Levelwear Fall 2017 Apparel Review

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With a modern fit and on-trend style, the 2017 Fall collection from Levelwear also performs well on the links.


It’s already getting mighty cold up in Canada for our friends at Levelwear.  That means they’re probably busy designing next spring’s line and thinking warm thoughts.  But we’re still taking a look at what they have for us this fall season.



The Sway polo has a soft hand, is very thin, and feels luxurious against your skin, which made for a comfortable round of golf.  Although 100% polyester, it stretched where and when I needed it to.  Levelwear calls this fabric Streak – “so comfortable it feels like you are wearing nothing at all”.

The ¼ zip Vault pullover is a gem as an extra layer when the temperature is 5 or 10 degrees lower than ideal.  The 88% poly/12% spandex fabric has tons of stretch.  When I pulled up the sleeves they stayed in play without feeling tight.  Although it doesn’t have anything to do with golf performance, I really like the sewn in loop at the collar.  It’s great for hanging in a locker or on the, uh-hm, stall door.


There are 12 articles in the Verve apparel lineup, and they perfectly cover each facet of an active woman’s wardrobe.  With classic but interesting fabrics and design, each item has a little something to catch the eye.  The Prism leggings achieve a subtle style with black on black seam lines.  Verve strikes the fine line between overly trendy and boring and sits in the sweet spot of classically modern.

Style & Fit


Both pieces from Levelwear have a simple style featuring a heather finish.  True to the labeling, the fit is modern – tailored and athletic, but not euro-tight.  My typical medium selection fit really nicely.  I was happy to not find the thick, rubbery logos that were prevalent in the Spring 2017 review.  Branding was very minimal with just a sewn tab on the hem of the polo and a small heat applied label on the back collar of the pullover.


The quality of materials ensures that you’ll be able to wear these items many times and over many seasons.  The fabrics are also lightweight and breathable, yet surprisingly warm.  The Iris vest is perfect for a wintry day in Texas or as a cozy layer in Chicago.  It also includes a hood that is not like most – it is substantial and actually keeps your head warm. 

The Prism leggings are flexible but durable, and have a small, zippered pocket in the back for keys or ID.  My personal favorite is the Lexi hoodie.  It is super soft and lightweight, and I find myself wearing it every chance I get.


Glancing over the Levelwear website there’s a clear, on-trend style with all their apparel.  These two pieces from the Fall 2017 collection look great together and perform well on the golf course.  A powerful set of words, the Levelwear motto is worth repeating:  “To us, MAKE YOUR MOVE is not just a statement, but a metaphor for life. Regardless of your age, size, or physical limitations, by simply making a move you begin down the path towards being the best you can be.”

– Women’s clothing reviewed by Lauren Saternus

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