johnnie-O Fall 2020 Apparel Review

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Versatile fabrics and wonderful athletic fit make the Fall 2020 collection from johnnie-O great for golfers seeking comfort and performance without sacrificing style.

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When I first took an in-depth look at johnnie-O a few years back, I was amazed at the variety and depth of options.  Taking a fresh look for this review, I’m still impressed.  With new footwear and branded Revo sunglasses, johnnie-O literally has you covered from head to toe.   But don’t let that overwhelm you if golf apparel is your focus – johnnie-O curates all you need in their online Golf Shop.


Johnnie-O’s standing surfer with his big board logo perfectly represents the brand’s west coast vibe.  Crisp lines, subtle colors, and attention to detail all feed a look that’s laid back yet stylish.  The aster (purple) color of the classic Dante Stripe polo is fresh for the Fall 2020 collection, but like seemingly all johnnie-O clothing, the color can play year around.  The Dante Stripe “HANGIN’ OUT” label epitomizes the brand, but also can be taken literally as the length is perfect for wearing untucked – off course only please.

The new Cross Country PREP-FORMANCE pants offer a casual and trendy looking 5-pocket design that will have you looking sharp no matter what the occasion.  This nugget from the johnnie-O Golf Guide sums it up nicely:  “The winner of the day might not be you, but best-dressed ain’t a bad consolation.”


Indicative of the west coast style of johnnie-O is the athletic fit.  That’s not to say you have to be able to compete on American Ninja Warriors to comfortably wear the brand, but the cut is certainly better suited for folks who are health conscious.  At 5’-10” and 165 lbs, I found medium in the polos provided a wonderful, almost tailored fit – room to move without excess fabric.  The signature Flex pullover is a bit more form fitting making it perfect for not interfering with my golf swing.

Truly understanding their target wearer, johnnie-O adds odd sizes 33” and 35” to their pants and shorts options.  As someone who falls into the 33” category, I appreciate the ability to get proper fitting shorts and found the sizing perfect.  The 9.5” inseam on the Mulligan shorts fell just above my knees and provided a tapered cut for a flattering silhouette.  The new Cross Country pants are more of a slim fit, but with tons of stretch.


As mentioned above, the Cross Country pants have loads of stretch thanks to the 100% polyester warp knit material.  The pants are an interesting combination of sturdy weight and softness.  I found the large coin pocket great for storing and retrieving my ball marker.  Not a golf related feature, there’s also a small zippered pocket inside the back right pocket – drop a comment below if you find a good use for it.

Another member of the PREP-FORMANCE family, the 98% poly/2% spandex Mulligan shorts also provide great stretch.  I chuckled reading this about the shorts on the Johnnie-O website: “For the days you just don’t feel like having swamp a$$ on the golf course.”  After testing on a hot and humid late summer day here in Central Florida, I can attest that the fabric did keep me comfortable.  More of a nuisance than a performance issue, I have to ding the Mulligan shorts for having buttons on both back pockets.

I tested the Albatross polo on that same sweltering day and was impressed with the wicking of the lightweight jersey fabric.  The 92% poly/8% spandex material provided unencumbered movement throughout my golf swing.  Although I haven’t had the weather to wear the 95% cotton Dante polo on the golf course, the blended 5% spandex offered excellent mobility during a full day of the movements of daily life.


Nothing against performance fabrics, but there’s nothing better than a soft, nice fitting cotton polo like the Dante – the Original 4-Button.  But when the heat is on, johnnie-O PREP-FORMANCE apparel is tough to beat.  Comfortable, stylish, and perfect for the golf course and beyond, the fall 2020 collection from johnnie-O is worthy of your consideration.

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  1. Athletic fit is OK, but it’s not for golf unless you like stuff that’s tapered. I have a few Johnny-O shirts and a t-shirt and while they are stretchy, I wouldn’t consider them for golf. I usually wear them going to a casual restaurant/bar and even then, I sometimes go with something more looser because of the fit.

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