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The KLVN Polos are a high-end performance polo, offering a light-weight, breathable shirt with a very comfortable, tailored fit.



While KLVN is more well-known for their golf bag offerings, the KLVN apparel line offers a unique style matched with extreme comfort.  While the homepage of their website is dominated by the “best cart bag ever made,” KLVN has also decided to take a swing (no pun intended) into an extremely saturated apparel market.  While their offerings are limited to two styles of men’s polos, one style of women’s polos, golf gloves, and a few hats, the polos offer the same sort of quality and comfort you would expect from a high-end apparel brand.



KLVN’s Tech Polo lives up to its name, offering great performance that is normally associated with a higher-end price tag.  The material makes it possibly the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn, with a very thin and breathable performance fabric.  The shirt feels as if it has three different materials: the performance bottom half, the webbed top half (the design on the shirt might be the same material, but has a much more textured feel), and the stiff collar material.  The collar is much more stiff than the rest of the shirt, as the website advertises, and will not bend or fold during your round.  This keeps a very clean look.  The shirt breathes extremely well, is extremely light, and the moisture wicking material performs as expected.  In terms of mobility, the shirt did not restrict any movement in my golf swing when fit properly.

One additional cool feature offered by the KLVN shirt is the tee holder in the sleeve. There are two holes in the left sleeve that allow golfers to hold a spare tee comfortably and out of the way.  While this is a small feature of the shirt, it does provide a bit of a convenience factor in not having to dig through my pockets to find a tee on every hole.  Each KLVN shirt comes with a reusable, plastic KVLN tee.


Style and Fit

The men’s Tech Polo offers a unique design with a very tailored fit and appears to be geared more towards the “athletically built” golfer.  In terms of fit, I normally sport a large polo shirt.  With the large KLVN shirt, the sleeves appeared to be too tight, and the shirt didn’t offer the mobility that I’m comfortable with on the course.  When I jumped up a size into an XL, the fit was perfect.  They offer a slender fit along the sides of the shirt and fitted sleeves, but when sized correctly, they won’t restrict mobility or comfort.  Overall, this is probably the best fitting golf polo that I’ve come across.

In terms of style, KLVN stepped a little out of the box with their design from your traditional golf polo.  The biggest feature that stood out to me was the zippered front, as opposed to the traditional buttons.  While A few others have offered this previously, it is definitely not something that is common in the world of golf polos.  The zipper itself is done in white on all three color offerings, giving the shirt a little bit more color.   The Men’s Tech Polo comes in three colors: black with orange accents, white with grey accents, and blue with grey accents.  One thing to note: the blue polo offering is much more of a teal color than it appears on the website, as you can see by the photos in this article.  The collar of the polo features a colored strip around the bottom for more color contrast, and is constructed with a flexible material that keeps the collar extremely stiff during both your round and multiple runs through the washing machine. The shirt also features a honeycomb-like pattern on the top of the chest and back portions of the shirt, giving the shirt some more character and style.



For a company known primarily for their unique golf bag, KLVN has done a great job with their entrance into the apparel market.  While the shirts do carry a high price tag ($110 for the Tech Polo), the comfort, fit, and performance of the polo make it one of my new favorite polos.  For those that are willing to spend top dollar for high quality, performance clothing, the KLVN line is worth taking a look at.  While there are many different options in the golf apparel industry, I can see the KLVN line attracting quite a few fans.

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    $110 for a shirt, that’s absurd.

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