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Honma TW737 445 Driver Review


50 Words or Less

The Honma TW737 445 driver is a dark horse driver with good feel, performance, and super low spinning and launching tee shots.


I’ll be the first one to admit that I was skeptical going into this review of the Honma TW737 445 driver.  I met up with my buddy Roger at Club Champion, and he will tell you that our discussion did not paint a picture of optimism.

Roger actually hit the club first and said to me, “I’ll tell you what, I think you’re going to be surprised…”  Boy, was he right.  The Honma TW737 445 driver produced some of the best consistency I’ve ever had right out of the box.  Take it from me, it’s definitely worth diving into the world of Honma drivers.

Check out Honma’s latest, the BERES Black driver, HERE



Admittedly, the looks of the Honma TW737 445 driver are fairly plain and lack flash, but the simplicity will be appealing to traditionalists.  At address, the TW737 445 has a very deep face with a compact pear shape.  Flip the club over and the sole is a polished silver with minimal branding.  If you’re looking for a simple driver that just says “I’m here for business” than the Honma TW737 445 driver is perfect.


Sound & Feel

If you’re looking for that trampoline feel off the face of your driver, the Honma TW737 445 is not it.  The TW737 445 has a solid-feeling face that puts all of its energy right back into the ball.  It almost feels as if the face overpowers the compression of the golf ball.  Honma uses a grain-flow forged cup face which means the grain of the steel in the face flows vertically instead of horizontally – the more common grain in woods.  The rest of the head is made up of a hollow titanium casting, so the driver is still an appropriate weight.

The sound of the TW737 445 is on the louder, metallic ping side.  In an era where everyone has a bunch of internal hardware or tons of foam and hotmelt dampening the sound, the TW737 has a more hollow metallic sound that will certainly be heard.



What caught my attention with the Honma TW737 445 driver wasn’t so much the average numbers.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take them!  It was more how immediate and consistent the results were.  When I test a club, I spend some time getting acquainted with the equipment before tracking results.  With the TW737 445 I experienced optimal results from the beginning and didn’t need to go through that adjustment period.

A lot goes into how a club performs for an individual, but I clearly had a unique relationship with this driver.  These are some of lowest spin numbers I’ve had and easily the lowest launch angle.  Yes, my speed was good, but the biggest win was my ability to find the center of the face consistently.  I consistently saw a 1.50 smash factor, and in turn, long, accurate drives with a lot of roll.



I love when I get to make “discoveries” like the Honma TW737 445 driver.  As it stands, I’m hitting the Honma better than three of five drivers I consider “in play.”  At first I was skeptical and expected this driver to be just ok but ended up very pleasantly surprised.  The reality is the Honma TW737 445 is a great driver and has certainly put Honma on my radar.

Honma TW737 445 Driver Price & Specs


Bill Bush
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  1. What does the driver cost and can you order it online? Can you tell me about the shafts and list their specs?

    • Rick,

      Honma does not sell the drivers directly, but you can lookup dealers to buy from either in store or in person.

      As far as shafts, you can see which stock shafts are available in what flexes above. I did not hit all of them so I can’t speak to them, but the Honma website has information on the Vizard shafts here.

  2. i would you like to ask about driver head model. do they have any diffrent model of 737 driver head?
    or is it only driver head from 737?

  3. Nice review Bill,
    My question, Did you do test with the vizard shaft? If yes, Which model?
    How do you think the vizard shaft compared to diamana, specifically the b-series?
    Thanks Bill.

    • I did test with the Vizard, but it’s been so long that I can’t really remember the subjective details. I’ve also never hit the Diamana you’re asking about. For the comparisons you’re looking for, you’re really going to need to do head-to-head testing.

  4. Forrest P Sawyer

    Just got this driver because it out preformed all other by a long shot on the simulator at EW. On the course, the consistency stands out most. Even the guys I play with are already on board. Very solid club.

  5. Gil Almanza

    Just bought a Honma 727 455, driver. These drivers are the real deal. I have tried most of the “high end” driver out there and out of frustration I decided to order a similar model that was being played by a LPGA player. The feel and consistency, not to mention the clean look of these driver rivals any name brand driver out there.

  6. Jose Hidalgo Manresa

    I bought this driver head of 460 and 10.5º. I thought it was made in Japan and it is not like that, it is manufactured and assembled in China. They know why the same model is manufactured in China and Japan. Are there differences in performance? between one and another.

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately I don’t have any knowledge about manufacturing locations or the tolerances/performance relative to where these drivers might be built.



    • Old thread – but I believe the TW, TR20 releases and TR21 lines are made in China, and the Vizard Shaft (all spine Flo’ed) are made in Japan with all assembly in Japan. I bought a TR20 460 Driver and am impressed.

  7. Joseph Greenberg

    after being fitted for a TS3 with Tensei Blue 50S shaft that blew my M1 numbers out of the water (avg 1000 less spin, 18 yards more carry), tested Honma 737 445 with Vizard A 70S at urging of EW manager. Even with heavier shaft, ball speed and spin were superior to TS3. $75 for demo saved me over $400. Loved the shaft so much, just bought 737p irons with vizard i60s shafts. Same result: straight, consistent. $361 for 7 irons on eBay. Amazing value for beautiful, highest performing clubs. Vizard shafts the underestimated secret sauce?

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