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Launch Code Overspeed Trainer Review

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The Launch Code Overspeed Trainer gives golfers a tool to add more speed and allows them to do it using their own shaft.  Great for players looking to add more distance but wary of using a generic shaft.


Golf equipment has evolved an incredible amount since its inception.  The golf swing?  Less so.  Speed is arguably the thing that has changed most in recent years.  From the PGA Tour to your local muni, golfers have developed an insatiable need for speed.  The reasons why are clear.  More speed = more distance.  More distance = shorter clubs into greens.  Shorter clubs into greens = better proximity to the hole.  And better proximity… You get the picture.  Find out if Launch Code can help you gain more distance in this review.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The immediate and obvious difference between this product and its major competitor is the fact that there are multiple parts and that it takes a little bit of work to set up prior to use.  You’ll need to visit the Launch Code website in order to understand what combination of rings and screw/insert to use.  While there’s something very attractive about being able to just grab a thing and swing it as fast as possible, setup for the Launch Code is quick and easy, especially once you’ve done it once or twice.

Once it’s attached, you’re good to start swinging to your heart’s content.  Once your training session is over, you’ll need to disassemble it and reattach the club head before you can play golf again.  This also is very simple once you’ve done it once or twice.


Overspeed training isn’t rocket science: it’s simple physics.  However, getting the most out of overspeed training requires some planning and purpose.  The components in the bag itself don’t shed a lot of light on the most effective way to train for speed, but a small card directing you to the company’s website will.  On the website, you’ll find instructions on how to set up the trainer, detailed training programs, and videos displaying the various recommended training moves to perform.

The first step to effective overspeed training is a thorough warm up.  A video will walk you through getting your body loose and ready.  Then, it’s time to get started.  Launch Code provides six levels of training, designed to last 46 weeks.  These programs have you swinging as hard as possible at 75% and 105% of your normal driver head weight in several different swing types, each of which are clearly illustrated in videos on the Launch Code website.  Perhaps the number one take-away in terms of “training thoughts”?  Don’t think, just swing fast.

Using your own shaft is the primary differentiator of this product.  In my opinion, it’s a significant one.  If you were going to dedicate a lot of time to practicing your putting, you’d use the same ball and putter that you plan to use on the course.  I think it follows similar logic that if you’re training for speed, you’d want to use the same shaft that’s going to be in your driver when you tee it up.  Obviously, many people have different shafts in their driver and the rest of their woods, not to mention their irons and wedges, but I think the familiarity of feel still holds a lot of value.

Like all practice, seeing the gains materialize takes some dedication.  The training program that Launch Code recommends is 46 weeks long.  Did I complete the full 46-week program?  No.  Did I still see noticeable gains in my speed and resulting distance after some regular training for a couple months?  Yes.  What does “regular” training mean?  According to Launch Code, 2-3 training sessions per week is optimal, with at least one rest day in between.

There is also a Junior Launch Code, which includes the same components and adds the shafts pictured below.  The idea here is that juniors who are serious about competitive golf can begin speed training early and continue as they grow.


When is “fast” fast enough?  If you complete the recommended 46-week program, there will probably come a time when you feel you’ve gotten what you need in terms of gains.  At that point, it makes sense to keep it on hand for maintenance of your swing speed.  Otherwise, it will make a great gift for your buddy whose drives are now consistently 30-40 yards behind yours.


The Launch Code Overspeed Trainer sells direct through its website for $89.99.  That’s less than half of what you would pay for the competitor which comes with a three-piece set where you can’t change the shaft.  The Junior Launch Code sells for $129.99 and includes shafts in three different lengths so the serious junior player can continue to train as they grow.  Because of the number of screws, inserts, and rings included, you could also potentially enhance the value of the product by splitting it with a friend.


If you have the need for speed, want to save a bit of cash, and like the idea of using your own driver shaft, the Launch Code Overspeed Trainer is a great option for you.  It’s easy to use and the Launch Code website includes all the information you need to maximize your training.

Visit Launch Code HERE

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  1. Aksel Nielsen

    What speed gains did you get over the months you used it ?

  2. I got worn out just reading the article!
    Seriously, golf just isn’t that important to me for for 2 extra yards after 46 weeks.

    Kudos to the people that have that kind of dedication though.

  3. I think it would be easier to just take an old/spare driver and load it up with lead tape. Then swing away.

  4. I was training with Launch code and about a month ago the website went down and is still. Anyone know what happened? I only have the training info for like weeks 9-13. Any help would be appreciated.

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