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The Kizik Athens Shoe proves that shoe comfort not only comes in a comfortable shoe to wear, but a comfortable shoe to put on.  Post 18-holes, these are a lovely pair for the rest of your day. 


For any of Kizik’s shoes, there’s a unique story there, and it’s all in the back.  Using their patented External Cage technology on all of their shoes, they fasten your foot in place with no laces necessary.  You can literally crush the shoe under the heel of your foot and have it securely pop back.  With a quick and easy move, the heel snaps back to securely lock your foot into place. 


When I first heard about a shoe where the main feature is how easily they slide on, my first thought was that they wouldn’t look all that attractive.  That fear was quickly dismissed.  Utilizing a number of different materials, these shoes look positively modern, if not outright futuristic.  

While the shoes I got to review are primarily grey, there are 14 different colorways running the gamut from all black to a design called Sunrise that features a gradient pattern of red, orange, and blue.  They also seem to have just as many options for women, which is a refreshing thing to note.  

Outside of the Athens model, a quick look on their website shows a variety of style options, with a number of colorways available for each one too.  That variety is sure to keep as many as happy as possible, even with varied tastes.


The comfort of these shoes stems from a couple of the main features:  The 4-way stretch upper knit, insoles, and Rabbit Foam outsole.  I’d describe these shoes as cushiony, soft, and soothing.  While the knit on top kept my feet cool, the insoles and Rabbit Foam definitely added cushion to each step. 

Typically when we think of comfort in a shoe, it comes in the form of cushy insoles, padding, and breathable fabric.  Which, to be fair, these shoes have.  But with Kizik, there’s also comfort in putting the shoes on.  No shoehorns, no sharp edges, just the comfort of sliding into a flip flop with the secured feeling of a boot.  

I also know these shoes would be fantastic for those with mobility issues, disabilities, or people that aren’t very flexible.  I’ve been having lower back issues for the better part of a year, and these shoes were a dream to put on. 

Sizing also ties into comfort too.  The most comfortable shoe is a fitted one, and there are a ton of size options available.  They are available in a standard and Wide EE size for men and run from a 4.5 to a 15 in men’s and from a 6 to a 13 in women’s.  Moreover, they offer free returns and exchanges in the U.S. to make sure that your size is correct, which I had to use.  If I had one critique, I’d like to see a sizing chart on the website.  I’ve had shoes fit me from a size 9 to an 11.5, and when I initially ordered a 10, it was noticeably too large. 


Apart from their unique heel, these are shoes that simply perform how you’d want them to after a round of golf.  Through a few weeks of casual use, there are no major signs of wear or deterioration.  The heel itself has also held up well, which is good to see.  After all, it’s designed to withstand the force of your foot and full weight crushing into it.  Luckily, it’s doing just what it was designed to.  

With that being said, these are definitely only for use after your round is over.  Because they lack spikes, there’s very little traction and you’d be prone to sliding.  Outside of some comfortable work on the putting green, I’d advise against using these on the golf course.  


Kizik shoes, like this Athens model, aren’t just for golfers.  It’s pretty clear they are a shoe for anyone. With that said, this is a great shoe I absolutely would recommend for golfers.  While they’re not a pair to use on the golf course, I’ll be keeping these in my trunk to switch into post-round.  The thing that I’m hoping for in the future is that Kizik puts their technology into a shoe made exclusively for golfing.

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  1. Suffering from back ach cannot put on socks need shoes with broad toe wide.size 45.

    • Hey Wazir,

      Sorry to hear about your back aches. I’ve certainly had my fair share of those! I can’t think of a shoe I’ve ever had an easier time putting on, so I think these could be worth a try! Their sizing is a bit murky on their website, so I’d reach out to their social media to see if they can help you with more specifics!

  2. JoAnn Kohler

    Nowhere can I find out the weight of the Kizik Women’s Athens show. I would like to know the weight of the shoe. The weight tells me how much cushioning they have on the bottom. I buy Hokas and they always tell the weight of the shoe. I walk 8 miles every day and need to know if this shoe will hold up.

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