Levelwear Spring 2017 Apparel Review

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Offering choices in both fits and styles, the Levelwear Spring 2017 collection provides golfers quality apparel that performs great and looks sharp.


Levelwear is a Canadian apparel company that’s been around since 1987, though I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of it until about a year ago.  Then, in 2017’s first tournament on the mainland, Adam Hadwin fires off a 59 at the Career Builder and the Levelwear logo got some screen time.  By winning Valspar, Adam became a recognizable tour player with his dark beard and stylish clothes.  This quote from Adam on his website speaks volumes about Levelwear:

Whether I’m practicing or playing, I have learned over the years that what I wear impacts my play.  Apparel that allows me to feel good from a performance, innovation and style perspective is something that has always been important to me.  Throughout the process of testing Levelwear’s apparel, I was thrilled to learn of its comfort, flexibility, and quality while still maintaining a sense of style.  I am thrilled to become part of the Levelwear family.


Loving the look of Levelwear, I had high hopes that the clothing would perform well, and the Spring 2017 collection didn’t disappoint.  Mostly polyester, the blend of spandex in the striped William and dark heather Dynamic polos provides unrestricted movement.  Same with the midweight, quarter-zip pullover Metro, where the spandex is really helpful for putting on or removing it.  Although Levelwear doesn’t highlight performance features, it’s clear they are using high tech materials, as the fabrics transferred sweat and dried quickly.  Whether during pre-round warmup moves or giving the driver a little extra umpf, the Levelwear pieces performed to my high expectations.

Style & Fit

A particularly nice aspect of Levelwear is that they offer shirts and outerwear to suit most style preferences.  The Spring 2017 collection has a great mix of fits, colors and patterns.  My personal favorite is the striped William polo with its vibrant colors and modern fit – a bit more fitting in the shoulders and torso.  My wife likes the color and subtle argyle pattern of the Barton polo, which comes in the classic fit – accommodating in the chest and shoulders with generous sleeves.  Sizes are spot on with what is normal, no need to go up or down, but do pay attention to whether ‘modern fit’ is designated.


Finding a brand that not everyone on the course is wearing is refreshing.  It’s even better when it looks and performs great.  Prices are right in line with quality golf brands, and if you’re in the U.S. and want to feel like you’re getting a deal click on the Canadian flag.  Regardless of your golfing ability or place in life, give Levelwear’s motto a read:  “To us, MAKE YOUR MOVE is not just a statement, but a metaphor for life.  Regardless of your age, size, or physical limitations, by simply making a move you begin down the path towards being the best you can be.”

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  1. Greg squirrel

    I work for a store called Stadium Shoppe on Razorback Road. We are a Arkansas Razorback merchandise shop and we carry Levelwear merchandise and I can honestly say the level where merchandise probably some of that nice of merchandise I’ve ever come across two shirts are very comfortable and I always look forward to see what new products we get it from them

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