Lamkin 2021 SINKFIT Putter Grips Review

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The 2021 Lamkin polyurethane SINKFIT putter grips offer golfers a variety of shapes to satisfy the growing variety of grip styles.  Great new look and feel.


While personal preference plays a key role in selecting a putter grip, there is science behind the various sizes and shapes Lamkin offers.  With a focus on performance based on stroke path (arcing vs straight), Lamkin designers also have to contend with the ever increasing methods golfers use to grip their putters.  For 2021, Lamkin not only revamped their polyurethane SINKFIT putter grips, but also added two additional shapes – all engineered to maximize performance.


The 2021 SINKFIT polyurethane putter grips all share a royal blue, grey, and silver color scheme.  The modestly sized outlined “LAMKIN” on the top side is much friendlier on the eyes than the boastful version on the previous generation [full review HERE].

The Fingerprint Technology’s geometric design that covers the grip surface offers a unique, visually interesting look.  I’m not however, a fan of the shape descriptors on the top edge – great during an in-store selection process, but seemingly out of place once installed.  I do appreciate the embossed words on the end cap for a reminder of which grip I’m using, yet for reasons that aren’t clear to me, the two newer models lack that descriptor.


The 2021 polyethylene grips have a wonderfully soft feel that’s firm with a hint of cushion.  The density reminds me of a cork.  The texture of the Fingerprint Technology is subtle, but enhances the tackiness of the material.  Overall, the polyethylene SINKFIT grip material gave me a secure feeling without requiring me to grip tightly.


The two most familiar shapes in the Lamkin 2021 SINKFIT collection are the traditional mid-size Pistol and Straight grips.  Despite the pistol name, I associate its profile as closer to the stock of a rifle – thicker at the butt end and tapering to a consistent, slimmer lower end.  For a classic high lead hand, overlap grip, the SINKFIT Pistol shape is conducive to some wrist movement which is often associated with an arcing stroke.  The SINKFIT Straight grip has no taper and features a wide, flat top and subtly curved sides and back.  Straight profiles are generally more suited to straighter putting paths and grip styles that lock in the wrists (think claw or pencil grips).

Lamkin designed the SINKFIT Squaretop to enhance a down-the-line putting stroke.  Although the grip has a pistol profile, the Squaretop features five straight sides, much like a baseball home plate.  The Squaretop has considerably less contour at the edges than the Straight model.

Not surprisingly, Lamkin also developed a new grip to work in concert with one of the new putting grip styles touring pros are showcasing – the SINKFIT PistolClaw.  In general, it’s just a wide body version of the Pistol grip, but it sure doesn’t feel that way gripping it in a ‘normal’ overlapping way.  The extra width seems perfect for a claw style grip, and I could comfortably get two or three fingers on the top side.


The more time I spent with the 2021 polyurethane SINKFIT putter grips, the more I came to enjoy the new texture.  Not surprisingly, I gravitated to the SINKFIT Pistol grip, a shape I’ve embraced for many years now, but I can certainly see the appeal of the other models.  And before any rubber grip users panic, Lamkin also continued those styles for 2021.  The nice thing is you can try all the shapes and materials Lamkin offers at a retail location that has a Lamkin Putter Grip Fitting System.  These displays not only share the same guidance on grip and putting styles that you can find on the Lamkin website, but also allow you to demo grips on a TaylorMade Spider putter.

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  1. Todd Williams

    Might need to get one of these. Been using Lamkin for years on my clubs. This looks interesting #SecretGiveaway2021

  2. LexMcdicken

    Just had my irons regripped. I really fancy a new putter grip

  3. I’m a regular golfer and used to change the grips myself, pls sent me sample to try this new grip.Thanks

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