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Stable and comfortable.  Way better grip than you expect out of a spikeless.  Flat out cool.

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The first time I heard about Kikkor golf shoes was when a buddy of mine went to the PGA Show in Orlando a few years back and sent me a series of text messages saying, “Dude, I met this rep for this new shoe company called Kikkor.  They’re selling shoes here for like $30 a pair to help get their name out.  You want in?”  I looked around the web a little bit and thought “Well, another street/golf flash-in-the-pan spikeless golf shoe” and told him “Nah, bro.  I’m good.”  Fast forward four years and guess who feels like an idiot?  Me.

Kikkor has made a name for themselves as one of the coolest spikeless shoes on the market and they almost instantly making anyone wearing them as cool as the Kikkor operation itself.  When I first put on the Tour Elite shoes sent by Kikkor, I immediately felt ready to start chucking sauce just like owner, and former NCAA Champion, James Lepp.

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Call me ridiculous all you want, but the Kikkor Tour Elite is one of those shoes that when you first open the box in your house, you think “Yes, I’m going to put these on right now and walk around inside like I’m a big deal.”  So I did just that.

The first thing I noticed is that these shoes seem to run a little small (Kikkor recommends going a half size up), which had me worried, but I still found them alarmingly comfortable.  The next morning, I threw them on and headed to the golf course for a couple of hours.  What really caught my attention about the Tour Elite is that even though the fit was a bit tight, they were still extremely comfortable over multiple hours of practicing.  I had zero urge to take them off my feet when I finished, and even drove home in them where I continued to wear them while I played outside with my daughter.  The EVA midsole is lightweight and supportive, while the Kikkor Komfort foam in the tongue and collar really does provide a comfortable fit when the shoe is pulled tight.

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The Kikkor flavor scale really covers all ends of the spectrum.  Guys like me can get cool, fresh color schemes while others can go louder and others can go more conservative.  I chose a more middle of the road look in the Black Ocean colorway of the Tour Elite which really captures the Kikkor style without screaming “Hey, look at me!”  Most notable in the appearance of the shoe is the geometric embossing on the side that gives the Tour Elite one of the most unique looks in the Kikkor lineup.

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You can try and sell me on a spikeless shoe all you want, but if there isn’t any traction and I’m slipping everywhere, I won’t wear it.  Not only do the Kikkor Tour Elites really grip the ground well, but they are shockingly stable for a more casual shoe.  I’ve found that the casual-style golf shoes usually will have a little too much give and flex in them, but the Tour Elite really held up well without feeling hard and “boardy” on your foot.  The Tour Elite really created a stable platform during the swing which, paired with the high quality traction, made maintaining balance a breeze.

I wore the Tour Elite the day after we had a light rain in the area so the course was a bit wet.  While I won’t try and tell you it was a saturated muddy mess, I will tell you that there was enough moisture that a normal shoe would leave you with wet feet.  The leather uppers of the Tour Elite held out the water nicely in addition to still maintain a good grip and I would feel confident wearing these on the course in damp conditions.



One of my favorite parts of the Kikkor brand is that it is just flat out cool.  They pay attention to the smallest details and make their product lines fun.  For instance, not only did I receive a pair of shoes, but inside the box was a lightweight (non-regulation) golf ball and four game pieces.  Inside the top of the lid, there’s a chipping game to play with the ball and the box your shoes came in.  Maybe this doesn’t mean much to you, but it shows how Kikkor pays attention to the small things to create an experience, or vibe, with their products.  It’s one thing for Kikkor to make a great pair of shoes, it’s another thing to make a great pair of shoes that you’re excited about and can’t wait to put back on your feet.


The Kikkor Tour Elite sells for $100.

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