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IJP Design introduces new looks and colors to its classic styles with the Autumn/Winter 2015 clothing line.



Ian Poulter and IJP Design firmly stand by their motto, “look good, feel good, play great.”  Known for bold colors and unique looks, IJP Design continues to push the envelope while maintaining a high-end offering full of flavor and class.  IJP’s new Autumn/Winter collection for 2015 has new signature tartans based in blue and green colors that serve as the foundation for the entire collection.  The signature Poulter look with high quality materials and construction make this collection a must for this season.



As the temperatures drop in the fall and winter, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay warm and properly swing a golf club.  Finding the right clothes is most of the battle for golfing in the cold seasons.  IJP Design‘s AW15 collection does a great job in offering comfortable, warm clothes built for the elements that are also easy to swing a club in.


The Drake sweaters (above left) are a soft Merino wool blend with a windproof membrane lining the inside to keep the elements at bay in cold and windy conditions.  This makes for a much more comfortable experience 0n a 45ºF-and-windy day on the links.  The Sutton waterproof jacket (above right) has a soft, warm fleece lining for solid insulation and a waterproof shell that’s good for both rain and snow.  While I wouldn’t say the Sutton is perfect for hours in sub-zero conditions (nothing is, that’s too cold), it makes for a great Fall/Winter golf jacket.

It’s great to keep warm, but it’s a whole different story having to swing the club.  Both the sweater and the jacket allow for proper range of motion and were not cumbersome at all.  Of course, like anything, if you add way too many layers, there will be a point of diminishing returns.

After the Fact: Following the review period of these items, we were blessed with some amazing Chicago Fall-Winter transitional weather which means snow, rain, and 30-45ºF temperatures.  This weather is usually difficult for me in my daily commute to my “day job” because I need warmth and something waterproof, but a rain coat is too lightweight and a full blown winter jacket is too much.  The IJP Design Sutton jacket has been perfect for me with its waterproof exterior and warm fleece on the inside.


Style & Fit

IJP Design has served me well over the years because of two major reasons.  First, it’s good looking kit that fits my personal style perfectly, and second, it flat out fits me well.  As I always say, the brand isn’t just about bright pink colors and crazy plaid pants, but there is enough of an element of flair to let a bit of your inner character out on the course and still look smart.

The AW15 tartans come in blue and purple as well as green and white.  A good option to pair with the tartans in the newest version of the Shard shirt (pictured above) which has become an IJP staple over the past couple of collections.  Rest assured, you can get plain black, navy, green, white, and other colors in regular pants if you’re looking for something that’s a little more modest.



For my money, my favorite item out of the entire IJP Design AW15 catalog is the new Drake sweater.  I think it looks good, but most importantly, I found it very comfortable and extremely functional both on and off the golf course.  Of course, the same can be said for the rest of IJP line as well and it should definitely be at the top of your list for apparel companies moving forward.  Look good, feel good, play great…well, I have the first two down pretty well.

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