Maui Jim Fall ’19 Sunglasses Review

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With a variety of frames and high quality lens options, the Maui Jim lineup continues to give golfers options to enhance their vision in style.


If you watch the Golf Channel, you’ve surely seen Maui Jim commercials and marveled at the beautiful vistas.  I like Maui Jim’s simple message:  Color.  Clarity.  Detail.  Maui Jim reminds golfers that they don’t have to sacrifice style to protect their eyes on the golf course and beyond.  The three new arrivals featured in this review reflect Maui Jim’s seemingly endless frame and lens options.


Having worn Maui Jim sunglasses for many years, I can attest to their performance with the simple fact that my eyes feel relaxed at the end of a long day in the sun.  Golfing can be taxing enough and avoiding eye fatigue is a given with Maui Jim sunglasses.  The other testament I can make is for the clarity of the Maui Jim lenses.  I’ve tried all four lens materials Maui Jim offers, from super thin glass to the high tech polycarbonates, and with all the optics are crisp and distortion free to my eyes.

Maui Jim lenses come in four base colors to optimize contrast and enhance colors in different light conditions.   My personal favorite is the HCL Bronze lens found in the rimless Ho’okipa sunglasses, that offers high contrast and accentuates brown and green colors.  The Blue Hawaii lens is a blue mirror coating on the popular Neutral Grey lens that’s great for everyday use, though I find the lens less than optimal for tracking a white golf ball on a cloudy day.  The pink mirrored Maui Sunrise puts an interesting spin on the Maui Rose lens that Maui Jim touts as the best for fast action sports.

The good news is you really can’t go wrong on lens color – they all perform well for golf.  Most importantly, they all feature Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2, which eliminates 99.9% of glare.

Style & Fit

I struggled trying to define the style of Maui Jim when the three samples seem so diverse.  There’s the timeless aviator with matte brushed burgundy titanium frame and pink mirrored lens.  A classic rectangular shape with distinctive black and grey frame, capped off with a beautiful blue mirror lens.  And a sporty rimless model that’s simple and unassuming.  Which brings me to this:  Maui Jim’s style is your style.

Not surprising, fit varied by the frame.  The Shallows aviators articulating silicone nose pads and subtle squeeze to the temples kept the lightweight frames securely in place.  Also lightweight, the rimless Ho’okipa large, fixed rubber nose pads and rubber grippers on the end of the temples kept the sunglasses secure even when sweating profusely.  Although a very comfortable fit, the Waipio Valley frames lack any non-slip features and tended to slide on my nose when I perspired.


Although the pink aviators aren’t my style, I wasn’t surprised to see Miguel Jimenez wearing them on Instagram.  Young or old, in the realm of golf style Miguel is as cool as it gets.  And so it goes with Maui Jim, styles for everyone and high tech lenses that keep life looking brilliant.

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  1. I bought the Kapuna model which looks exactly like the frameless model in this review. Although the lenses were great and the frame nicely light, they easily broke at the arm joint in 2 weeks. I carried them in the cloth pouch and in my jacket breast pocket. I was careful but some how pressured the enough to break. The plastic is extremely thin at the screw joint and no the least bit durable. 180 down the drain. Internet search revealed others with the same problem.

    • Matt Meeker

      I have the Kapuna sunglasses and have not encountered any problems. I’ve also read many times that Maui Jim has fantastic customer service.

      – Meeks


      I met MAUI JIM & HIS WIFE 2day in Scottsdale! They gave me a couple 70% off cards. Good people!

  2. William Anderson

    I too have own a pair of the Kapuna, and the lenses broke right at the temple. Maui Jim was very gracias to replace them and charge me just shipping. The clarity is great, but with this model it is my opinion that the frame or the lens will eventually break.

  3. Were can i get my prescription put in my maui sunglasses i bought. How much will it cost.

    • Matt Meeker

      Check the Maui Jim website – there’s links in the review – and/or call their customer service.

      – Meeks

  4. Mr Riatonon

    I bought the Maui jim sport banyans super clear lightweight and amazing style I was surprised they look better than any other style I’ve owned but you can’t tell until you wear them and see yourself through a mirror, great style.

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