making most shots feel quite good.  

Mizuno JPX923 Fli-Hi Hybrid sole


My expectations for a larger hybrid were defied again when I got the Mizuno JPX923 Fli-Hi hybrid on the launch monitor.  The bigger footprint led me to believe this would be a low spin distance monster.  While this club does have strong ball speed, it’s actually built to be a pure iron replacement.

The first thing that jumped off the screen during testing was the spin.  This club produced more spin than most irons at a similar loft.  The result was shots that carried far and landed softly with very consistent distances.  This is a stark contrast to some modern hybrids that are built for pure distance.  On your best strikes, those hybrids can go forever, but the range of outcomes is wide.  With the Fli-Hi hybrid, the key word is predictability.

That higher spin is paired with medium-high, consistent launch angles.  Again, this is done to optimize carry distances and make the club more consistent.  Most golfers launch their long clubs far too low to create meaningful distance gaps.  The Fli-Hi hybrid works to combat that.

When it comes to ball speed and forgiveness, the Fli-Hi hybrid was more in line with my expectations.  Good strikes produced ball speed that was very good.  More importantly, the ball speed was consistent.  One of the keys for this is Mizuno’s Wave Sole which helps to add speed to mishits, particularly those low on the face.

Ultimately, the Mizuno Fli-Hi hybrid ranks as one of the best iron-replacement hybrids that I’ve tested.  This club won’t win a pure distance contest, but it won’t gather dust under its headcover either.  The forgiveness and predictable distance make this a club you can confidently reach for to take on long approach shots.

Need more distance?  Check out the Mizuno ST-Z 230 hybrid HERE

Mizuno JPX923 Fli-Hi Hybrid


If you judge the Mizuno Fli-Hi hybrid by it’s looks, you’re going to completely miss the picture.  This is a larger hybrid, but it uses that size to deliver great forgiveness, not wild, unpredictable distance.  If you want to swap out your long irons for something easier to hit, this is a must try.

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Mizuno JPX923 Fli-Hi Hybrid Price & Specs

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  1. I am a big fan of the Fli-Hi hybrids! I have used the last two releases and they are solid! It may be time for an upgrade!! Nice review!!

  2. Is that price right, $137?? Wow!!

  3. Hi Matt,

    What shaft did you use?


  4. Donn Rutkoff

    They made this club in the mid 20 teens, I bot a barely used 5 on the recoil shaft, around 2017. Like it. Decent height, etc. etc. I think they stopped making it for a while, this one looks very similar. It has the accordion/wave/slot/ build on the bottom for that flex to boost distance.

  5. How does it compare to the 921 fli hi hybrids? I have the 5 and 6

    • Matt Saternus


      I did not review the 921 Fli Hi hybrid, so unfortunately I can’t offer a comparison.



    • They look identical to the 921 Fli-Hi if you do a side to side picture comparison. I love the 921 Fli-Hi five iron (20 degree). My speed is ok but ball striking is not consistent and the Fli-Hi seems to go 180-185 where as my 5 iron would go 170-180 (or less on very poor strikes) depending on if I hit it toe or thin. Consistent distance, lands soft, and forgiving.

    • They look identical to the 921 Fli-Hi if you do a side to side picture comparison. I love the 921 Fli-Hi five iron (20 degree). My speed is ok but ball striking is not consistent and the Fli-Hi seems to go 180-185 where as my 5 iron would go 170-180 (or less on very poor strikes) depending on if I hit it toe or thin. Consistent distance, lands soft, and forgiving.

  6. Hmmmm….my one negative I find is lack of adjustable hosel. To me that is a must-have in hybrids to dial in my distance gaps.

  7. Greg Hollis

    Is the price right or is it a misprint? Looking for a couple hybrids to make my bag complete! Thank you for the review as I have always enjoyed the unbiased commentary 👍

  8. Yes, $137 is the correct price. Just ordered JPX 923 HM Pro’s from Carl’s, went 7-GW irons, the Fli Hi in 23 & 26 deg. to replace 5 & 6 irons. Really excited to put these in play!

    These have iron length shafts, rather than hybrid length, and a bonded hosel rather than adjustable as they are iron replacement clubs. I think the price reflects that.

    I have a Mizuno CLK 3 hybrid which is a real adjustable hybrid which I love, so really looking forward to these.

  9. Re: adjustability, one online store says these hybrids are bendable. You can order them a little flat/upright, weak/strong. Very interesting, good price.

  10. Have replaced my 4 and 5 irons (not Mizuno’s) with the JPX 921 Fli-Hi 5 and 6 hybrids with Recoil ESX F3 shafts.. So much more consistent distance control. Irons where way to variable. Love the shafts being the same length as the irons they replaced.

  11. Ed Schroll

    I just received a Mizuno JPX923 Fli Hi 23 Degree Hybrid. The club face is marked with 23. However , there is not a “4” or “5” on the club head. The only nomenclature on the club head is 7059990

    The shaft is marked with UST MAMIYA RECOIL ESX 460 F3

    Can you tell me if this is a 4 or 5 Hybrid please? Why isn’t it marked on the club head?

    Thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      Because there are no standards in iron lofts, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to mark a hybrid with anything other than the loft.



  12. Matt are these draw bias, I hit
    everything pretty straight expect hybrids. They to hook them, looks like they can be fit or ordered flat lie. I think it is because the lie is to upright on most hybrids. I play 1 degree upright in my irons.

  13. David Schwanz

    So my 20, 23, 26 and 29 would be equivalent to?

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