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Longball golf apparel is nice blend of lifestyle and performance golf clothes for a cool laid back look.



Earlier this year I came across a relatively new golf apparel company courtesy of a tweet from one of my favorite hockey follows on Twitter.  NHL journeyman Mike Commodore is now a retired hockey player that spends a good amount of his free time traveling the globe to play some killer golf and shares his escapades via Twitter for people like me to get jealous.  Commie and his crew were playing at Olympia Fields Country Club when he tweeted a picture thanking this new Canadian brand “Longball” for hooking up the boys for their on-course apparel.  My research led me to a new refreshing brand with a laid back vibe, good style, and quality clothing at a relatively affordable level.



The best way to know if your apparel performs well is if you don’t even know it’s there while you’re golfing.  This was the exact feeling I got when I wore my Longball shirts and pants which were comfortable for long periods of time and unrestrictive during play.  I did notice the fit and “weight” a bit more when I wore the long sleeve Dreamer shirt, however, this shirt is designed to be more of a lifestyle piece than it is performance golf apparel.

Most importantly during the unreasonably hot Chicago summer was that the Longball apparel I tested was extremely breathable and stayed relatively dry.  A lot of sweat-wicking materials tend to pull the moisture away from your body but then absorb it into the material or cause your body to turn into a waterfall, but not with Longball.

Style & Fit

The vibe I get from the Longball range is very “West Coast.”  A lot of the product descriptions you’ll read on the Longball site refer to the Rocky Mountains and the crisp mountain air.  When I read this, I think calm, crisp, refreshing, and pure.  The bright blues, whites, and grey certainly give off this vibe but still have a bold feel so as to not get lost in the every day shuffle of plain clothing.

Longball also often quotes their “athletic fit is truly original Canadian athletic sizing.”  I’m not 100% sure what it means, but the fit finds itself between this modern slim/athletic fit the golf industry has grown accustomed to and old traditional “regular” fit.  This fit is perfect for guys like me with hockey thunder thighs who still want a tapered and athletic look without looking like we’re squeezing into plastic bags.  While fit is relative, the Longball ‘Canadian athletic” fit is perfect for me.



In terms of what will be my greatest golf finds of 2016, NHL hair legend Mike Commodore’s tweet thanking Longball will be one of my greatest discoveries.  I’m a huge fan of their refreshing style and the fit of the clothing has made for a nice apparel option both on and off the course for me.  Now that Longball is on my radar I am certainly going to be paying close attention to what’s in store for them as they move forward.

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