Golf Pride PRO ONLY Putter Grips Review

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Golf Pride brings a modern update to their PRO ONLY putter grips.  Three models each with a firm, comfortable feel providing heightened feedback.


With the proliferation of large and often funky shaped grips available to golfers, would you be surprised to learn that 21 of the top 30 putters on the PGA Tour prefer a smaller size?  I was, and according to Bruce Miller, Product Manager and highly regarded grip expert at Golf Pride, “They prefer it because it allows them to gain greater feel, feedback and control.”  Knowing this, Bruce and his team revamped the PRO ONLY putter grip series, which is available to pro and mortal golfers in three distinct models:  Red Star, Blue Star and Green Star.


All three new PRO ONLY putter grips come in classic black and feature grey pin striping and grey end caps.  The Golf Pride and PRO ONLY badging embossed on the top side are of reasonable size and located above and below the traditional thumb placement.  If you look closely you’ll note the colored star between PRO and ONLY that distinguishes the models.  The bottom end of the grip reveals the volumetric size, which interestingly relates very closely to weight.

The primary difference between models is the shape and the end cap offers the best snapshot – and correlated colored star.  In all the photos, I’ve kept the order the same as listed below:

  • PRO ONLY Red Star – modernized horseshoe shape with slight pistol kick
  • PRO ONLY Blue Star – triangular shape with wide flat top
  • PRO ONLY Green Star – oval shape with arched top


Running my fingers on the PRO ONLY grips there’s a soft feel with subtle frictional resistance.  Squeezing the grips, the proprietary rubber exhibits a firmness that’s distinctive and consistent.  The combination of medium tack and firmness allowed me to grip the putter lightly while feeling in complete control, regardless of model.


Having utilized a pistol type grip for many years, the Red Star felt super familiar.  The smallest and lightest of the three PRO ONLY models, the Red Star features an arched top and symmetrically round bottom side.

The Blue Star adds some width to the grip and has a straight, flat top side.  The more pointed bottom line provides a great anchor lining up with knuckles of both hands.  The angled flat sides of the grip offer the feeling of squareness to the bigger pads of my fingers.

Blending the qualities of both the above, the Green Star grip features an arched top and oval bottom.  I really enjoyed the expanded volume that helped eliminate some of my wristiness.  Great overall comfort.

With all three grips, the firmness of the rubber provided wonderful feedback to my hands.  As I’ve migrated to higher MOI putters, sensing the precise strike location on good contact has become more difficult and the PRO ONLY grips offered more sensitivity.  It’s difficult to quantify, but heightened feedback equated to enhanced control.


The more time I spend with the Golf Pride PRO ONLY putter grips, the more I like the tack and consistent surface – no seams or variable textures.  Grip size and shape are matters of preference, but the three distinct PRO ONLY models give any golfer looking for a smaller grip excellent choices.  And who doesn’t want something that says PRO ONLY?

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  1. Marc Lefebvre

    Like what I see in these Pro Only, can’t wait to try them out.

  2. That Pro Only part probably cost them money. Why not GT or RS or Ltd

  3. Patrick Leone

    I have been looking for a replacement grip for my 20 year-old Titleist grip on my Scotty Cameron that has a tacky feel for 4 years. I may have tried them all but the Pro Only Red Star is the best. The butt end of the grip fits right into the fleshy pad between my carpal tunnel area and base of my small and ring finger. As the swing progresses the butt of the putter sits firmly in place but as the putter head passes through the hitting area, my wrists naturally release allowing for a slow, steady acceleration that rolls the ball down my intended line. While the grip has the “frumpy” look and feel of a 1960’s garden hose, once it is mounted on the putter shaft and in my hands, it possesses the long, elegant feel of a precise tool.

    I think Golf Pride has done the hard work to understand the natural anatomy of how the hands and wrists function in a golf swing instead of imposing the “locked ” wrist theory behind the “jumbo” grip school of thought. Well done!!!

  4. Andrew Williams

    What is the length of these grips?

    My long time trusty Scotty Cameron Matador grip comes in at around 10 and a half inches.

    Looking for a replacement over time, I have tried the Winn Midsize pistol and the PP58 from Ping again in Midsize.

    But I notice that these come in shorter at 9-9.5″ long.

    I think that the Green version of the above could be a great shape match for the Matador, possibly slimmer.

  5. I had the Pro Only Brushed Cotton Cord but made the mistake to have installed without cutting my putter 1/2 inch to fit my relaxed stroke. Got the Blue Star installed after the 1/2 cut as per the last one in stock at the local DSG store. I can honesty say that after the cut and installation the outer feels really good. My stroke feels free and strikes are rolling better. The grip adds confidence on my stroke. Can’t wait to see how it feels on the course. SO far indoor putting feels great. Will be looking into the Corded Pro Only later into the future.

  6. I am looking for the original golf pride USA Special model grip…
    Does anybody remember this. About a third of the way up the grip it says special over what appears to be the shape of home plate…
    Wondering if they make the same shape, if so which one is it. It also was the standard original grip on the zebra mallet putter…
    Would really appreciate any input…
    Thanks guys,

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