Mizuno JPX-850 Irons Review

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The Mizuno JPX-850 irons continue Mizuno’s push to create an iron for everyone.  Very big and very forgiving.  A Mizuno iron for weekend golfers and hacks.  Doesn’t stand out from other GI or SGI irons.


I’m sure that a day will come when I’m no longer jarred by Mizuno’s super game improvement irons, but today is not that day.  In my mind, Mizuno should be synonymous with beautiful forged irons for skilled golfers, but it’s hard to make a business out of catering to the top 5% of golfers.  As such, Mizuno is releasing it’s 4th generation “hacker” club, the JPX-850.  Is it good enough to get the weekend golfer to look away from TaylorMade and Callaway?

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The JPX-850 is big.  As you can see, the top line is enormous, and there’s a lot of offset.  The sole isn’t massive and the blade isn’t super long from heel to toe, but overall it’s still in the same category as the PING G series and other SGI irons.

On a positive note, I’m pleased to see that the orange and black color scheme of the JPX-EZ has been dumped in favor of Mizuno’s traditional silver and blue.

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Sound & Feel

Much like the Mizuno JPX-EZ that we reviewed earlier this year, the JPX-850 does not deliver the typical buttery Mizuno feel.  At impact, there’s a click that is very firm, borderline hard.  As you would expect from a large, forgiving iron, the feedback is pretty minimal – impact feels the same almost everywhere on the face.

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Much like the JPX-EZ, the JPX-850 isn’t impressive in the subjective categories, but it is forgiving iron.  I’m left to believe that it is less forgiving than the JPX EZ since Mizuno’s website still says that the EZ has the “largest sweet spot in golf.”  In comparison to other GI/SGI irons, the JPX-850 is just average.  Mishits are definitely better than they would be with players clubs, but the forgiveness isn’t jaw-dropping.

What Mizuno is pushing with the JPX-850 is distance.  They are claiming that this is “the longest iron in golf.”  In our testing, we found that this isn’t even the longest JPX-850 iron.  While it is fairly long – long enough to be compared with most of this year’s “distance irons” – the JPX-850 Forged produced higher ball speed and more distance than the JPX-850.

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High handicap golfers may lack ball-striking ability, but they don’t lack for choices when it comes to irons.  In this crowded marketplace, the Mizuno JPX-850 simply doesn’t stand out.  It’s not the longest, it’s not the most forgiving, and it’s not impressive in the subjective categories of looks or feel.  Unless you simply want to game Mizuno irons, there are better choices than the JPX-850.

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  1. What are some of the available GI/SGI choices that are better than the JPX 850?

    • Matt Saternus


      I would rate the PING G30, Callaway Big Bertha, Nike Vapor Speed all over the JPX 850 off the top of my head.



  2. Thanks Matt. I’m a longtime TM user looking at different irons. I’ll try these.



    • Matt Saternus


      The Mizunos have plenty of distance and good forgiveness, but I don’t think you’ll see any noticeable gains in making the switch from the PING G25’s.



  4. Randall J Johnson

    Matt I play the Mizuno MX 25 irons with Exscar IS2 shafts. I have been reading your reveiws about the new Mizuno irons looking for something to replace mine. Do you have any suggestions?? I carry a 10-12 handicap. Thanks RJJ

    • Matt Saternus


      Nice irons! I played the MX-23’s for a number of years.

      What are you looking for in your new irons? Figuring that out is step one.



  5. Randall J Johnson

    Mizuno irons hopefully.Something a little more forgiving.(I’m 55 now:) a workable iron. I play right to left. Feel is very IMPORTANT. I am not a big divot taker & graphite shafts.

    • Matt Saternus


      Any reason for the Mizuno brand loyalty? I find it to be really limiting, especially when so many companies make great clubs.
      Forgiving and workable are generally thought to be at odds with one another. While there’s nothing about a big, forgiving iron that changes face/path relations, they are often hard to flight down.
      As I’ve said in my reviews, I found the feel of the current JPX irons to be very disappointing. I haven’t tested the H5, but that could be the middle ground that you’re looking for between forgiveness and feel.



  6. Randall J Johnson

    Thanks Matt . I have had Pings I3 :( Taylormade Burners, & Titliest in the past also. the Mizuno’s were the best & best service if needed. I hear Hogan is coming back?? anything there?

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, from my brief test at the PGA Show, I think the new Hogan irons are going to be something special. At the very least, the concept of selling each lofted club is something I really like.



  7. Randall J Johnson

    Matt thanks for the help. I am going to look at Titleist AP1 714 Irons also now.:)

  8. matthew mcgivern

    Hi Mark, I was seriously considering trying these clubs, but now I’m not so sure, I currently play off a 20 handicap, would you consider this a “weekend hacker” handicap or do you think as a 20 hc I should be looking for a different club?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think these are fine for the “weekend hacker.” There are obviously other irons I prefer, but some of that is personal taste. These are plenty forgiving for a 20 handicap.


  9. matthew mcgivern

    Aplogies for calling you Mark above.

  10. I just bought this iron set. I’m consistently hitting my 6 iron 220 yards flying it over 205 almost every hit. My opinion is that these clubs are genius

  11. Matthew Carter

    Forgive me but I disagree w your 850 review. I play the 6&7 850 and 8/9/pw in 850 forged. Coupled w Nippon shaft, theses irons perform!
    I am far from a scratch golfer (7) but I felt it was important for me to share my first hand experience w these clubs. 850 cast may not be as buttery as forged but you can work the ball and the forgiveness and DISTANCE is definitely part of the package.

  12. David Horgan

    I got fitted for irons today, the Mizuno 850 forged with kbs 110 stiff shaft came out on top closely ahead of Callaway Apex & TM Rs2s. I’m surprised at the muted review here, I thought these irons were really, really nice, easy to hit, forgiving, and beautiful looking sticks.

  13. Matt, jus bought the 850’s after testing ping G25, G30, I25, Karstain, Calloway XR. hit the 850 7 iron 20 yards farther every time. Tester was amazed at the difference. Very easy choice.

  14. Matt,

    I am pretty new to golf, but I have been using the Adams a12OS 4-GW set. I found some JPX 850 7-PW clubs, along with a JPX 50 degree wedge, and a 5 and 6 Fli Hi hybrids for around $150. Did I get a good deal? Should I keep these as a perhaps a spare set for my trunk? Should I sell the Adams set and keep these? I believe my Adams are Super Game Improvement (and boy I need the help) and the JPX 850 are classified as just GI.

    I look forward to your feedback. Thanks in advance.

    • Matt Saternus


      Sounds like a great deal to me, as long as the clubs work well for you.
      I wouldn’t worry about how anything is classified, I’d simply look at the results that each set produces and play the ones that you score better with. If a trunk set would help you play more, I’d definitely keep a set there.



  15. Gerry Cosgrove

    I am a 11 hc just come down from 13 this year using G 15 irons for last 5 years seem to be stuck now can’t see myself droping any more .Would you advice me to change irons and I if so what would you recommend. I’m 56 years young using regular shafts.
    Cheers Gerry

    • Matt Saternus


      The best answer is always to get fit with a qualified fitter like Club Champion. They can help you find irons (and, just as important, shafts) that will optimize your distance and dispersion.



  16. Barry Honan

    I play off 9, am 68 yeras old and currently have a set of JPX 800 HD irons which have been the best I have ever had. However, as my swing has slowed and I get a better feel of the club head with graphite shafts, I am about to purchase a new set of irons with graphite shafts. I have just tested the JPX 850’s with standard graphite shafts and they outperformed in terms of distance the equivalent from Ping, Calloway, Taylormade and Srixon. I have read other reviews of these clubs and in general thay all give the 850’s a much higher recommendation than you have. I have just ordered a set!

  17. Matt is obviously a mizuno hater lol, these clubs are freaking awesome. I’m an 8 handicap and dumped my titlest irons for these and couldn’t be happier. My friend has the new nike vapors and is wishing he would of got these instead.

  18. JPX850 is outstanding. I was fitted for jpx850 with kbs ctaper lite. 12 handicap. Was playing callaway apex pro forged irons and wanted a little more forgiveness. On in regulation all day in first round with the new clubs. Gained 10 yards per club. Great feel. Ball went straight even on mishits and only lost about ten yards. Great job Mizuno!

  19. Matt
    I’m a 12-14 handicap looking to purchase a new set of clubs. I’m torn between the jpx 850 and the ping gmax. The fitter is leaning a little more towards the ping but said either would probably improve my game, any thoughts? I’m currently hitting TM R9.


  20. Thank you for the quick response, your reviews are very helpful. I played the 850 today and felt the pings might be a better fit. The 850’s were much more forgiving than what I have now but at the fitting the pings felt good, they just didn’t have a demo set to try.

  21. Adrian Thomson

    Hi Matt, I’m 67 years old, been playing Ping since 1992, 6 different sets over the years, November I changed to the GMax with Grahite, I can’t tell you how disappointed I am, my previous set was i20 KBS, great club, then needed to change to Grahite, had a set of G20 Grahite, OK, but then thought new technology the GMax would work alas it does not do it for me, looking to change yet again to the JPX 850 Grahite, please advise if you feel this is a move in the right direction, I forgot to say I’m a lefty as well, & a wife who thinks I’m mad. Living in Almeria Spain but British. Regards Adrian.

    • Matt Saternus


      The best advice I can give is to get a fitting. If you get fit for clubs, there’s no chance of buyer’s remorse because you’ll see how the club performs before you buy.



  22. Adrian Thomson

    Thanks Matt, I did get fitted for the GMax, but flight scope was not working that day, after reading your post on new Ping I, I think it’s worth trying them.

    Regards Adrian.

  23. I am an 8 handicapper and have 3 sets of Mizuno. The latest purchase was the JPX 850 with graphite Orochi shafts. My greens in regulation went up approximately 10% to 63.9% with the 850’s. My swing speed is low 90’s and play a slight fade. These clubs are great. They don’t have the feel of the forged but I can live with that. The results are what count plus I know that Mizuno won’t come out with newer versions in 4-6 months.

  24. David Ticehurst

    Hi Matt.

    Feeling very confused right now. I’ve been playing with a set of Daiwa irons for the past 10 years when I started playing golf. Although the handicap is at an all time low (9) I’m thinking its time to get a new set of clubs. I’ve gone to a couple of different stores for fittings so have gone through a range (Titleist, Ping, Taylormade, Callaway and Mizuno). I’m leaning towards Mizuno JPX850 Cast with R300 shaft (plus 0.5 inch & plus 1 degree) after the store fittings (all conducted on the same morning, consistent swing, ball flight etc). I then went for a fitting with a Mizuno specialist on a trade day. He ended up recommending JPX EZ Forged with a standard length stiff shaft and plus 3 degrees. Swing speed is consistently 85mph. On the trade day I think I was swinging the worst for a couple of months – even my Daiwa didn’t have its usual shape. Given the feeling about my swing on the day and it seems like a huge variation in recommendation, I’m thinking it is all too hard and I don’t want to upgrade. Any suggestions?

    • Matt Saternus


      When you say “plus 3 degrees” are you speaking to the lie angle or the loft? I’ll assume lie because 3 degrees of loft would be nearly a full club.

      I think there is a big difference in the lie angle recommendation – 1 degree versus 3. That could speak to the swing issue that you mentioned. The fitter at the trade in day may have been trying to do something to get your ball started more left. As for the difference in the two models, there’s a difference, but it’s not night and day. I could see someone preferring one for you on Monday and another on Wednesday. With regard to the shaft – stiff versus regular – you can easily be stiff in one model and regular in another.

      Ultimately you’re hitting on an issue I think about all the time: there’s no perfect fitting. You can get super crazy about it: “Well, I hit A first and then hit B better, but what if the order had been reversed? Maybe I’m tired now, but earlier I was cold! Etc etc etc.” I think you need to think hard about why you want new irons. If there’s something specific you want them to do (go farther, etc), just find clubs that accomplish that and be done. If you just want a new toy (perfectly valid reason, IMO), get a new toy and don’t worry too much about it. It seems like you’ve done your due diligence and will end up with something solid. If you’re really concerned about how the new clubs will perform on the course, make sure you’re buying from someone who will stand behind the purchase with a guarantee of some kind.



  25. David Ticehurst

    Thanks Matt

    Yes you were correct – it was a lie angle adjustment. This variation had me the most concerned.
    Whilst I’ve lost about 2 club lengths in distance over the last two years the handicap has come down 4 shots so it is not the driving force for new irons (average 6 iron is now 160 yards). Less distance means less likelihood of reaching trouble. The main reason is whether I can find a better combination, that will give me less dispersion. By dispersion I mean where the ball finishes off center. In the first fitting my existing six iron was finishing about 8 degrees off center (to the right of the target), the JPX 850 dialled this back to a range of -1 to 3 degrees. Hence, I can be more confident at aiming at the target, rather than slightly left.

    As you say there is no perfect fitting. I think I will write off the trade day experience, give it another few weeks and try again.



  26. im trying to decide which would be the better mizuno irons for my son..the mp-52s,the jpx ezs or the jpx 850..he hit the 850s at a recent demo day and liked the way they felt..i just didnt know if either of the other 2 sets were comparible to the forgiveness and the ease of hitting the 850s..thank you for your time.

    • Matt Saternus


      The 52 will be the least forgiving, the EZ the most forgiving, but pretty close to the 850.



  27. Todd Bonsang

    Wow i must say that Mizuno must have done something to tick you off. I own the JPX 850’s and they make me feel like I CAN golf. Great flight and very forgiving. Have you ever wrote a positive review on Mizuno? You’re the only negative review on all Mizuno products. Why is that?

    • Matt Saternus


      Have you read all my other Mizuno reviews? When their clubs perform, they are well reviewed. When they don’t, I say as much. Same as any other brand.

      A question for you: if you already own the 850s and enjoy them, why are you reading (and clearly being agitated by) my review of them?


  28. Todd Bonsang

    I have been thinking about trading in my clubs for the JPX 919 because I had a chance to hit them a couple of times this week and was looking up trade in on mine and saw the reviews online and decided to revisit some of them. Yours was the only negative one when everyone else gushed about them. I’ve read lots of your reviews on other clubs and have enjoyed them. I’m afraid of what you think of the 919’s because I am hitting those a good 20 yards further on the simulator than mine. Can’t wait to see what you think of those. I think they’re incredible. I will stay tuned for your review.

  29. what is the tip diameter of the shaft used

  30. David Standlick

    I am currently hitting the JPX 850 Mizuno. I feel I would like a larger, sweet spot. I have been looking at the Srixon ZX 5 mkII. I am a 10 hcp.
    What other considerations would you recommend I look at?
    Does TM have a product you would recommend

    • Matt Saternus


      My best recommendation is to get a professional fitting.
      In terms of clubs to try, the ZX5 is a fine choice. In TaylorMade you could consider the Stealth or new Qi iron.



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