Knack Pack Bag Review

By: Zack Buechner


The Knack Pack expandable backpack is an all-in-one bag for the traveler who needs more out of their carry-on.  The unique storage features combine a suitcase with heavy-duty materials to make traveling with one bag a cinch.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Knack Pack is that every compartment or zipper design serves a specific purpose.  The shoulder straps can be easily tucked away if they become too cumbersome or just aren’t needed.

The entire bag is stain and water-resistant which is especially important around the water bottle holster.  While no one expects their bottle to leak, its nice to know the contents inside are protected just in case.  The over-sized zipper pullers are extremely durable and can stand up to the harshest of overhead airline bins.

My favorite surprise feature was the internal key ring attachment.  Simple yet very appreciated.  Keys at the bottom of a cluttered backpack are never easy to find.  Losing a credit card, pens, or pencils is also a problem that Knack solved with slips for each of these in the triangular front pocket.

Pockets and Storage

Knack pack uses a variety of materials to create the appropriate space for each item.  The glasses pocket is lined with fleece, while the laptop/tablet pocket has extra padding for protection.  The main compartment is large enough for a pair of golf spikes and a few hats, while the garment section will keep all your polos and golf shorts folded neatly.  I was impressed with how well the bag maximizes storage space.

The mesh zippered storage compartments are perfect for keeping small items safe.  I was especially fond of the direct access laptop/iPad pocket.  Many of my other backpacks or travel bags have the computer pocket inside of another compartment which is a hassle when you only have a few minutes to check email.  The dedicated charger pocket is also an efficient use of space and easily accessible without applying unwanted wear and tear on your charger cables.


I travel quite a bit – for work, for pleasure, and, of course, golf.  The Knack Pack makes traveling for all three a little less complicated and a bit more sophisticated.  I love this bag.  The designers at Knack didn’t reinvent the wheel, they simply used common sense.  Every pocket or zipper has a purpose or function.  Combine that with the high-end materials, and this is a backpack that I will be using for a long time.

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  1. Jim W Rosteck

    Is this a review of the medium, the large, or the not yet available small?
    It would be nice to have price info also.

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