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With unique, high-end, West Coast style and advanced fabric technology, the Gold Dust Tartan collection by Iliac Golf stands in a class of its own.



I first started noticing the Iliac “i” crest a couple of years ago with Jimmy Walker.  His clothing always stood out from the pack on TV.  More recently I became obsessed with all the alignment stick covers I kept seeing in the pros’ bags and rediscovered Iliac Golf.  The full name of the company is Iliac Golf by Bert Lamar, and I had the pleasure of learning about the Gold Dust Tartan collection straight from Bert.  Not your typical designer, Bert started out as a highly successful professional skateboarder, then world champion snowboarder – all before the age of 21.  While growing up, Bert was surrounded by family in the apparel business and eventually ended up finding his current passion – golf soft goods.



The colors, patterns, and details of the Gold Dust Tartan collection are so unique that they seem to define their own style.  The Tour Split II shirts are fashionable golf polos but could equally be seen walking the streets of Beverly Hills.  And the pocket trim with no pocket is just crazy cool.  The stitching and crossed belt loops of the LDS Tour Shorts pick up on Bert’s board heritage for modern hip style.  For more “unique” factor, there’s the patent croc leather trim on the rear pockets.  Why stop there – complete the Iliac Golf look with a Venice Buckle Belt in coordinating Pearl Croc.  The wonderful thing about a well thought out collection is all the pieces can work together or stand on their own.



I absolutely love that, to provide insight on fit, Iliac Golf puts the height and weight of its tour staffers on their website along with the sizes they wear.  At 5’10” and 165 lbs., I went with medium in the Tour Split II shirts and 34 in the LDS Tour Shorts.  I’d describe the fit on the shirts as athletic.  Sleeves cover the biceps with a tour split and the sleeve holes are slightly smaller than typical – intended to eliminate skin on skin so that the performance fabric can do its work.  The shirt tails are long and intended to be tucked in.

The shorts fit and sit comfortably on the waist.  LDS stands for Luxury Dry Stretch, and there’s a decent give in the material in all directions.  The legs cover the knee.  With a 33” waist, I was a bit concerned when the Venice Buckle Belt was packaged as size 30-33 and stamped 32, but it turned out to be the appropriate length.



What I appreciate about Iliac Golf is that it’s pure golf – designed by a golfer with great insight and feedback from PGA professionals.  The Gold Dust Tartan shirts utilize sublimation processing not just to derive the deep colors, but so that the fibers next to your skin are as soft as possible.  Iliac Golf also utilizes premium fibers to maximize moisture wicking abilities while being easy to care for.  Beyond the stretch mentioned above, the LDS Tour Shorts are super technical.  Iliac Golf explains: “The weft internal weave is a unique pyramid shape that allows the LDS material to literally dance or float on your skin. This weft shape allows sweat molecules to move from your skin into the LDS fibers faster into the air keeping you dry and more comfortable.”  Well said.

Both the shirts and shorts performed great during play in the heat of August.  But what impressed me the most was the Venice Buckle Belt.  Marrying fine Italian leather with a performance fabric backing, Iliac Golf created a belt that helps move moisture from your mid-section instead of adding to it.  Genius!



I can see why it took Bert nearly two years to complete the Gold Dust Tartan collection.  Not only in the looks department but also in technology these pieces took time to get right.  At about $140 a piece, all this doesn’t come cheap, but with unmatched style and incredible performance, with Iliac Golf you truly “get what you pay for”.  Being made in the USA makes every item even more special.

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