GolferPal Easy Pal Push Cart Review

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The GolferPal Easy Pal push cart is a slick automatic folding and unfolding push cart that’s easy to use and makes for a comfortable walking round of golf.

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The GolferPal Easy Pal push cart is another entrant in the four wheel push cart market designed to make the walking golfer’s round easier and more enjoyable.  In today’s push cart market, the number of differentiating features is getting smaller and smaller which means it’s harder for companies to set themselves apart from their competitors.  GolferPal aimed to make the Easy Pal Push Cart hassle free and easy to use to set themselves apart in the push cart market and a key way they do this is by making the cart unfold and fold up with a single push of a button.  Will the Easy Pal just be another gimmick or a real-deal contender in the push cart market?

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Size & Set Up

In regards to size, the Easy Pal is comparable to other four wheel push carts.  In a medium sized trunk (read: the trunk of a Volkswagen Jetta), I’m able to fit the folded up cart and my golf bag relatively tightly, but I can make it happen.  To be fair, I would have the same space constraints regardless of pretty much any four wheel cart I would use.  Given the automated feature requiring a battery to operate, I would have expected added size and weight but GolferPal did a great job keeping the cart compact and a comfortable carrying weight.  The battery itself is about the size of a deck of cards.

Setup of the cart is where the Easy Pal shines.  I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every other cart on the market is difficult to setup or collapse, but I haven’t seen any carts as easy to set up as the Easy Pal.  All you have to do is turn the switch to the “On” position and push the button.  The cart will completely unfold itself, and you just just have to put your bag on and start walking.  When you’re done, just take the bag off, turn the switch to “Fold” and push the button. Step back and watch the cart completely fold itself up in about 10 seconds.  To charge the battery, you simply slip the battery out of its slot, plug it into its wall charge like your RC car from when you were a kid and wait a couple hours.

True story: I walked out of my house one day and saw that my two year old had pulled the cart out of the garage and onto the driveway.  She had somehow managed to get the switch into the “On” position and proceeded to push the button to watch the cart unfold.  After pushing the cart around the driveway, maybe running into a few things, she proceeded to turn the switch the other direction, push the button, and watch it collapse.  Don’t worry, she left it for me to put away.  The point of the story, if my two year old daughter can do it, that speaks to the cart’s ease of set up.  Don’t believe me?  The video below shows Matt’s daughter doing the exact same thing!

Storage & Accessories

The storage on the Easy Pal is fairly minimal, yet adequate.  The console is a decent size and has enough room for your phone, a sleeve of balls, some tees, snacks, and an extra glove, but that’s about it.  There is also no additional hanging net or box storage attached as is often found in other carts.

Included with the Easy Pal is a drink holder that will fit drinks of most sizes and an umbrella holder that mounts to the handles.  The handles are reminiscent of bike grips and make for a comfortable push around the course.  There is also a parking brake that does its job well and keeps your cart from ghost riding the side of a hill into a nearby lake.

The highlight “accessory” for me is actually the lift handle/strap that’s on the cart for carrying it while it’s folded up.  The handle is in a perfect location and makes for extremely easy lifting and carrying.  Though a small feature, you will quickly realize its benefit.

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I wouldn’t exactly call it an accessory, but I felt the included instructions were somewhat sparse as well as the documentation online.  The cart itself is a good cart, but GolferPal would do well by providing more thorough documentation around the product and its features.  There’s a situation where you may have to manually fold or unfold the cart and the documentation doesn’t do a great job covering this.  There’s also an ability to adjust tracking of the cart that the instructions fail to cover completely.

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On-Course Performance

Once you have your Easy Pal push cart dialed in, it’s a good little push cart.  As mentioned earlier, there is a feature to adjust the tracking for the front wheels for a nice straight ride.  Getting this setting dialed in is crucial if you want to truly experience an easy operation with the Easy Pal.  The wheels have a nice wide base in the back and a closer base in the front for better maneuverability.  Ultimately, the maneuverability is irrelevant if the bag is not well balanced on the cart but GolferPal got the placement right so the bag stays in place and the cart maintains a solid foundation as you’re trucking along.

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The strap for holding the bag in place is a bungee cord toward the top of the cart that does an adequate job holding the bag in place.  In the event you have a lighter bag on the cart, you may experience a little bounce that would have been addressed if a second strap was included toward the bottom of the cart.

The end-all of a push cart bag is ultimately how well it rolls down the course, right?  I mentioned before that the Easy Pal is easy to control, but it really is an easy cart to push along.  Even with a heavy bag on board, the Easy Pal is easy to push and keep moving whether it’s up a hill or through some shag US Open rough.

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Personally, I think the Easy Pal push cart is a good push cart, but it’s not perfect.  The saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” holds pretty true for the Easy Pal push cart.  There are a few changes I’d like to see implemented in the cart, and I’d like to see a little better documentation to support the product, but as far as general on-course performance, ease of setup, and mobility, I’d be satisfied using this cart.  If it comes down to price to make your purchasing decision, the Easy Pal looks to be about $20 more than average at a price of $240, which is about the ceiling of what I would be willing to pay for the automated folding feature.

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  1. Randall Morgan

    I would like to know if you can manually fold down and up it the auto feature quits.

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s been a while since I wrote this, but my recollection is that you can manually fold it.



  2. Danny Hooks

    Yes you can open and close by releasing the two red locks for the base and the handle
    I have to do this now because the motor does not work anymore the wires come lose from where they were soldered
    real small wire and not much solder.

  3. Edward Hancock

    I cracked one of my front wheels and need a replacement. How can I buy one?

  4. Sidney Williams

    Brought cart 9 months ago and now will not fold or unfold service department sent me new battery but still does not work now can’t get in touch with anyone they will not answer or return any emails paid for something that I didn’t get.

  5. Need to replace left wheel electric plate right wheel runs cannot get any response or it appears parts in Australia.Any response would be great.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m very sorry to hear that but unfortunately we have no connection to the company to help move that forward.



  6. Renee Ayoung

    I have not used my cart for some time . I got it about 8 years ago have not used it in about 5 years, Would like to use it manually, since I got it some years ago, the top leaver is very hard to close . Every time I try to open up the cart , as soon as I close the lower lever, the cart begins to close . can I disconnect it completely and use it manually.

  7. Yakub Shariff

    I have G7 Golfer Pal I need to replace the control box? Does anybody know the manufactures address?
    or where can I get this buggy fixed?

  8. Does anyone know where you can get a replacement battery or charger, as I am not sure which is not working on mine. I called the support #, it has been disconnected, and never get a reply when emailing them.

    Also, does anyone have the instructions to adjusting the front wheels?

  9. My battery doesn’t seem to work anymore where can I buy another?

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