Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Orange Shaft Review

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The MCA Tensei AV Raw Orange shaft is similar to the AV Raw White, but with counterbalanced weighting.  Strong enough to handle aggressive swings without feeling harsh.


It might be easier to name the top players who haven’t put the Mitsubishi Tensei Orange into play than to name those that have.  Over the last couple years, a wealth of gear stories have focused on players using the Tensei Orange and the ball speed gains they’ve achieved as a result.  New for 2020, MCA is updating the Tensei line with a new weave and a modified look.


For the new Tensei AV Raw series, Mitsubishi kept some of Tensei’s aesthetic hallmarks the same.  The colored band near the grip is still present as is the Tensei branding.  Additionally, the AV Raw borrows from the CK Pro line with the dark lower portion of the shaft.

What’s new is the namesake raw finish on the butt section of the shaft.  This finish reveals the Aluminum Vapor (AV) Coated Weave which is the key to upgraded performance of this line.  It’s the most eye-catching part of this line and one of my favorite shaft “graphics” ever.


The stiffness curves of the Tensei AV Raw White [review HERE] and AV Raw Orange are very similar.  The Orange is slightly softer, particularly in the mid/tip section, but the difference is too small for me to notice.  Overall, the Tensei AV Raw Orange is very smooth but without any kick.  The shaft easily stayed with me on swings ranging from 50% effort to 110%.

Where the AV Raw Orange differs from the AV Raw White is the weighting.  The Orange is counterbalanced or counter weighted, meaning that there’s more weight placed near the grip.  This is done to create “normal” swing weights with heavier heads or longer shaft lengths.  For me, the difference in the weighting was immediately noticeable when switching between the White and Orange.


Testing the three Tensei AV Raw shafts together provided an opportunity to see how differences in shaft profiles and weighting affected my driver.  As I expected, the Tensei AV Raw Blue [review HERE], which is the most active profile, had a slight tendency to favor the left side of the fairway.  With the AV Raw White, I had my most accurate driving.  The AV Raw Orange, with a profile similar to White but with more weight in the hands, shifted my dispersion pattern slightly to the right.

What I have found over time is that counterbalanced shafts tend to increase my angle of attack.  Please note, this is not a hard and fast rule for all golfers; it’s how things work for me.  I already have a positive angle of attack, so this isn’t always a good change.  With the AV Raw Orange, the impact on my launch and spin weren’t huge, but I did launch it slightly higher.

The bigger impact was on dispersion: the Tensei AV Raw Orange took the left side completely out of play for me.  I did hit a couple of foul balls to the right, but I could aim directly at OB left and swing without fear.

Again, I need to emphasize the importance of being fit.  It’s possible that a counterbalanced shaft will affect your swing the opposite way that it does mine.  Or putting more weight in your hands might “fix” your downward angle of attack and add a lot of yardage to your drives.  The only way to know is to try them with the guidance of a quality fitter.

The Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Orange shaft is available in four weight classes: 55, 65, 75, and 85 grams.  TX flex is available at all four weights.  Regular, stiff, and X are available at 55, 65, and 75 grams.


The three Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw shafts give golfers a wide array of choices to optimize their drivers.  If you’re a player that likes the feeling of more weight in your hands and wants a stable shaft, the Tensei AV Raw Orange is something that you must try.

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Matt Saternus

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Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. He's worked in nearly every job in the golf industry from club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking. Matt lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two daughters.


  1. Thanks for the reviews. Are these a replacement for the CK series or the Pro Series? Do they contain a Boron Tip like the Pros? Thanks again

    • Matt Saternus

      The TENSEI AV Raw in TX is comparable to the Pro Series, the other flexes are comparable to the standard CK.



  2. Thanks Matt!

  3. Interesting read Matt thank you. I am curious to see what my shot numbers would read among these shafts

  4. Matt,

    What can you do with counter weighted
    shaft when you want to build shorter driver lengths?

    Last winter i modified my F9 down to 44.5″ with the stock smoke
    but it flew to high so i purchased a CK orange and i just could not dial
    it in as far as swing weight.

    Eventually i dumped it but i was really confused even after reading
    about counter weighted and putting a mid-size heavier grip, i was lost.

    I purchased a hand full of shaft, used the hazrdus black during the spring and
    finally landed on an old MOTORE F1 (my gamer)

    Is there a course i can take on how to build modern drivers at shorter lengths? i want to
    get an orange and modify it to 44.5″ again but i want to know how to do it properly this


    • Matt Saternus

      The problem you’re running into is that a counter weighted shaft and a shorter shaft both create lower swing weights. You can add more weight to the head to counteract all this, but the head will feel unwieldy at some point.



      • The weight of the counter balanced shaft after but trimming always feels soo light that no matter
        what head i assemble it, the head always feels heavy.

        i couldn’t make it work.

  5. Raw Orange v CK Pro Orange?

    Basically the same?


  6. Hi Matt,

    I Just tested the Ping G425 and wish to go with the AV Orange. I am used to the Alta CB in my G410 in regular flex. Which in your opinion would be more similar the AV Orange 55 or 65 to the Alta CB regular?


  7. John Fraser


    I am considering this shaft for the new Ping G425 driver and possibly even the 3 wood and hybrid. Can you compare the Tensei to the Alta CB Slate Ping stock offering? I have read that both are mid launch and mid spin, but I have also read that the Tensei is mid-high launch, but I can’t imagine it would launch higher than the Alta.

    Any thoughts on how these shafts compare?


    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t hit PING’s Alta shafts in a bit, but I would think that they will be among the highest launching options.



  8. I have the CK Orange 60 S in my Ping 410LST. I am looking at getting a Ping 425 LST. I was thinking of the AV Raw Orange 65 S. Do you think the Raw Orange 65 S will be similar?

  9. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for sharing these helpful info. And I got some issues hope you can help.

    I’m currently using stock tensei av white 65g in x stiff with tsi3 and which is switched from cobra sz HZRDUS smoke yellow in stiff. The reason I switched to the new driver is because I had way too much spin on my cobra and the ball also snap hook. The tensei white did some help to lower my spin and also no more snap hook, but I felt the driver head is little bit too heavy that tend to have too much inside out path also feel hard to control the face to path, and I have to open my stance a lot to control the ball not curve to the left too much(right handed golfer).

    I’m thinking will the tensei orange could help for me to lower my swing weight(currently between D4- D5). By the way, my max out swing speed around 129, and average on course 114-116mph, which flex should I choose if I switch to av raw orange? Thank you so much for the help.😊


    • Matt Saternus


      You’re correct that the Tensei Orange, being counter weighted, will help to reduce the swing weight a bit. Beyond that, I would only be guessing as to how it would work for you. I can only recommend that you get fit. With all your speed, a fully optimized set up would be an absolute killer.



      • Hi Matt,

        Appreciate for the help, will try to get a local shop to demo or fit for it. Again, thanks a lot.


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