Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara GG Series Shaft Review

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The Mitsubishi Bassara GG Series shaft is lightweight, super cool looking, packed with performance, and has excellent feel.

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Typically, when I hear “lightweight golf shaft,” I run for the hills.  The intention is to make the shaft lighter so it’s easier to swing with a greater swing speed.  Typically, this just results in poor swing tempo for me so I was very curious what results I would have when I tested the Mitsubishi Bassara GG Series wood shaft.  The GG is supposed to be one of the most stable profiles in the Bassara lineup and deliver a mid-launch and spin profile.

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I’ll tip my hat to Mitsubishi here.  I think the Bassara GG Series is absolutely one of the coolest looking golf shafts I have ever seen.  The unique foil decal for the branding is amazing, and the way the colors flow into each other and change throughout the shaft is a killer touch.  Mitsubishi went to great lengths to create this look and used a special Ion Plating process which is they describe on their website as follows:

The Ion Plating process creates a sophisticated, premium finish that cannot be achieved by applying paint.  The shaft is put into a vacuum chamber where chrome or silver alloy ions are fused to the shaft.  It’s a more costly, time consuming process but it creates a stunning finish that we think is worth the extra time.

I’ll stand behind my statement that not only is this one of the coolest looking shafts out right now, but maybe of all time.

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As stated earlier, I’m typically quite hesitant when it comes to super lightweight shafts (anything under 60 grams).  My experience is that light shafts often lacks a bit of response and feel like a toothpick in my hands.  What I found with the Bassara GG was that yes, the shaft did feel light and it had a thinner profile, but the response in my shots was phenomenal and the shaft definitely felt like it had a nice kick to it toward the tip.  This is not an accident with Mitsubishi in the Bassara GG.  Mitsubishi has integrated it Titanium Nickel (TiNi) Wire into the tip of the shaft which is supposed to make loading and unloading energy more efficient.  The goal is for the wire to “stretch” when the shaft flexes but also provide strong stability for that firm kick.  My gut reaction to the Bassara GG was “wow, this thing has some punch!”

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At testing, I was a little squirrely with the Bassara GG shaft in my driver.  Initial testing had me reducing my swing speed to gain more control of my shot and improve dispersion.  As you can see, even with the high launch angle and lower swing speed, I was still getting good distance that’s more than playable as an amateur golfer.  Following testing on the launch monitor, I decided to stick with the Bassara GG in my driver a bit longer, and I managed to adjust to the lighter weight nicely.  This has given me a stronger trajectory and a little bump in distance from my previous shaft.

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I found the Mitsubishi Bassara GG Series shaft to be quite compelling in my driver.  Frankly, it’s exactly the opposite of what I typically prefer, but after consistently hitting good shots with it, maintaining consistent control, and generally having an amazing and active feel, I think the Bassara is worth considering.  The verdict is still out for me on whether or not the Bassara is gamer material for me, but I feel confident with it and seem to be able to produce the shots so the change may be exactly what I needed after all.

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  1. James R Marshall

    Very good sound information.. I am looking to switch out my 12 yr son’s shaft from the P 33 L series to the GG 33 R series.. Or should we remain with the GG L series. Looking and comparing the E chart it seem High lunch to Mid to High spin as the P series has High lunch to Mid spin.

    • Unfortunately, I can’t accurately answer that question for you. The truth is, golf swings are literally like snowflakes and the response to different equipment is the same. The only way to properly address your question is to have him hit both and look at the numbers as well as account for his feel of the club.

  2. Al Pignola

    I have an M6 Driver with a P series 33 R shaft on it. It is 48 inches long, weighs 286 grams and the s/w is E0. I love it. What advantages would there be in going to a GG shaft? Would it be lighter? Lessor torque number? Bend Profile?

    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know if it would be better than your current shaft is to compare them head to head in a fitting.



  3. Do you know the differences between the G series and the GG series?

    • Matt Saternus

      Unfortunately, Bill, who wrote this review and tested this shaft, no longer writes for Plugged In Golf.


  4. Wow, this article is good, my sister is analyzing these things, so I
    am going to let know her.

  5. jessie castillo

    i would like to buy Bassara Driver Shaft
    GG 33 x5ct L

    • Matt Saternus


      Plugged In Golf is not a retailer. Please contact Club Champion – they are a Mitsubishi dealer who can sell a shaft to you.



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