KBS $-Taper Lite Shaft Review

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The KBS $-Taper Lite iron shaft offers performance that’s nearly identical to the $-Taper but at a signifcantly lighter weight.


Introduced over two years ago, the KBS $-Taper (review HERE) hit a sweet spot between the KBS Tour and the KBS C-Taper.  As KBS continues to build one of the most extensive shaft lines available, they’ve added the $-Taper Lite to the mix.  For the player seeking Tour-caliber performance in a lightweight shaft, this shaft will be right on the money (sorry, couldn’t help myself).


This is a stepless steel shaft, so we’ll keep this brief.  The KBS $-Taper Lite is available in two finishes: chrome and black PVD.  The black PVD looks awesome.


The KBS $-Taper Lite has an active but predictable feel.  During the downswing, you’ll feel a pronounced load and kick in the middle of the shaft.

What I like most is that the tip section feels stable.  I didn’t feel that I had to baby the shaft to keep control, nor did I have to stand on it to make it kick.


My first exposure to the original $-Taper was while testing the recent Cobra KING Forged Irons (review HERE).  I was impressed by how smooth they felt and the high, strong ball flight they produced.  This created high expectations for the $-Taper Lite.

To review the $-Taper Lite, I started by hitting some shots with the $-Taper in the same iron head.  This established a baseline for launch, spin, and distance.  When I swapped in the $-Taper Lite, I saw very little change in the numbers.  The launch angle was marginally higher, but the spin and distance were almost identical.  Just like the original, the ball flight was fairly high, but it didn’t balloon.

One positive change I noticed with the $-Taper Lite was that I was getting slightly higher swing speed with less effort.  The $-Taper Lite is noticeably lighter than the standard, and it made a clear difference in my perceived exertion.

My only “negative” comment about the $-Taper Lite is that it doesn’t fit me as well as the standard version.  I’ve played heavier shafts my whole life, so my strike quality and dispersion suffered a bit when I went to the $-Taper Lite.  Again, this is isn’t a reflection of the quality of the shaft, just its fit for me.

The KBS $-Taper Lite is available in three different flexes and weights.  Regular flex weighs 95 grams, Stiff weighs 100 grams, and X-Stiff weighs 105 grams.


The KBS $-Taper Lite shows the company’s commitment to offering the perfect shaft for every player.  They continue to build on one of the most expansive catalogs of steel shafts, and the $-Taper Lite is an important addition.  For the player who wants a Tour-caliber shaft but doesn’t need the extra weight, the $-Taper Lite is well worth exploring.

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  1. Barry Rowland

    Matt – I’ve been enjoying your reviews for quite some time – honest, specific info for the weekend golfer.

    I currently play 718 AP2/TMB combo with KBS Tour 120 stiff shafts. I am ordering Mizuno MP 20’s (blades) and have this one question. I’m wanting the KBS STaper 120 stiff 7-PW and thinking KBS Tour 120 in 4-6 iron. Based on what I’ve read, does this makes sense? The tour shaft in the longer irons should create a little more launch and spin. Does this make sense? Please advise. Thanks you

    • Matt Saternus


      Personally, the thought of two different shafts in my iron set gives me the willies. :)
      I understand the concept on paper, but I would advise against putting my money behind it unless I had hit both combinations and liked the results.




    When getting fitted for a new set of irons the pro used the Mizuno shaft optomizer which recommend the kbs tour 90 in stiff . The irons I’m looking at now are the cobra King Forged Tec which are fitted with the kbs $ taper lite. Is there much difference between them ? Would you recommend I go with the shaft optomizer recommendation of the kbs tour 90 stiff ? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, there is a difference between the Tour 90 and the $ Taper Lite. How much and how noticeable will be up to the player.
      I think the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer is a fine tool for narrowing down your choices in a hurry, but I wouldn’t trust its recommendations without hitting them for myself.


    • I have the king Forged Tec with the $ lite shafts. My 4 iron broke after 3 weeks of using it!!! Just get it back from sending it in to Cobra and my 9 irons snaps!!! I’ve never had metal shafts break!!! I have no clue what to do?

  3. How did you find the shafts to play relating to the indicated flex?

  4. what difference would i see in the $ taper lite 100 vs the nippon 105?

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately, there’s no way for anyone to credibly answer that without seeing you swing. If you’re unhappy with how your irons are performing, or just want to try something new, I’d suggest finding a fitter who can help you compare some new options to your gamer.


  5. How does this shaft to the TT Elevate 95 or the TT XP 95 shafts?

  6. Hi Matt
    I have callaway apex 2014pro irons with 110
    gram stiff shafts
    I love the feel but I’m 66 and with a 115 ball speed with a 6 iron I would like a lighter shaft. Could I use taper lite with these heads thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      The $-Taper Lite will certainly fit in those heads, if that’s what you’re asking. As to how well that shaft will fit your swing, I can only recommend getting a fitting to find out.



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