Mizuno MP-20 MMC Irons Review

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The Mizuno MP-20 MMC irons have good-not-great looks and feel while providing slightly more forgiveness than the MP-20 blades.


The MP-20 MMC irons are the middle child of the fall 2019 Mizuno line-up.  They’re neither as beautiful as the MP-20 blades (review HERE) nor as forgiving as the MP-20 HMB (review HERE).  Are these irons a perfect compromise or a tweener without a clear audience?  We tested them to find out.


At address, the MMC looks more like the MP-20 blade than the HMB.  There’s not too much offset, and the top line is only marginally thicker than the blade.

In the bag, the MP-20 MMC is the busiest of the MP-20 irons.  There’s a shallow cavity that dominates most of the back, a shiny chrome badge near the sole, and five small bits of branding.  Individually, the running bird logo, “MP-20,” “MMC,” “Tungsten,” and “Titanium” aren’t over the top, but this iron would look much cleaner with fewer words.

Sound & Feel

The previous generation of the MMC had a feel that was noticeably firmer than what golfers expect from Mizuno.  That continues to be true in the MP-20 MMC.  When you miss the sweet spot, the ball feels hard and heavy on the face.  Centered shots feel fine but are not rewarding like they are in the MP-20 blade.

One advantage to the hard feel of mishits is that it makes the feedback very clear.  Both your hands and your ears will know instantly when you’ve made a poor swing.


In exchange for giving away the looks and feel of the MP-20 blade, the MMC player is supposed to get more forgiveness.  While the MMC is certainly easier to hit than the MP-20 blade, the level of forgiveness is uninspiring.  You don’t need to move far into the toe or heel to lose an entire club of distance, and thin shots tend to fly on life threatening trajectories.

When struck pure, the Mizuno MP-20 MMC is a solid performer.  It has very good ball speed for a traditional looking iron.  The spin is slightly lower than the MP-20 blade and a touch higher than the MP-20 HMB.  In the broader picture, it’s a fairly low spinning iron better suited to player who already create a lot of spin.


For me, the Mizuno MP-20 MMC iron is an unsatisfying tweener.  It’s not as rewarding to hit as a true blade, nor does it have the forgiveness of many players cavity backs.  The slightly strong lofts and low spin also make it an interesting puzzle from a fitting perspective.  While I’m sure the MMC will find fans among the Mizuno faithful, I’m left confused as to the necessity of this offering.

Mizuno MP-20 MMC Irons Specs & Price

Matt Saternus


  1. How would you compare this MMC against the JPX 919 Tour in terms of performance and playability?

  2. I have a split set of MP-20’s. HMB long irons, MMC mid irons and Blade short irons. If I had to do it again, I’d get all MMC. Of the three they are the ones I like the most. Looks, shape, flight and feel. The HMB look a bit thick, and don’t feel as good on off-center strikes but fly high. The blades are a bit small for my taste and don’t feel noticeably better on pure strikes to me. The MMC is just right IMO.

  3. Nice and honest review which is one reason I love this site. I think with these clubs one needs to test and get dialed in with a mixed bag. Unless your just that good. I changed this past summer having gamed MP 18’s, as soon as these came out. I have 5 HMB, 6, 7 MMC and 8-PW MP 20 Blade. Couldn’t be happier (for now) with my set up. Agree 110% with some of the critiques here. Personally I just love hitting the MMC’s when I need a little more forgiveness and perhaps distance. My 5 HMB is just amazing. I am convinced however that with all these clubs one can become a mental train wreck with them depending on the day. I’m still a firm believer in the entire grain flow forging process. I toyed with going full set of MP 20 Blades in my bag but didn’t see all that much difference in distance or dispersions during my fitting. Again, I think a lot of this is all mental. Nice review though.

  4. I have a full set of MP20 MMC’a 4-PW and although I often agree with your views and opinions, this one in particular I would have to disagree with, these irons are by far the best irons I’ve ever owned. Coming from JPX 919 Forged/Tours, Apex Pro 19’s, P760’s, Forged Tec Black, C300 Forged and Z785’s, ive now completely settled on these and I’ve never been happier. Yes I’m a club ho*, yes I’ve had difficulties settling on a set of irons for the past couple of years and I’ve finally found them. Ball speeds are very high considering the golfer these are aimed at, feel is absolutely incredible, I’ve noticed 0 difference in feel with these to the blade, the copper really does make a good difference and the forgiveness is right up there with everything else I’ve had, I’ve never owned a 4 iron mainly because I would struggle with it, but this particular 4 iron flies and is incredibly easy to hit, I love what Mizuno has finally done with the shorter irons as in the past they’ve always had a spoony kind of look to them, they’ve finally addressed that issue and I’ve had no issues holding greens. Also a nice little touch is the slightly rounded leading edge, makes turf interaction a breeze.
    Just my 2 cents that’s all.
    Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

  5. Could not agree more with Mike C on his review! I’m a 4 handicap and absolutely love the MMC. The HMB was to big and the blade to small. Great set of irons with wonderful feel!

  6. Just have to say that I totally agree with Mike C’s comments!
    I went to Club Champion for a fitting and for me the MMC’s were the best of the best.

  7. Thanks for the review but I also disagree. After an extensive fitting I found the MMC to be the best choice out of the three models. Would love to see a blindfold test for feel between the MB and MMC as the latter was just as satisfying when pured. They look terrific which agreed is subjective but fly high. Love the MMC and feel this review has missed the mark. One of the best clubs I’ve recently hit.

  8. Always appreciate the great reviews and dialogue on Plugged In. I too would disagree on this review of MP 20 MMC. I’ve tested multiple player irons and shaft options in 2018 and 2019. The MMC is a high performer compared to the MB and HMB. I would put it up against the 19 Callaway Apex Pro, Srixon Z785, Titleist 718 AP2 and T100, TaylorMade P760 and P790, Ping I210. I’ve seen 0-12 hdcp players have tremendous results with the MMC. Reviews are subjective to many variables such as looks, sound, feel, and performance. Not to mention the importance of the appropriate shaft to maximize the performance of any club. For me, the MMC checks all the boxes in terms of looks, feel, sound, and performance. It may not be the longest iron in it’s class, but it is not short by any means. The long and mid irons have technology built in to help with launch and forgiveness, and the short irons provide precision and control with some added forgiveness. I would like to see more of a progressive flow throughout the set, but other than that they are a solid set. Feel is not as pure as the MB to no surprise, but better than the HMB. I don’t think Mizuno did themselves a favor by making the $ Taper the stock shaft option. It’s a really good shaft for the player who produces speed, needs less spin, and has no trouble launching the ball. If you demo this club, or any club, don’t settle your results on a shaft that is too stout (flex and launch) and limits your performance. I’ve seen the best results with Nippon NS Pro Modus 120 and Project X LZ, both which are custom options with no upgrade charge for the MP 20 lineup.

  9. I read all the reviews and agree. I was just fit at club champion. I play 718 ap2 w/ project x lz 6.0 and on trackman I hit my 6 iron (which is 2 degrees stronger) 177 on average. No different then at standard loft (for me at least) I hit the mp-20 mmc a club longer 185 was my average and easily out to 195 trying to flight it higher. And I couldn’t agree more with Matt on the benefits of being fit. As I like having pured shafts and the lz labels are screen printed on and I hate that I have labels facing all different ways. So I went with the $-taper as the c-taper is too boardy and the tour is too whippy in my opinion. And the money taper is the middle child that I’d been waiting for. Now I will say I hit the PXG 0311 t and it was sweet. But it wasn’t head and shoulders over the MMC, like neck and neck, it (0311t) to me was a smidge more forgiving. And believe me I used the whole club face being a 13 hcp. To my defense my putting is the highest part of that number. Thanks Matt but I think you missed this one.

  10. Mid-handicap. 18 years of playing. Great mix of feel and performance. Want MP20 but not low handicap enough. Playing better than any other on the demo rack for me. So, I disagree as many others. But the look, I am not 100% sold.

  11. Do you recommend any Iron set for low handicapper? One that feels good, plays good and forgiving enough? Or a happy medium? I know the answer will be “ go get fitted “. But that’s what we looking from the golf club reviewer to tell us what clubs to focus the attention at. I know you like ping I blade , what else is good out there ? Thank you in advance.

    • Matt Saternus


      There are literally 210 iron reviews on the site where you can get my take on feel and performance: https://pluggedingolf.com/category/reviews/irons/
      A low handicapper can play virtually any iron they want. Guys on Tour have played PING G series irons. My happy medium is going to be different than yours which is why I don’t do recommendations.



  12. I spent 3 weeks hitting balls with different combos. I was fitted with mizuno and I paid for a fitting with club champion. My top combo no doubt was the srixon x forged with Accra iseries steel 125 shaft. Best blade I’ve ever hit! I don’t see a review on here for that one. My second best was mmc with same shaft. The mmc had tighter dispersion but I lost a little distance. Neither manufacturer has the Accra shaft in the lineup so I needed to find one from their options or spend an extra $700. I got real close with the kbs lite x 115. Srixon doesn’t have that choice so I went with the mmc. Bottom line is fitting is the real deal! Use the technology available to find what fits “YOU” the big difference for me between the mmc and mb from mizuno is consistency in distance. I hit the mmc more consistently.

  13. Thanks for the review but definitely a little harsh. I have a set of MMCs and they are the best iron I’ve ever played. The forgiveness is definitely there. My off center hits lose 5 yards sometimes but not more. I create a large amount of spin with these, making stopping power on the green a cinch.

    As for the looks, besides the P770 I don’t see anything coming close that isn’t a blade.

  14. Hi Matt,
    I’m between ping iblade , ping i210 and Mizuno mp20 mmc . I do like the feel of MMC when middled but some how I have a feeling that ping is more forgiving and consistent with spin and distance. Little help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance .

    • Matt Saternus


      I think either PING will be easier to hit than the MMC. Of those three, I would choose the iBlade.


  15. I guess this is why individual preference is such a factor in golf. I’ve owned 9 sets of Mizuno irons in my golfing life and the MMCs are definitely in the top 3 of the sets I’ve used. I really love the looks of these and think they have as good of feel as any iron I’ve ever hit.

  16. I’ve played with MP14 for the last 20 years and my ball striking and club head speed is not what is used to be, will these irons be a good switch for me? Im a 5 handicap…

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is always to get fit. There’s no way for someone on the internet to make a credible fitting recommendation.



  17. Hi Matt

    Interesting feedback as always. what would your preference be between these and the Srixion zx7’s?

    • Matt Saternus


      Going purely on memory, I think the ZX7. I really liked those, gave them some actual consideration for the bag.



  18. John Slater

    Have to agree with other people’s comments, the MMC are probably the best iron’s I’ve hit, my miss is towards the toe and the tungsten insert definitely helps, these and a M craft Mizuno putter and my handicap went from 12 to 6 in 18 months

  19. Toby Sweet

    I really enjoyed reading your review Matt. I got picked up the MMC MP20s my senior year of high school in 2021 and have been playing the irons till this day. I totally agree with you how it feels heavy and stunned when barely hit off the face. When hit in the center it just pops right off though. It took me awhile to get use to them but have loved playing with them. Planning on using these for one more season and getting something new for next season. I’m a 5 handicap any suggestions?

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